A Guide To Bespoke Outfits On A Budget

Let’s face it, we spend a substantial amount of our paycheck on clothes. While some of us don’t really think about clothing budgets (Lucky you!), not everyone has that luxury. Here in Just 4 Unique, we always emphasize that it is a misconception that bespoke outfits are always expensive. While it’s not completely false that there are bespoke outfits that lean towards the high-price spectrum, it’s also a fact that there are options that are perfect for those who are on a budget.

Quality Bespoke Outfits Aren’t Always Expensive

You just have to keep looking, really. Just 4 Unique’s website offers an option that helps you categorize each item depending on its price tag. But don’t get us wrong, just because it’s lower in price, it doesn’t mean that the quality isn’t as good as the pricier ones!

Our clothes are made equally in quality and we commit to giving you only the highest quality of fabrics. We also make sure that the number of stitches adheres to standards and that we would never scrimp on the stitch that keeps your bespoke outfits last longer than the average clothing in the market.

How Much Should I Be Spending On Clothes?

According to Pete Dunn, an award-winning financial planner, it is completely normal to spend about 5% of your monthly income on clothing. You can do a little math on this, especially if you’re a guilty frequent shopper. If your monthly take-home pay is about $3,000, then the amount of money you should spend on clothes is about $150 per month.

If your annual salary is around $60,000, regardless of the growth of your income, your expenses are probably growing along with it too. You have monthly expenses geared towards your new apartment or your new car, and you still want to aim for that thrifty shopping. Earning more doesn’t always have to mean that you can spend more on clothes!

Let’s consider the fact that everyone has a unique financial position and that you know your situation best, so 5% is only a guide. You can or cannot follow that, and nobody will really judge you for it! As long as you keep it to a healthy minimum and it’s not harming the rest of your budget, then you’re all good.

Spending Less Doesn’t Mean That You Have To Scrimp On Quality

Fast fashion brands have a goal to manufacture cheap clothing as fast as they can. This can result in serious problems with regard to environmental, social, and economic problems. Most likely, these types of brands are extremely low quality and they use cheap materials and labor. The clothes that they manufacture fall apart so quickly that you are bound to go back and repurchase more. If you think you are spending less just because you were able to get these clothes at a very low price, think again.

It is almost close to impossible for fast fashion to be of good quality. They’re made to be worn just a couple of times and to be thrown away after a couple of wears and washes. They’re cheap because they don’t focus on quality and you can’t really rely on the materials that they use. If you look close enough, you’ll notice how some of their stitches are too far apart that they are likely to break after a couple of washes. Logically speaking, how can a garment that’s worth less than a cup of coffee be of good quality? What magic will they be doing just to keep those types of clothes durable?

These fast fashion retailers are highly competitive in prices that they result in finding cheaper, cheaper, and cheaper materials just to increase their number of sales. Have you heard of polyester? It is probably one of the worst clothing materials out there. It is mostly used by these fast fashion companies because it’s the cheapest in cost. Polyester is made of plastic, which is not good for the environment. When it is manufactured, it releases microplastics to our water systems when it is washed. What’s even worse is that polyester is not breathable fabric. It’s not something that will offer you comfort regardless of how fashionable it looks.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

The fashion industry is one of the highest contributors to pollution all over the world. They use tons of water, electricity, and land in order to manufacture clothes. They produce chemicals that are being released in bodies of water and soil, which results in pollution on the nature surrounding the area.

When you support fast fashion, you are only urging them to produce more low-quality clothes.

If you want to help the environment, it is always best to shop only for sustainable fashion that offers good quality.

How Do I Spot Fast Fashion and Poor Quality Clothing?

It’s not always good to simply judge the brand by its price. While that in itself can be the main indicator of fast fashion and poor quality clothing, it is always best to have other criteria to judge.

Here are some of the ways:

  • Check the fabric. High-quality fibers like cotton, wool, linen, hemp and silk are usually more expensive. These natural fabrics can be worn and washed numerous times and they won’t degrade in quality. They last a long time, too. If you’re not good at identifying different types of fabric, all you have to do is simply notice how the fabric feels. Is it smooth or is it rough? How thick is the fabric? Does it have a little weight on it? These are some of the signs that indicate the quality of the fabric.
  • The seam and hem. Check the stitches of the clothes. Are there any loose threads? Is there an even tension? Poor stitching usually has allowances that aim to save on fabric. Which means that they can be prone to fraying and holes. Seams and hems are important in providing durability to the fabric.
  • Distorted clothing. It is very common for low-quality garments to distort as soon as you wash them. The reason behind this is that low-quality fabrics stretch, or simply because the fabric has not been cut symmetrically. Fabrics have grain, and the bias needs to run diagonally across the weave in order for the fabric to stretch correctly. Since low-quality clothes are manufactured in a fast-paced environment without taking note of things such as the fabric “grain”, then you are bound to have distorted clothing once the garments are washed.

