A Guide to Incorporating More Colors Into Your Wardrobe

When it comes to clothes, you know what they always say: when in doubt, wear black. Of all the rules of fashion, this is arguably the most popular; and for a good reason. This tried and true code applies to everyone: whether they are university students, young professionals, or CEOs; wherever they reside; and for whatever the occasion, event, or season. It is a classic and timeless rule that produces foolproof outfit combinations.

If you have, however, been religiously subscribing to this tenet year after year without fail, wearing head-to-toe black can tend to feel monotonous and just outright boring. If opening your closet every morning to hangers and piles of endless black no longer excites you, it might be time to inject some pop and color here and there with the help of the following tips.

Get to Know Your Colors

It is a known fact that certain colors have some influence over your psyche. So try different colors out and find out which ones make you feel confident, powerful, or joyous, as well as the ones that do not.

On a more technical level, determine whether your undertones are warm, cool, or neutral. Each kind of undertone works the best and worst with some colors. Knowing all about this is quite literally one Google search away, as there are countless articles, posts, and entries dedicated to helping you. 

Work on Some Gradual Changes

Do not just throw out every single piece of clothing that you own so that you can replace them with new ones. You should not be in a rush to do a complete overhaul. Add some colorful pieces of clothing slowly but surely. Working on our first suggestion, get a feel of the hues that you like and that suit you best and start from there. The key here is to find items that you can incorporate seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. The fact that your current clothes are already in black will make it easier for you, too since black goes well with nearly every color.

Back to Basics

But where exactly do you begin working on these gradual changes? The most comfortable starting point would be with basics.

Your basics are your items of clothing that you wear all the time, and you know that these clothes suit you well. You always pair basics with just about anything in your closet.

With an outfit formula that you often go for (for example, shirt + pants + jacket), try substituting a basic black item with a different color but of the same design. This way, you know that the pairing will still work well and will always make you feel comfortable. The last thing you need is to be unsure of yourself while you are trying out something new.  

Check these items out for starters, maybe they will give you an idea of incorporating more colors in your daily life.


Sweaters are staples in every wardrobe. You can dress them up for the office with a tailored blazer or a sleek pair of trousers, or tone it down for more casual settings with a couple of trusty jeans. 

Incorporating More Colors V Neck Sweater in Red
Pagoda Sleeve V Neck Sweater in Red

A V Neck sweater is a classic. It can be worn throughout the seasons without ever looking out of fashion.

The timeless V Neck is given a unique touch here with pagoda sleeves, giving it a beautiful and exciting silhouette. 


MADE TO MEASURE Sweater in Yellow
Cuff Contrast Color Sweater in Yellow

In a funkier design with such a happy and pleasant hue, you are bound to make yourself, and those around you smile with this sweater. This piece is also a nod to mod fashion with its high collar and contrasting hems.



You can never go wrong with a sturdy and dependable pair of pants that you can wear to work, a stroll, or a weekend hangout with friends. Incorporating More Colors

Incorporating More Colors Skinny Pants in Red
Small Decoration Skinny Pants in Red

A skinny pair will make you look longer and leaner, and looks great with nearly all shoe styles. 

This red pair has a quirky wave design along the side seam and back pocket that will make you feel unique.


Loose Trousers in Green
Gathered Loose Trousers in Green

Tailored trousers are always classy and elegant. A great pair will make you feel sophisticated and put-together, no matter the occasion.

The gathered front design on this jewel-toned pair makes for an exciting silhouette, coupled with the quirky note down one of the hems.



Yet another closet staple. Dresses are fun to play around with in terms of accessorizing and choosing the best pair of shoes to go along with them. The trick to selecting basic dresses is to find ones that you know you can wear on multiple occasions.

Skinny Dress in Yellow
Bracelet Sleeve Skinny Dress in Yellow

The silhouette and the elegant tie-knot design on this dress will accentuate any body type. You can easily transition this dress from casual to semi-formal wear, depending on how you accessorize. Incorporating More Colors


It All Comes Down to the Fit

As you venture to more daring colors and combinations, there is one last thing to keep in mind, and it is perhaps the most important: make sure your clothes fit you perfectly.

When trying out clothes that you do not usually go for, how comfortable and confident you feel you will make all the difference, and what better way to feel comfortable and confident in whatever it is that you are wearing than with bespoke, made to measure garments? Incorporating More Colors

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