Bespoke Sportswear Outfits That You Need In Your Gym Bag

Some of you would argue that you can just throw on an old beat-up shirt and a pair of worn-out shorts to the gym. Anything that you feel comfortable with moving around– you would probably assume that they’re perfectly fine as sportswear. Not only will some gyms kick you out because you’re not wearing the correct outfit, but your outfit actually affects your athletic performance.

Others don’t even like the idea of spending extra money just for clothes that they’re going to sweat in and probably ruined or torn up once they go lift a couple of weights. So, what’s the point in dressing up sharp?

What You Wear Can Influence Your Thinking and Skills

Just like what Matthew Hutson would say, a freelance writer for Science that has a bachelor’s degree in cognitive neuroscience from Brown University, “What you wear can influence your thinking and negotiating skills, and even hormone levels and heart rate.”

Numerous scientific studies have proved that what we wear can affect the way we think and behave. There are clothes that help improve our confidence, creativity, and even makes us feel physically stronger. Certain types of clothing can also make other people perceive us as more intelligent, unique, and even rebellious.

It is safe to say that when you are dressed properly for an occasion, you are deeming yourself more effective, efficient, and competitive in whatever it is that you are doing.

How To Choose The Correct Bespoke Sportswear

It’s not about fancy labels or the latest fashion, because workout clothes are designed to be comfortable in order to motivate you to move more and do more. You have to keep in mind the fit, the fabric, and even the type of garment that you should be wearing so that you can stay cool and motivated while you exercise.

Here are some of the things that you should consider when choosing the right bespoke sportswear:

  • Consider the wicking. There are a lot of breathable synthetic fabrics that help wick the sweat away from your skin and not just absorb it. Good sportswear should help your sweat evaporate quickly in order to keep your body cool. Your sweat shouldn’t soak your clothes and make you feel heavier as you sweat. That can be very uncomfortable and could even make you feel twice as warm which is not good.
  • Steer away from fabrics that aren’t breathable. It is best to avoid fabrics that are rubber-based or plastic-based because they keep sweat from evaporating. It can keep your body temperature too high during a workout and it can result in dehydration and overheating.
  • Cotton isn’t the best fabric for sportswear. Cotton is breathable, but it absorbs sweat very well which makes it inappropriate as sportswear. It can cause major discomfort once you start sweating excessively because your clothes can easily get soaked and get heavy.
  • Consider the workout activities that you will be doing. If you are biking, long pants or leggings shouldn’t be your choice because they can get stuck in the pedals. If you are going to do Yoga or Pilates, it’s best that you go for fabrics that stretch properly to avoid tearing.
  • Consider the weather. If the weather is too warm, choose sportswear that will further help you in keeping cool. If it’s cold, you might have to choose an outfit that can still help you feel comfortable and warm at the same time. You may opt for wearing layers that have insulating fabric to keep you from the cold.

Sportswear Fabrics 101

To further explain what fabrics are deemed best for sportswear, we will list down a couple of fabric examples that you can choose from.

  • Bamboo. This is a widely used fabric that is widely used in making activewear because of its breathable, and moisture-wicking benefits. Not only that, but it is also best used when you love working out outdoors and not just the gym because it helps protect your skin from ultra-violet rays from the sun. Even when you are doing intense workouts, it helps you feel fresh and comfortable despite the amount of sweating.
  • Nylon. If you love heavy workouts that make you sweat a lot, then you definitely need a fabric that is highly breathable and moisture-wicking. Synthetic materials are soft and they dry very quickly which means that the fabric won’t feel heavy while you’re sweating and working out.
  • Spandex. Spandex or what we also refer to as lycra or elastane has exceptional elasticity and adds a great stretch in activewear. This synthetic fabric has the amazing capability to expand up to 600% of its size, which makes it a perfect option when you’re looking for ease of movement, comfort, and sweat-wicking. It is highly breathable, too.
  • Cotton. While cotton is an overall excellent fabric but not exactly the best one for sportswear, if it is blended with fabrics like spandex, it can actually work well for bespoke sportswear. If you’re only doing low-sweat activities, you can still opt for cotton since it has a less post-workout stench,
  • Polyester. This highly durable, lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant fabric is an excellent choice for sportswear. It also has UV rays repelling benefits that can help you be protected against the sun even when it’s wet.

