Fashionable Bespoke Outfits With Striped Prints

Stripes can easily create a statement. It is also the most versatile type of print out there, whether it is horizontal, vertical, thin, or thick stripes. It is also one of those prints that can easily make an optical illusion for a flattering look. Whether you are trying to look slim or taller, striped prints can work well for you if you use them correctly.

Even way back in 2013, striped prints have been big for Spring. They dominated Fashion Week in different runways. Even the famous Marc Jacobs created 1960’s inspired looks that included stripes in all sizes and even in zigzag patterns.

Reasons Why Stripes Are Definitely Hot

If you’re still not convinced that stripes are a must-have in your wardrobe, check out these fabulous reasons on why stripes are definitely hot:

  • They’re trendy for every season. It doesn’t matter what year it is, stripes are just so classic and fashionable that you definitely don’t need to take note about being trendy for that season.
  • Stripes are for everyone. Let’s face it, not all trends will suit women of all ages. But stripes are so timeless that you can wear them no matter what your age range is.
  • Stripes can be for all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re small or tall, slim or voluptuous, there will always be the right kind of stripes that will suit your unique body shape and size.
  • It can easily refresh your wardrobe. Some of us just want to play it safe so we steer away from printed clothes. But stripes aren’t too overwhelming compared to other prints, so they’re a great way to refresh your wardrobe with very minimal effort.
  • They’re the most versatile print ever. Morning or evening, you can wear stripes. Whether it’s a wedding, for leisure, or you just want to jog, stripes will work well for any occasion.
  • Stripes for every mood. Whether you’re sporty, a rockstar princess, or feeling all glamorous, there will always be a version of stripes that you can wear for these special moments.
  • It’s not a sin to fill your wardrobe with stripes. Dresses, blouses, loose-fit, tight-fit, short-sleeves and long-sleeves, stripes are simply amazing to have in your closet and you can never have too many of them.

Just 4 Unique has a lot of striped bespoke outfits that can suit your love for stripes on all occasions. Here are some of our best bespoke outfits recommendation:

Bespoke Outfits In Stripes

Falbala Long Sleeve Shirts

Stripes and ruffles are a great combination. It adds a nice touch of edginess to any outfit. These striped long sleeves are great for your casual OOTDs that need a touch of sassiness to it. This can be a simple long-sleeved cuffed blouse, but Just 4 Unique loves uniqueness!

bespoke outfits

Dolman Sleeved T-Shirts

If you’re into a more laid back look, these long-sleeved shirt offers comfort and style all in one. You can wear this with pants and shorts depending on your preference. If you’re worried about which shoes would look good with it, it actually doesn’t matter! You can easily pull this off with sneakers, flats, and even sandals.


Sabrina Shoulder Slim Fit Dress

Don’t be afraid of horizontal lines when it comes to clothes. It has always been perceived as “lines that make you look bigger”, but that’s not always the case. If you look at this dress, it actually has a design that blends well on your body’s natural curves, which creates an illusion of a slim figure even if the lines are horizontal. It’s all about the design, not the lines!


Strip Contrast Collar One Piece Dress

This striped black and white dress is the perfect balance between creating that elongating look and adding proportion to your body. The design has a white belt that simply creates a “break” to the look, for a more flattering vibe to those who want to flaunt their body proportions.


Contrast Big Strip Sweater

Stripes come in all shapes and sizes, and you feel that smaller stripes are just too cluttered-looking for your liking, you can always go for bigger stripes for a less-overwhelming feel. It’s almost similar to a color block, which looks very simple yet fashionable.


Patterns and Your Personality

Did you know that your preference in patterns and prints can also say something about your personality? Studies show that your choices in clothing can shed light on who you really are. Not exactly an accurate way of judgment, but it can at least provide you with a bit of background about yourself.

If you really love stripes, studies show that you probably have a strong sense of self-worth. If you love vertical stripes, then chances are that you are a go-getter. Stripes are also known to give a vibe of confidence. We usually opt for these types of patterns whenever we feel like we want to be more empowered or stronger. Those who wear stripes are also strong believers that they can do a lot on their own.

Stripes are also very common when it comes to workwear and business wear, mainly because it does make you feel confident subconsciously. People who love stripes are usually great at multitasking too but can easily get overwhelmed. Even those these things aren’t always accurate, the assessment can be quite intriguing.

Stripes can also affect us emotionally, in a way that it makes us feel better about our body because stripes are a great way to create an illusion of a better figure.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping for bespoke outfits that have striped patterns in them! Just 4 Unique has a lot of options to choose from and you can have them made to measure so that it fits you like a dream. Check out our designs that are available in different colors, fabrics, and even styles that are perfect for your everyday wear. Shop now! bespoke outfits