A Guide To Best Bespoke Clothes For Petite Women

Petite size or what some would like to call “cute size” is when you are simply not gifted with long legs and a good height. While we’re not blaming you for skipping your nap time when you were a kid, it’s basically not your fault that you are considered petite. It can simply be because of genes–and it’s not something that you should feel bad for.

In Just 4 Unique, we always value the uniqueness of your body shape and size. Whether you’re tall or short, we would love to make things easier for you. With the help of bespoke clothes for petite women, we are giving you the option of being able to wear any clothing design that you love. All you have to do is provide us your measurement, and we will customize the garment that you want. But if you’re unsure about which clothes will look flattering on your petite body type, read on and we’ll teach you the basics.

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Rule #1: The Rule of Thirds

This isn’t photography, but there’s a golden ratio that’s very critical when it comes to acing petite fashion. The ancient Greeks have discovered while they are observing nature, is that the human eyes can find aesthetically pleasing things with the use of this ratio. This means that 1/3 to 2/3 ratio is considered a great division of space that can be pleasing to the eyes.

Basically, if you are wearing a short skirt and your legs are bare, your top should be of a significant length for it to be a proper ratio. You should never opt for a long elongating top and a long skirt in one outfit. This can result in making you look smaller instead of enhancing your petiteness.

Rule #2: Find The Right Neckline

You might say that this doesn’t even make sense and it is completely overlooked by a lot of people. But the thing is, enhancing petite fashion is all about balancing the proportions. A lower neckline can be more flattering to shorter women because whenever you show more skin, it creates space and provides a lengthening or elongating effect.

Notice how taller women seem to have longer necks compared to short women. This is why finding the right neckline that suits your petite figure is vital if you want to create an illusion of a well-proportioned outfit. Just 4 Unique has a wide array of bespoke clothes that have great necklines for petite women.

Rule #3: Enhance Your Shoulders

Just like finding the right neckline is essential for petite fashion, choosing designs that bare your shoulders such as off-shoulder tops are universally flattering to small women. This type of design helps in elongating your neck and adds a sexy, sophisticated vibe to your fashion statement.

Rule #4: The Length Of Your Sleeves

Petite ladies have shorter arms, so wearing sleeves that are too long can easily ruin your outfit and make you look stumpy. In opting for bespoke clothes, you can easily make sure that the sleeves of your preferred garments are of the correct length.

Even in leisure clothes, make sure that the length of your sleeves are never too long because it can make your arms look even smaller. This applies to all coats and tops.


Rule #5: Opt For High-Waisted Bottoms

Again, we’re all about balancing proportions when it comes to petite fashion. High-waisted pants, skirts, and shorts are best high-waisted when it comes to women who are smaller in size. The logic behind this is to simply elongate your legs and make them look longer, so you can create the illusion of being taller than your actual height.

Rule #6: Patterns and Details Are Important

We all know how the stripes in our clothing can easily create an illusion, depending on the pattern. If you choose clothes that have vertical details such as vertical stripes, it can easily create an illusion of height. This can be considered when you are choosing jeans, tops, and dresses.

Rule #7: Cropped Tops Are Amazing

Cropped tops are your best friend, mainly because you can easily achieve the rule of thirds effortlessly. It’s the perfect combination of long pants and a shorter top for that perfect rule of thirds illusion.

Rule #8: If You’re Going To Accessorize, Keep It Small

Would you carry a big bag, when your figure is small? Of course not. The attention will simply go to how big your bag is and how small it’s making you look. When it comes to petite fashion, bigger is never better. It’s best to go for small accessories and bags that will not overpower your outfit.

Rule #9: Don’t Be Scared To Wear Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses aren’t just for tall women. It can actually be great for petite women too! The secret here is to have a nice one side split that counteracts the blocky feel of these kinds of dresses. It can easily provide definition and balance even to those who have smaller body sizes and shapes.

Rule #10: Short Skirts Will Look Good On You

If you want to wear a skirt, it should be above your knees. Wearing one that’s too long can make your legs appear shorter. Don’t be afraid to show your legs for that elongated look! Remember to wear styles that have fabrics that show movement, like flared or skater skirts that drape well on the lower part of your body.


Rule #11: Ankle Boots Are Better Than Knee-High

Let’s be honest, when you’re short, anything that cuts of skin exposure can make you look shorter. This is why knee-high boots aren’t your best bud when it comes to choosing shoes. The concept can also be applied when choosing other shoe types, such as wearing sandals that accentuate the length of your feet, such as pointy shoes or strappy heels rather than wearing bulky flats or boxed-shaped toe shoes.

Rule #12: Don’t Be Afraid To Layer Clothes

Some would argue that if you layer your clothes, it can make you appear smaller. Again, it all comes down to proportion. If you mix the right garment lengths, you can easily create an illusion of a proportioned body without disrupting the rule of thirds ratio. The key is to have a variety of long, medium, and short length garments in one full outfit.