Quality That Equates To Investment

In Just 4 Unique, we always go on about saying that our clothes are an investment. We craft bespoke outfits that fit you in the most flattering way possible while keeping in mind that quality is always a priority.

Our clothes aren’t the lowest in price out there, but we do offer quality that equates to investment. Since our clothes last longer, you don’t have to keep repurchasing (But if that’s what you want, go ahead! We won’t really stop you. Don’t forget about our Rewards Program that’s made especially for our loyal shoppers.)

We’re completely aware of how fast fashion can harm the environment. So we don’t condone fast fashion that scrimps on quality.

When you think about it properly, cheap clothing is actually costing you more than clothes that are higher in price but of high-quality. Imagine buying a pair of jeans that cost $15 bucks, only yo repurchase them after a few months. But if you’re buying jeans that are $60 or more and they last for so many years, you’re actually saving more money. Always invest in quality and not quantity. Not only will you be helping the environment and that you are being socially responsible, but you are also helping in not putting a dent on your budget.

Sooner or later, you will realize that the 5% rule that Pete Dunn is not exactly a difficult thing to adhere to. You will also realize that it’s actually easy to have high-quality clothing in your closet without exceeding that 5% rule.

Bespoke Outfits On A Budget

We’re here to help you shop an entire outfit without going over your budget. While you can always browse and shop at your own leisure, we just want to showcase our bespoke outfits that are amazing in quality, yet they don’t scrimp in style and quality.

Slogan and Graphic T-Shirts

Shirts are very versatile and everyone needs to have a couple of them in their wardrobe. Here in Just 4 Unique, we offer tons of designs that will fit your style and color preference. For as low as $29, you can already enjoy a variety of colors and designs that are all available for made to measure. Wash and wear them all you want!

bespoke outfits


Long-sleeves and Blouses

For as low as $49, there are long sleeves and blouses available in Just 4 Unique. These are perfect for your smart-casual outfits and they look amazingly chic, too. They come in a variety of designs and fabric options that are great for everyday use without sacrificing comfort.



Sweaters and Cardigans

For as low as $79, you can enjoy your high-quality sweaters and cardigans by Just 4 Unique. They’re made with high-quality fabric that has weight and is crafted to last a lifetime. They can keep you warm in chilly weather and seasons! Not only that, but they’re available in different colors and designs that are made to measure for that flattering fit.



Denim Jeans and Shorts

We all need denim jeans and shorts in our wardrobe. For as low as $59 for denim shorts and $99 for denim jeans, you are definitely going to get the bang out of your buck with these bespoke outfits. They’re made to last and no amount of wash and wear can damage this fabric to the point of no return!



Short and Long Skirts

For as low as $64, you can have a made to measure skirts that fits you perfectly. There’s no need to keep tugging your skirt anymore just because you like the design but you feel as if it’s too short for your liking. With Just 4 Unique’s bespoke rule, you can only have garments bespoke outfits that fit you 100% right.



Sports and Activewear

If you want to stay active and be fit, we will support you for that. For as low as $69, you have a variety of bespoke outfits for sports and activewear. We know how important it is to have good activewear in order to motivate yourself to exercise–so we’re making sure that we have most of the things that you need to stay active.



Coats and Blazers

Workwear doesn’t always have to put a dent on your budget, especially when it’s bespoke. For as low as $199, you can already have tailored coats and blazers that are well-made and manufactured in such a way that never scrimp on quality.



Restwear and Sleepwear

Believe it or not, even your rest wear and sleepwear can also be bespoke. Never again will catching Z’s be difficult because your clothes don’t restrict your movement at night. When you invest in quality sleepwear, your comfort is assured and you simply just wake up to a better mood in the morning!

Restwear and Sleepwear

Tips On How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Here are a couple of things that you can do to help your clothes last longer:

  • Take note of the tags. Most of us are guilty of ignoring the tags in our clothes for laundry instructions. Not all fabrics are meant to be washed a certain way and you have to take note of that to keep the fabric from falling apart. Not all fabrics can be tossed in the washing machine, some are meant to be hand-washed because of the fabric’s delicate nature.
  • Have a clothesline or a drying rack. Using the dryer too often can sometimes damage garments. Not only does using a clothesline or a drying rack save you money for energy costs, but you can also help the environment by using less electricity.
  • Use color-safe. No colored clothes are safe from being ruined with bleach. Whether it’s high-quality or low-quality clothes, you’re bound to ruin a garment or two if you use bleach incorrectly.

Even though our clothes are made to be durable, it is still best to take measures when it comes to helping your clothes last longer. If you’re not taking care of your clothes, there’s still a chance that your clothes won’t last because of how you handle them.