Top 15 Common Fabric Patterns You Can Find in The Market

As a fashion enthusiast, you must be knowledgeable about various pattern fabrics in order to create a distinctive fashion statement that reflects your personality. Colors, shapes, sizes, repeats, and schemes exist in fabric designs. Continue reading to find out the most common fabric patterns are used in the most trendy style.


Herringbone weave, also known as broken twill weave, is a V-shaped weaving pattern that is commonly found in twill cloth. The break at reversal distinguishes it from a plain chevron, giving it the appearance of a broken zigzag. Because it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish, the pattern is termed herringbone.
Herringbone is a beautiful design that is currently quite fashionable but has been around for a long time.


Houndstooth is a patterned cloth that is either woven or printed. Traditionally,

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