Why us

Quality, perfectly fitting clothing for EVERYONE

Everyone has a completely different body shape. As manufacturers, we are aware that some brands compromise on the garment fit to save money. We also recognize that having enhanced body assets is popular, and struggle to find complementary clothing. Furthermore, we know that some of our customers have a disability or a condition that affects your body shape and therefore find shopping for clothes a chore.

The perfect suit, a made to measure dress or a tailored tracksuit might seem like a shopping experience only available to the super-rich. However thanks to the internet, by using our cut and sew expertise and experience, we at just4unique are thrilled to offer everyone quality clothing to fit your body perfectly, at an affordable price.



Unique people

Everyone is unique, everyone is beautiful. Our wish is to help other people to accentuate their uniqueness and beauty by providing easy access to made to measure clothes.

Every customer is unique and special to us and our clothes are tailored to their unique tastes.


unique fit

Unique people have unique bodies, so they deserve nothing more than clothes that have that unique fit.

Every piece of our clothes is made to fit everyone’s unique body, be it plus size, slim fit, tall or short.


unique feel

Our mission is to provide a unique feel to our clothes. We are trying to accomplish it by fully adjusting to and for our unique people.

In our business values, people are what matters the most because making bespoke clothes would be for nothing if not for all the beautiful uniqueness surrounding us.

We invite everyone to contact us for any additional information or just if you want to say something. Because, don’t forget, we are here for you!


unique quality

We are very conscious of the materials used in the production process. 

For our unique people, we are using only the best quality materials which are then crafted into clothes by our experienced team.

Also, to preserve the uniqueness of our planet, we are using only GOTS approved materials in our clothes.




That’s why you deserve clothes made just for you! Just 4 Unique creates custom clothes by measuring your size.


What tailored clothes can you order?


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton with a soft and snuggly feeling.





Custom-fit shirts that’ll make you look smart!




From Italy

Best suit fabric, direct from Italy.




Your choice

You can choose both skin-tight or loose jeans. Dress up according to the opportunity




Different designs

Let your inner artist out with one of our dresses!





For every season

Never again allow winter to catch you by surprise with one of our sweaters.