Is double-breasted blazer still on trend this year? Are you looking for some fantastic casual to office clothing inspiration? Don’t worry Just4unique got you covered!

A double-breasted blazer is not common but one of the most elegant and smart overwear for men’s and women’s casual to smart fashion styles. How to Wear Double Breasted Blazer? We list down below the 10 Ways to Wear a Double Breasted Blazer, everything you have to do now is picking the proper print, color, and style of a double-breasted blazer, and you'll be ready to slay this season!

What is Double-Breasted Blazer?

An overcoat with overlapping front flaps and two symmetrical columns of buttons on the front is known as a double-breasted blazer.

One to four rows of buttons (each row holding two buttons) are common on double-breasted blazers, with

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