An Interview: A Woman’s Journey In Choosing Bespoke Clothing

When we’re talking about bespoke clothing, what quickly comes to mind are coats, suits, gowns, and other formal outfits that need to be 101% perfect when it comes to tailor and fit. But the thing is, what exactly is the difference between choosing bespoke clothing only when it comes to a special occasion when you have the choice of selecting bespoke clothing even for your every day wear?

Most people have the misconception that bespoke clothing can be such a hassle to purchase, compared to just buying ready-made clothes from ready-to-wear brands. But if you’re a plus-size woman just like Maggie, it can be quite a pain to shop for clothes.

Bespoke Clothing


Getting To Know Our Interviewee

We are merely going to call her Maggie, a woman in her mid 30’s that lives in Illinois, USA. She is a single mother that works full-time as an accountant and, at the same time, a full-time mom after her 9 to 5 job.

When I asked her to describe her body shape and size, this is what she said:

I am a plus-size woman. I feel as if I am heavy on both upper body and lower body, which makes it very difficult for me to find decent looking clothes that don’t make me look bulky. I am all about confidence, though! I don’t really care if others call me huge or fat, as long as I feel good in what I’m wearing.

– Maggie

With vital statistics that’s about 45-44-56, she has also admitted that ready-to-wear brands aren’t always her go-to when it comes to shopping. She has even shared that she would just go creative with buying t-shirts from the male section since they’re boxier in shape, and they fit her better than what she can find in the women’s section. There are times that she would even customize these male shirts by adding fringes and sewing on cute patches. During the summertime, when the weather is warmer, she would cut the sleeves of her shirts and turn them into muscle tees. If she wanted to wear shorts but still couldn’t find ones to fit her nicely, she would just purchase men’s shorts and cut them shorter to her liking. Then, she will proceed to jazz it up with more patches and ribbons. She even laughed at the thought that her sewing skills were enhanced simply because of her unique body shape and size.

While it was easy for her to customize leisure clothing, it was quite a problem when it comes to formal workwear.

If I am lucky, I’ll find formal pants that fit me and I’d buy 2-3 pairs depending on my budget. I’ll have it washed and ready to wear the next day, then repeat! As long as nobody asks me if I’m wearing the same pants everyday, I don’t really care. If they fit, I’ll wear them. It’s not like its common for me to find pants that fit.

– Maggie

She even told a story about the time that she was so desperate in finding workwear that fits, that she nearly wanted to have everything tailored. But she was well aware that having a month’s worth of tailored workwear isn’t as cheap as ready-to-wear brands.

I want to look good, you know? I’m just like every woman out there. I want to look beautiful, too. But I’m a mother, I would rather spend my hard-earned money saving up for my son’s education than spending it on expensive clothes. My 9 to 5 job is enough to put food on the table, I’m thankful for that, but reality sinks in and we all know that there are other things of worth that we can spend our money on.

– Maggie

I felt her sadness. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and the means to do it doesn’t always have to be expensive. This is where the fashion industry needs to step up and make sure that everyone has access to clothes that fit right.

Her Journey Took A Good Turn

Maggie was thankful that she went out to get coffee with her friend that afternoon. She was on her day off, and she just decided that a little socialization can ease her work stress. That day, she was introduced to a lady named Kate. She was also plus-size, but she looked confidently beautiful in what she’s wearing.

Other than saying hi to Kate, my first question was “Where did you get that dress?!”. I was actually so ashamed that I blurted that out almost instantly, but Kate was too polite when she answered. She told me all about the online shop that sells made to measure clothes. While she was going on about the made to measure, my mind wandered off to how expensive it probably is. But to my surprise, she showed me the shop itself and the price wasn’t all that bad. Sure, it was a tad pricy than RTW brands, but let’s be real here, I JUST WANT CLOTHES TO FIT!

– Maggie



Maggie expressed her joy upon seeing the price tag. Upon seeing what Kate was wearing, it convinced her that considering the quality of the actual product, the price tag wouldn’t feel heavy on her budget. She mentioned a couple of ready-to-wear brands that offered plus-size, but they don’t always fit right.

I once tried this RTW brand that offers plus-size. I like their designs, but for some reason whenever I’m trying their dresses on, it makes my upper body look heavier than usual. That, or the straps are falling off my shoulders because they just transformed a tiny dress design, added more fabric for it to be bigger, but it looks horrible when worn by plus-size ladies. Who in the right mind does that?

