Bespoke Shorts For The Ladies That Aren’t A Fan Of Pants

Pants are no doubt amazing because of their versatility. But there are ladies out there that would always choose shorts over a pair of pants. Whether it’s because they live in a tropical country and they want to feel less warm, or simply because they just love the comfort that these shorter versions of pants offer–shorts are simply a great thing to have in your wardrobe.

Shorts are basically shorter versions of pants, but aside from the amount of fabric that is used, it’s literally all about preference. It’s not about what looks better or what looks more fashionable, but more about what you look and feel good in.

Just 4 Unique has a lot of bespoke shorts variations available if you’re one of those ladies who would wear shorts the entire season– if possible.

Vintage Fringed Denim Shorts

They’re denim, but not your average blue denim shorts. It comes in a grayish-black wash that looks very stylish and classic. These shorts are very comfortable and they look great in a lot of graphic tees and blouses that are printed and plain.


Cartoon Slogan Shorts

These navy blue bespoke shorts are great for those ladies who just want a cleaner chic look for their outfits. You can pair these with blouses and not just t-shirts. These shorts also look great with a dainty pair of sandals and ballet flats, not just sneakers.


Strap Belt Decoration Shorts

Love checkered? These lovely shorts with checkered design should be on your wishlist. The adjustable belt is a great way to add a little style and proportion to your waist. With these mid-rise shorts, you can tuck your shirt and blouses in for that body elongating effect.


Fringed Heavy Washing Short

If you’re into classic acid wash jeans, these light wash denim bespoke shorts should be on top of your list. It has a studded design with fringes and a ripped effect that’s perfect for your rockstar OOTD. Wear them with your favorite sneakers, or even boots if you’re feeling a little playful!


Wide Leg Short

If you want a clean look that leans on the classic side, these white wide-legged bespoke shorts is something that you should consider wearing. The nicely textured fabric offers a flattering fit because of its thick fabric that doesn’t cling to your body in an odd way. You can wear them with blouses, shirts, and even dress it up with a blazer! Pair them with sneakers, ballet flats, sandals, and even a chic looking pair of high heels.

These wide-legged bespoke shorts come in colors black and white.


Bespoke Shorts Are A Great Find

Pants and shorts that fit us perfectly are a rare find. This is one of the reasons why bespoke shorts are the best option when it comes to finding garments that fit you perfectly when it comes to length, fit, and size. In just 4 Unique, you can choose from different designs, color, and provide us with your measurement so that we can ensure that your bespoke shorts are 101% flattering on your unique body shape and size.

When in doubt, go bespoke!


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