10 Just 4 Unique Active Leisure Clothes for Women

  Everyone has their style and ideal wardrobe. There is no such thing as one perfect wardrobe because different people have different tastes. Some women prefer pastel, floral, and colorful outfits, while others opt for a more clean and white theme. Nevertheless, when it comes to active leisurewear, women opt to choose clothes that will give them both comfort and style.

Back then, women wore satin shorts, white cotton singlet, and leather dress shoes. Today, leisure clothes aren’t only used for strenuous and active activities, but it has become a fashion style. Often than not, we see women going to the stores wearing their leisure clothes. Others top it off with their daily casual clothes that it has become a part of fashion.

The trend in fashion is shifting. Today women opt to wear comfortable clothing, and these leisure clothes are the number one in their closet. It’s also efficient because they go to their favorite stores wearing their leisure outfits, then visit the gym afterward. It will also give them less space on their bags to pack for added clothes.

So, if you’re one of these women who loves leisure clothes and would want to pick the cutest and most comfortable outfits, we have the outfits for you!

Just 4 Unique offers tailored and custom-fitted active leisurewear for women. We have listed ten active wears you may want to try out.

  1. Printed Contrast Tank Top



You can never go wrong with this geometrically designed tank top. With its geometric and pastel blue-themed design, you will look fashionable and comfortable when you hit the gym. The back also gives an edgy and breathable design with its t-styled open design.

You can style it with a jacket on top and black leggings. If you plan on grabbing a smoothie or a drink before hitting the gym, you can wear this without looking like a grab. The color blue of the fabric helps in making your eyes and skin-pop.

  1. Contrast Rib Color Tank



This gray tank top offers a comfortable, smooth fabric for the wearer and bright orange and white designs for the armhole and the hem. Pair with your black or white jogging pants and hoodie, you’re good to go. I love this design because the different grids give it an edgy but straightforward vibe.

If you’re the type of person who likes to look simple but distinct, then this is for you.

  1. Heather String Hoodies



I love hoodies. Hoodies are excellent leisurewear, especially when you plan to workout in the morning or hot weather. The heather strings for the hood can help you tighten your hood. The front pocket will also allow you to place your phone or wallet when you jog or workout.

The fabric is cotton and fits well for the wearer. Often we wear hoodies daily. It brings comfort and style for the wearer. Many women use it for their everyday outfit. As leisurewear, you can pair it with a soft cotton leggings pants and white sneakers. The gray color of the hoodie makes it perfect for different colors.

  1. Off-shoulder T-shirts



Look fashionable and comfortable with this off-shoulder t-shirt. You can go to the gym with not just a t-shirt and a tank top, but you can wear off-shoulder long sleeves too. This provides a girly and chic vibe when you’re working out.

The style of this is a combination of sleeveless and long sleeves shirt. The open shoulder area gives it a feminine and flirty vibe to it, while the long sleeves give it the necessary protection and comfort.

  1. Back Transparent T-shirts



I love this long sleeve cotton t-shirt. It’s smooth and lightweight, which will allow the wearer to put it on top of the shirt or sports bra underneath. It’s also very breathable and comfortable that if you plan on wearing it on top of a shirt, sports bra, or sleeveless shirt, it won’t feel full or stuffed. It’s also perfect if you plan on going on your morning run.

  1. Hollow Out Back Tank



This high impact sports bra comes in 2 colors: black and blue. The overlap design and see-through design on the left of the bra gives it a sexy and stylish design. The open back also adds to the style and vibe of the top. You can pair this with a sleeveless shirt or hoodie on top.

  1. Running Light Weight Jacket



This blacklight wright jacket offers comfort and protection when you’re up for a run. It will help you stay cool or protected from the sun’s rays. Its simplicity and versatility made it adaptable for different styles. The jackets are oversized and not fitted to allow movement and maximum mobility.

  1. Heather Mesh Contrast Tank



Mesh can be as pretty and stylish not only for parties but for workouts too. This mesh tank top gives a comfortable but elegant top when you go to the gym. You can pair it with a jacket too. If you plan on visiting a friend first, this is good for you. It’s also perfect if you plan on having a yoga class or a mindful meditation class.

  1. ¼ Zipper Running Shirts



Don’t you just love running shirts that offer protection, comfort, and style? With this running shirt, you no longer need an added jacket for protection. You may opt to add a coat, but the long sleeves of the shirt can give you protection. The line designs on the sides give you an excellent fitting, and the cotton end of the sleeves offers protection for the hands.

  1. Printed Running Singlet



Tribal and amazon vibe? This sports bra is for you! Look cool and trendy with this printed sports bra due to its amazon and unconventional design. The mesh fabric at the back gives it a breathable and comfortable look. You can genuinely look trendy, fashionable, and chic with this singlet.


Leisure wears can be both fashionable and comfortable. It has evolved based on society’s preferences. Back then, it was just a simple shirt and shorts, but over time it became part of fashion. It has changed into comfort wear to a more fashionable and statement outfits. So, do get your leisure wears for an affordable price.