Fashion Tips: 15 Ways To Wear A Scarf

How to wear a scarf? That's a hard question but don't worry, ladies, since we've compiled a list of ways to wear a scarf. You can now experiment with numerous scarf tying styles to elevate your present look.
The scarf is a fashionable accessory that everyone enjoys wearing, if you are looking to level up your style and be like a fashionmonger you are on the right page. Check below the list of fashion tips to wear a scarf on a different level.

1. The Drape Scarf
The Drape scarf is more about fashion than practicality. You don't tie the scarf, but it's a terrific way to give a splash of color to your boring outerwear while drawing attention to your fashion statement.
When the weather is cool but not cold, a scarf drape is ideal. Like the name says, simply wrap the scarf around your neck, equal lengths on each side, and don't tie it, and you're ready to go. The scarf draping works

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