– Maggie

Ready-to-Wear Brands Have General Size Patterns

Maggie was right; ready-to-wear brands are known to use general size patterns and producing them in mass quantities. There is a lack of sizing standards when it comes to fashion brands because they only take into consideration what the general public would purchase.

You have no idea how many times I’ve tried clothes from plus-size brands that also sell normal sizes. It’s like they have no idea how these clothes actually look on actual plus-size women. Eventually, I just stopped shopping there for the sake of my sanity. These brands have made me question my self-esteem so many times and I’m not subjecting myself to that repeatedly.

– Maggie

It can indeed affect a person’s way of thinking when you always subject them to disappointment. Fashion brands market themselves in such a way that they want to make you look good, but once their fitting goes horribly on you, you’re bound to think the other way.



After Kate has introduced me to this bespoke brand, I immediately ordered a dress online. It was actually a very easy process, I just had to register, provide my measurements, note a couple of requests, then proceed with my purchase. What I also loved about the bespoke clothing brand is that they reach out to you. It’s like having a tailor best friend that updates you about what you just ordered! I felt like a VIP. Can you imagine? That was just 1 dress and they would personally e-mail me and talk to me. They even provided suggestions on how this dress would look better on me if I do this, or that.

– Maggie

Bespoke Clothing Now Has Revolutionized Systems

It is another misconception that made to measure brands are like your average tailors wherein the fitting and measuring process is more stressful than getting the actual order. Bespoke brands now have revolutionized systems wherein they have ready-made designs, but are sewn to perfection with the measurements that you have provided. It’s no longer about twirling around for hours, with your tailor measuring every inch of your body for that perfect fit. Now, newly improved tailoring systems are done, and with just a few details about measurements, you’ll have your bespoke clothes ready to ship right at your doorstep in no time.

It took the dress less than a month to arrive. It takes longer than buying in RTW brands, but you know my desperation in needing clothes that fit. Even if it took a month or more, I wouldn’t even care. I just really want nice clothes that I don’t have to customize from the men’s section. I want actual ladies clothes that fit me beautifully.

– Maggie

Good things take time. Bespoke clothes aren’t produced in mass quantities, but since this is the case, you are 100% sure that the garments that you are getting are of high quality. They adhere to the standard number of stitches, so the clothes usually last longer.

I couldn’t explain the joy I felt when I tried the dress on. In the website, the model was skinny and I was actually skeptical that the design would look good on me. I kept in mind how Kate’s dress looks amazing on her, so I just took a leap of faith and went on with the purchase. Truth is, there was no ounce of disappointment. Just joy!

– Maggie

Maggie went on about the emotions that whirled through her as she twirled around in the new bespoke clothing that she purchased. You can see that this one purchase has urged her to keep buying bespoke clothing from now on.

After my next paycheck, I immediately purchased two more bespoke clothing. 1 black dress and 1 blazer that I can wear for work. I used to be very curious about what other women were saying about little black dresses. Now, I understand what they mean. It’s like your go-to dress for a lot of occassion. That’s also the reason why I decided to go for a simple black dress for my next purchase. It’s my way of telling myself that even if I have finally found a brand that understands my fashion needs, it doesn’t mean that I will be dishing out huge money for it.

– Maggie

Maggie also mentioned how her co-workers have begun to compliment the way she looks. This made her feel more confident and comfortable in her own body too. Even her son started telling her that mommy looks beautiful regularly.

I’m not big on compliments, but getting them made me feel good. I started seeing myself differently in the mirror and that felt good too.

– Maggie



I asked Maggie about what she can recommend to women when they have only started or planning to start opting for bespoke clothing. She said:

Start small with your purchases just like what I did. I think it’s still best to order just one during the first try so that you can get a feel of the brand. Not all brands are equal, by the way. I have tried a couple, but so far I have been loving just one brand. Then, you can increase your purchases if you are content with the quality of the clothes that you have received. You can build your wardrobe from there. But I also recommend that you start with a couple of pieces per garment. Build the variation first, don’t go all out in just pants. Buy a top then bottoms, with that you can properly see how your wardrobe is improving. Oh, I also did a springcleaning of my closet, so that I can see which garments I need the most. But if you have a lot of money to spend, then go ahead and just buy to your heart’s content. But if you are a single mom like me, prioritize your purchases.

– Maggie

Bespoke Clothing At Its Finest

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