Rule #13: Flares Are Still In

Nope, flares aren’t supposed to stay in the 70s. These retro types of jeans are still hip and they have a spot in the modern fashion world. Flared jeans can make your legs look long and even add a great dimension and proportion to it.

Rule #14: Peplum Blouses and Blazers

Short blouses will look good on petite body sizes. If you are also aiming to create an illusion of well-proportioned body shape, peplum blouses can help flare your hips and create an illusion of curves.

Rule #15: Fitted Shirts Are Nice, Too!

Fitted tops can easily lengthen your torso, especially if they’re the cropped type too. If you love sweaters but you feel as if it’s making you feel smaller because of the bulkiness of the fabric, you should pt for sweaters that are slightly fitted than loose ones.

Rule #16: Don’t Be Afraid To Follow Trends

Don’t limit yourself to certain styles just because you feel like it won’t look good on you. Always remember that the key to looking good in whatever clothes you’re wearing is to make sure that it fits you just right. That’s what bespoke clothes are for!

Rule #17: Boyfriend Jeans Aren’t A No-No, But Watch Out.

Choose wisely when it comes to boyfriend jeans. Avoid overly loose fits because they can be unflattering to petite women. Girlfriend jeans exist, and they feel equally comfortable without the extremely slouchy fit.


Rule #18: When In Doubt, Wear A Dress

If you don’t have the talent of putting together an entire outfit that looks harmonious against your petite figure, just wear a dress. This is the most foolproof way that is effortless, yet will always appear stylish no matter what. Just don’t forget to choose the right length!

Rule #19: Don’t Steer Away From Coats

Just because they’re long, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be flattering against short women. There’s actually a way for long coats to look good on you, and it’s all about choosing the right length and not going overboard. Choose ones that reach your mid-calf and wear it on top of a shorter garment to enhance your petite body frame.

Rule #20: One Piece Bespoke Clothing

When there’s a look of continuity in your outfit, it immediately creates an illusion of length. This is why jumpsuits are gaining popularity in the fashion industry. They are flattering to almost any body shape and size without the worry of not looking good!

Rule #21: Pair Shoes and Bottoms

Just like the previous rule, continuity is another essential element that goes hand in hand in acing petite fashion. When your shoes and bottoms are similar in color, it creates an illusion of being taller.

Rule #22: One Color Scheme

Similar to Rule #21 and #22, choosing one color scheme in your outfit is also all about the illusion of creating continuity. You can also dig deep into monochromatic outfits if you are having difficulty in sticking to one solid color scheme.

Rule #23: Heels, heels, heels!

As much as we would love the comfort of wearing flats, wear heels if you must. It’s the easiest way to make your legs look longer without much effort in your outfit. Just don’t forget to choose comfy heels that aren’t a pain to walk with.

Rule #24: Cheat Proportion With Belts

We have previously discussed the illusion of continuity, so why wear belts? It’s not actually a sin to wear belts when you’re petite. You just have to be smart in choosing the right belt that can continually enhance your look. The best way to do this is to wear belts that are of the same color as your clothes. This way, you can still aim to add proportion to your body without hindering the illusion of continuity.

Rule #25: Celebrate Your Body Shape and Size

Confidence is still the best thing that you can wear no matter what clothes you’re in. When you feel good, you automatically see yourself in a better light. Learn to love the body you’re in! Loving your body is easier if you choose bespoke clothes because they’re effortlessly flattering as long as you provide the right measurements.

What Should You Avoid When It Comes To Petite Fashion

While there are things that you have to take note of when it comes to dressing up as a petite lady, there are also things that you need to avoid.

Here are some of the few:

  • Low-rise bottoms. The opposite of high-waisted bottoms is these low-rise garments that you have to avoid when you’re in the shorter size. It can easily make your muffin top look worse, other than accentuating your weight in the midsection. If you’re not a fan of high-waisted bottoms, then at least opt for pants that are a few inches below your waist.
  • Outfits that are too long and not the right size. Ready-to-wear clothes are a culprit to disastrous fits. While there would be brands that could still offer you the right size, it’s still highly recommended that you opt for bespoke clothes if you want to make sure that your clothes look and fit flatteringly on you no matter what.
  • Bulky clothes and shoes. Layering is fine, as stated in the rules above, but bulky clothes and shoes are definitely a no-no. It is very easy to look smaller when you’re trying to fit in bulky fabrics that don’t elongate your body proportion in any way.

When In Doubt, Go For Bespoke Clothes

Despite all the rules that we’ve mentioned to help you find the right outfit for your petite body shape, opting for bespoke clothes is still your best option. Not only that they’re an investment and it saves you time from going from one store or another just to get disappointed with how the clothes fit–it’s just the easiest way to find clothes that fit your unique body type. You can never go wrong with bespoke clothes because you can tailor them however you like bespoke clothes.

All you have to do is find the design that you love in Just 4 Unique bespoke clothes, then send us your measurements! We’ll have your clothes delivered right in your doorstep as soon as we can.