How Should I Take Care Of My Fabrics?

Taking care of my made to measure clothes!

Cotton Fabric

When taking care of made to measure clothes, you should always keep in mind the fabric. Here are some short tips to make your clothes last and keep their shine.

Now, while we only use the organic materials to make our clothes, we will provide you with a cheat sheet of a wider array of fabrics.


  • Acrylic knit:  can be machine-washed. Best to dry it flat so it retains its shape.
  • Cashmere: Hand-wash using a mild detergent or shampoo. Do not twist the garment, but gently squeeze, rinse and repeat. Dry it laying flat away from a direct source of light or heat.
  • Cotton: can be machine washed, just remove it on time to reduce wrinkling
  • Cotton blend: Use a low-heat cycle and remove on time to reduce wrinkling
  • Denim: Wash it turned inside out using cold/warm water.
  • Flannel: Never use hot water while washing flannel, use warm water on the gentle cycle (if machine washing)
  • Nylon: Machine-wash, low-temperature settings
  • Polyester: Usually, polyester items can be machine-washed
  • Rayon: For rayon clothing, be sure to read the label.
  • Spandex: Can be machine washed using warm water
  • Wool knit: Usually needs to be dry cleaned, but check the label if it can be hand washed (with caution and care)
  • Wool (lined): Take to a professional dry cleaner. Refresh it with a brush or a wet piece of cloth.

This is our short cheat sheet about taking care of your made to measure clothes. Remember, every piece of fabric is unique, and every single one demands a different approach. Never forget to read the label.

If you have any more questions related to fabrics and clothes conservation, don’t hesitate to message us. Because we are here for YOU!