Why It’s Important That You Invest In Bespoke Sportswear

Other than making you feel twice as motivated in staying active, there are more reasons why it is important that you invest in good bespoke sportswear. Here are some of the few:

  • Comfort. If you’re not comfortable in the activewear that you’re wearing, you’re bound to get distracted and it can affect your performance in the gym. If your clothes are too tight, it can be very restricting and you are probably not feeling confident enough to do these workout routines. It is best to make sure that you are only using a superior blend of fabric and high-quality material for bespoke sportswear.
  • Durability. We all know how sportswear is put in extreme conditions like intensive movements. Everyone would like to have a workout gear that would last for a long time, and not just in a couple of uses. It’s a misconception that all durable workout clothes are expensive because Just 4 Unique has amazing bespoke sportswear options that can fit your budget and at the same time have high-quality and durability.
  • Injury protection and the environment. If you are wearing the incorrect type of clothing, you may be risking yourself from injury. Just like wearing gloves in the gym can protect your palm from callouses, it is the same for your sportswear. Since some fabrics help protect you from UV rays and help maintain your body temperature, you should always opt for activewear that helps your body fresh and temperature-balanced even when the temperature is extreme.
  • Better range of motion. Your sportswear shouldn’t restrict you from moving more, because that’s very counterproductive. Your activewear should help in motivating you to have free body movement.
  • Can aid in recovery after exercise. When you are using compression clothing, it actually helps in recovery and performance because it makes you feel in control and put together.

It’s Okay If You Want To Look Fashionable In Your Sportswear

It’s not a sin if you still want your bespoke sportswear to be fashionable. After all, your aim is to look good and feel good, so why not opt for women’s workout clothes that still look stylish but never restricting your movements.

Here are some of the 2020 fashion trends for women’s workout clothes that you might want to consider:

  • Sleek and fashionable. Figure-flattering and shape enhancing sportswear are great options if you want to look good in that mirror selfie at the gym. There are a lot of tight workout gears that fit you perfectly but not restricting when it comes to its design.
  • Seamless sportswear. Seamless is the best technology there is when it comes to garments. These types of workout clothing are figure-flattering, anti-chafing, durable, and extremely breathable too. These types of clothes are usually perfect for high-intensity workouts for both indoor and outdoor while ensuring that your body looks amazing because of its seamless design.
  • Compression spandex. Do you have bumps and lumps in your body that you simply want to hide? Compression spandex is a perfect option for those who want to enhance the way their thighs, butt, and hips look. This type of spandex usually hugs your body in such a way that it compresses and makes sure that the garment looks flattering on your body regardless of your body shape and size.
  • Sports bra with underwire. Some women hate the idea of bras that have underwires, but it can be a good thing when it comes to sports bras. It is great for those who have heavier chests and for those who want to enhance the structure of their chests better. These types of bras are very helpful to avoid potential sagging and bouncing, which can make some women uncomfortable during gym activities and exercises.

Just 4 Unique Sportswear Recommendations

Sleeveless Printing Tank

This sleeveless tank is a good option if you love doing yoga. It is highly breathable and won’t restrict your movements while you’re doing a couple of poses and stretches.


Contrast Panel Legging

Nothing beats leggings that are highly durable and won’t fail you during intense workouts. These leggings will support your every movement and it won’t restrict you from any movement. They will fit you perfectly and they also look very flattering on your legs because of its side mesh design.


Yarn Dyed Strip Jacket

If it’s cold from where you are, then you probably need this jacket in addition to the layers of your sportswear. It helps keep you warm and at the same time cools your body down as you’re sweating underneath. It is lightweight and does not add weight to the layers that you are wearing.


Strip Tie Calf Legging

There’s something about the design that makes you feel like a princess and at the same time an empowered woman while working out. It’s sleek and figure-flattering design is perfect if you want to be fashionable and efficient while working out. These leggings are very durable as well and can survive a tremendous amount of stretching and movement.


Running Light Weight Jacket

If it’s a little chilly and windy where you’re at, then this jacket that’s made for jogging and running is the best option for you. It is insulating and at the same time helps your sweat evaporate quickly. It does not restrict your movements because of its durable fabric that is not prone to wear and tear.


Back String Decoration Singlet

If you want to look chic and at the same time motivated to work out, this fashionable pair of workout clothes are your best option. It’s perfect for yoga and different gym activities that require stretching and intense movements.


Short Printed Hoodies

This cropped hoodie is fashionable and versatile. Whether you just want to use this for leisure wear or sportswear, you’re bound to feel comfortable and stylish all at the same time. Its fabric easily absorbs sweat and helps evaporate it without making you look sweaty and warm.


Contrast Rib Color Tank

This rib color tank is a crowd favorite when it comes to bespoke sportswear. It can be used in a variety of gym activities and sports because of its lightweight material that is highly stretchable and durable. Even if you simply just love to do yoga and pilates, you will definitely love this top. It is simple, stylish and perfect for your workout needs.


Choose The Sportswear That Suits Your Sports Style

Whatever type of sportswear that you decide to wear, it is always up to you to decide what makes you look and feel good. Just don’t forget to follow these simple guidelines in choosing the best sportswear and sooner or later, you will truly enjoy working out with your sportswear that perfectly suits your bespoke sportswear style.