How to choose a bespoke white shirt that suits you?

The white shirt can be seen frequently in all kinds of scenes in work and life, for example. A casual look with slacks, or the business look of a white shirt with a suit, no matter what, bespoke white shirt plays an essential role in men’s clothing.

The drab color and concise styles make white shirts match with the suit or coat of any color, for man, such item is the optimal choice. It’s not hard to get a white shirt on, but it’s not so easy to get a sense of class, and it takes a lot of work to choose the right one that suits you.

How to choose the style of a white shirt?

There are three kinds of white shirts in our daily life: white shirt without any pattern, bespoke white shirt with jacquard, and a white shirt with some dark twill.

The bespoke white shirt of clean color, in a real sense, can be deemed as a classic bespoke white shirt. The modification that does not have any dark grain appears enough clean and concise, also be the first choice of majority people, be considered to be the white shirt that suits to match the suit. White shirt with dark grain decoration shows a more administrative level.

What is the criterion to judge the fit of a shirt?

The refinement of a man is in the details. A shirt may not have the same high degree of fit as a suit, but the difference between a well-fitting shirt and an ill-fitting shirt is far more significant. So what is the standard of shirt fit?

In my opinion, there are two standards for a good shirt, the first is the right size, and the second is the comfortable fabric. Fit or not decides the effect of a shirt to wear the upper body, whether a shirt fit involves the various parts of the body, the collar circumference, shoulder width, sleeve length, chest circumference, waist to the diameter, each place has its basic judgment standard. Just take a look at the right shirt body, respectively, should be?

  1. the collar

After the collar buckle can have the remaining amount of two fingers for the neck to move, also prevent pure cotton material, the collar will become smaller after washing. Collar too large will also cause the collar to collapse, look not three-dimensional enough;

The style of the white shirt is concentrated in the collar model and lapel. Different collar model and lapel have different style suit different occasion.

Business occasions wear a bespoke white shirt with a suit on the dress etiquette requirements of the shirt collar tip can just be covered by the lapel of the suit, so in the choice of shirt is a standard collar or figure 8 collar shirt is more appropriate, the lapel can choose the open lapel;


The shirt style of small collar and the concealed front is relatively casual, more suitable for casual wear or a single wear, looks more delicate and fashionable, in line with the trend of fashion;


Of course, still can have a few between recreational and business style the collar model, Such as a pointed collar, a button collar, or a pin collar, can better reveal his taste.

For customized shirts, you can also incorporate some embroidery or use French fold sleeves and cufflinks to decorate them. This will make the annoying cuffs bright and show your delicate attitude in dressing.

  1. shoulder width

Shoulder width is essential, too narrow will be uncomfortable to wear, too full will not look good. The right shoulder width is the line between the shoulder and the focus of the arm

3. Chest and waist circumference

Chest girth and waistline determine the effect behind the whole shirt, the best condition should be flat ultimately without any crease, no matter too full or too close will have the existence of ridge, and for the man with a belly must sit down later to see whether the waistline is appropriate;

4, long sleeve

Shirt sleeve length has a reference standard, namely the arms natural prolapse after unlocking buttons on the cuff and the distance between it and the position of the hand between the thumb and the index allow just 2 cm. Because, if the shirt sleeve length too long will have too much accumulation, and also short will make shirt underhung, another sleeve has a slight collection is a normal phenomenon, which can provide arms activity.

5. length

One is Tuck them into the waistband

If the fortress is worn into the waistband, then the distance should be relatively long, usually in the crotch position, to prevent the shirt will not run out of the pants when sitting or moving;

Another is Not tucked into the waistband

Some casual shirts do not need to be tucked into the waistband. Length needs relatively short a little bit to be able to appear spirit will not have the negative effect of pressure height, general range in the waistband below 5-8cm;

The shirt is given priority to pure cotton material. It is good to buy in physical stores to directly feel the comfort of the fabric, while some parameters can preliminarily judge online shopping. Generally, the shirt will indicate the material. Some will mark what is made of cotton fabrics, such as the most common type of long-staple cotton, Egyptian cotton, sea island cotton, etc. Theoretically the longer the length of the cotton fiber, the better the quality of cotton

Although everyone has their unique ideas on clothes, the taste of clothes is also different.No matter what kind of shirt, when you plan to shop for a shirt, the first thing we must pay attention to is whether they fit well. Large clothes will look bloated and messy on the whole, while the small stomach will look tight, and if the quality is not excellent, it will also lead to inappropriate clothes. If you are interested in us, you can check out JUST4UNIQUE and become our affiliate commission.