Introducing The New Rewards Program and Its Perks

In Just 4 Unique, we value our customers greatly. We always make sure that we are providing you with 100% amazing service and high-quality clothes that are fashion-forward and unique in design. We know that some of you are loyal shoppers and you have been patronizing our brand for quite a long time. We want to reciprocate the love that you’re giving us. So, we came up with a rewards program that will immensely improve your shopping experience.

rewards program

What is this rewards program?

It is a bonus system that grants you a point for every purchase that you make and for a variety of other ways detailed below. It can be used for discounts, and can even be exchanged for exclusive gifts and surprises.

Since we are a fashion company, our coins are seasonal (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter coins). Coins are only usable during that season, and after one season expires, the coins expire with it.

How do you earn points?

  • Welcome gift. In order for us to accurately tally your purchases and points, you have to register and create an account on our website. You can already start earning points just by registering your complete name and address, and your desired payment method. Your welcome bonus is 250 points.
  • Birthday gift! To celebrate your birthday together, we are offering you a whooping 300 points as a birthday present!
  • Shop with us. The more made to measure outfits that you purchase through our online platform, the more points that you can accumulate and exchange for exclusive rewards. The number of shopping points that you earn will depend on your customer level. Usual exchange is $1 spent=1 point. But, always be on a lookout for special deals, who knows how many points can a purchase yield!
  • Leave comments and reviews. We love feedback because it helps us figure out what we’re good at and where we can possibly improve. By leaving comments and reviews after a purchase, you can earn points, too. Review of a purchased product yields 100 points.
  • Refer us. Share Just 4 Unique’s mission of providing bespoke and perfectly fitting clothes to your friends and loved ones. You can refer us through e-mail and you can earn valuable points. The number of referral points that are given as a reward is subject to change depending on the season and current events. But, the usual rate is 5 points per referral. With a maximum of 10 referrals a month.
  • Blog subscription. Our blog is updated regularly with all imaginable content, from store recommendations to the various fashion related tips and news. If you want to keep in touch with all of that you will be rewarded with 15 points for every month you are subscribed!
  • Monthly newsletter subscription. Our monthly newsletter contains announcements and details from our upcoming contests, events, and promotions. We will also offer a variety of lifestyle news. If you keep in touch with all of that news, you will be awarded 15 points for every month you are subscribed.
  • Facebook. If you like us on Facebook we will reward you with 50 points. Also, you will be eligible for Facebook-specific raffles and promotions!
  • Twitter. If you like us on Twitter we will reward you with 50 points. Also, you will be eligible for Twitter-specific raffles and promotions!
  • Participate in our contests. When we have any special contests held through our social media platforms and blog, we would really appreciate your participation. Don’t fret, because your participation will be rewarded by points, too. You can follow us through our social media and blog so you can be updated whenever we have contests that can help you earn more points for more discounts and exclusive rewards.
  • Seasonal events. Here in Just 4 Unique, we value you as much as we love interacting with you. We are planning and brewing up events like photo sharing, content contribution, and even special offers for style and season by catalog.

How are my points tallied depending on customer levels?

Depending on your customer level, the number of points given is different. Here is the complete breakdown:

  • Bronze customer –All of our customers get one point for every $1 they spend.
  • Silver VIP Customer – You are considered a Silver VIP Customer if you have a seasonal shopping history that is more than $500. For every $1 spent, we will award you with 1.5 points!
  • Gold VIP Customer – To become a Gold VIP Customer, you need to have over $1,000 worth of seasonal purchases. You will be rewarded with 2 points for every $1 spent. Additionally, every first purchase in a month will get you a special mystery present together with your order. Also, your birthday bonus will increase to 500 points!
  • Diamond VIP Customer – If you have a seasonal shopping history over $2,000, you are considered a Diamond VIP Customer. You are entitled to 3 points for every $1. Additionally, every first purchase in a month will get you a special VIP mystery present together with your order. Also, your birthday bonus will increase to 1000 points!
  • SUPERSTAR VIP Customer – If you are by any chance who have over $50,000 of seasonal shopping history, you will be rewarded with a whopping 10 points for every $1. Additionally, every first purchase in a month will get you a super special SUPERSTAR mystery present together with your order. Also, your birthday bonus will increase to a whopping 10000 points! Happy birthday, superstar!

Bottom line, the more bespoke clothes that you purchase from Just 4 Unique, the more points and exclusive rewards that you’ll receive from us as a thank you! However, take note that these points will expire after 90 days, so use them as frequently or as soon as possible.

Special Subscription Program

In order to deliver the clothes that you have purchased right at your doorstep, shipping fees are required. We know how these fees can become quite expensive especially when it’s shipped overseas, so we came up with subscription fees that can save you a lot of money if you are frequent.

  • IRON SUBSCRIPTION – $12.9/month – By availing this subscription fee, you are entitled to use the flat shipping for free. You are also rewarded with 1.5x of point rewards.
  • STEEL SUBSCRIPTION$29.9/month – If you decide to avail of this subscription fee, you are entitled to using the express shipping for free. Not only that, but you are also rewarded with 2.5x point rewards.


Gift Cards

The main way of spending your reward points is on a gift card. You can use it a personal discount or give it to your loved one for their own piece of made to measure clothes.

  • 500 points = $5 Gift Card
  • 1000 points = $10 Gift Card
  • 5000 points = $50 Gift Card
  • 10000 points = $100 Gift Card
  • 1500 points = Free Shipping Card
  • 2500 points = Free Express Shipping Card

Promotional Items

We are currently working on a unique set of promotional items, available only through the Rewards Program for our VIP customers.
Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know more about it.

The Benefits of Participating in Our Rewards Program

We simply want to reward you and return the favors for supporting our brand and our sales. It’s our simple way of saying “Thank you!” Through this rewards program, you will know that every amount of money that you spend in bespoke made to measure clothing is well-spent. We also want you to know that we are listening, we want to interact with you and possibly reach out to your wants and needs when it comes to the quality, design, and how we can improve in doing our mission in providing unique sales for unique people.

Rewards Program Policies

Only one account per person is eligible for the program. Benefits and rewards are unlocked only after you have input your payment method, complete name, home address, and if you have already fulfilled your first purchase. Fraudulent registration is discouraged and not allowed, so please use only your real name and address in order to be included in the rewards program.

Event and contest mechanics are given solely by the management and the approval of winners is upon Just 4 Unique’s management’s discretion. It is also advisable that you follow us in all of our social media platforms and blogs in order to be updated about the terms and conditions.

Additional Information

For influencers that are willing to support our brand and have followers that are in-line with our target audience, you may get in touch with us for sponsored clothes and the discussion of talent fees.