Different Types of Scarves

Selecting the perfect scarf for your style, requirements, and lifestyle may be time-consuming and intimidating, especially with so many variations available. The following is a list of the most common types of scarves, organized by fabric and weather.

Types of Scarves Based on Season (Weather)

The materials (fabrics) used in creating the scarves will be the deciding point of what is the best season for wearing them. Check below the best type of scarves you can use during a specific season.
Scarf for Summer Season
You read it right, you can wear a scarf during the summer season. The types of scarf that is perfect for these hot summer days are designed for protection.

Polyester Fabric
Polyester scarves are a less expensive alternative to silk scarves, but they're not as soft or kind on the skin. Nonetheless, they're appropriate for both informal and

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