Made To Measure Clothing And Its Fundamental Beauty

Made to measure clothing or custom-tailored clothes as what most would call it is a hidden luxury. They are a good investment, and wonderfully made clothes to fit you just perfectly. Not too tight in one spot, not too loose on the other.

In your closet, you might have a pile of clothes that you adore because of their designs, but they don’t fit the way you want them to. Most of the time, you will even find yourself buying clothes, inexpensive shops, only to have them adjusted elsewhere. Not only that, you’re wasting time, but you’re also spending precious money. Maybe, it’s time that you look into made to measure clothing to suit your style needs.

Made To Measure DRESS


Is made to measure clothing expensive?

This question is where most people are mistaken. While custom-tailored clothing isn’t exactly the cheapest, it can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Like what we mentioned earlier, it is an investment.

When you buy clothes in shops and have them adjusted elsewhere, you might not notice it, but you’re spending more. How many times have you bought clothes, only to eventually return it because you thought they fit you just fine? How many times have you purchased something off-the-rack, only to realize that after a couple of washes, they look worn, and the threads are already falling off? Then, maybe it’s time that you start considering made to measure clothing and its phenomenal craftsmanship.

How essential are the clothes that we wear?

You might be thinking, “These are just clothes, why should I be spending this much?” The answer is: Clothes are sturdy. They are more than just fabrics sewn together to cover our bodies. It can be a mirror to our personalities and the way we view success in life.

Clothes showcase who you are. It is a presentation on how you want to communicate yourself as a person. It is not just about being fashionable or your tastes, but how you want the world to perceive you. If you always dress shabbily at work and you dress as if you never took the time to wash or iron your clothes, how will the professional world perceive you? Whether we like it or not, the way we dress can convey trustworthiness and dignity.

Ask yourself: Are you dressing for success?



Clothes tell stories about you. It can show your personality, status, age, and even your line of work.

Are you confident? Are you a go-getter? Are you goal-oriented? These are just some of the stories that the way you dress tell stories about you.

If your casual clothes always lean on the sporty side, it merely shows that you love being active and on-the-go. If your casual clothes are still looking crisp and clean, then maybe you are an organized person, and you want to make sure that everything is in order. Do you love wearing light and airy clothes even if it’s not summer, just because you want to feel like its vacation time all year round? There’s always a science behind the way we dress and carry ourselves through the outfits that we wear.

Clothes can show your personality. The main reason why custom-tailored wardrobes are essential is that these clothes are built to your shape. They’re comfortable without looking baggy or formless against your body shape. It makes you look put-together, professional, clean, and well-groomed. It shows that your personality is all about being positive, influential, and highly motivated.

If you love unique clothing, it’s probably because you have the personality of a creative person. Or that you simply want to stand out from the crowd.

Clothes can be a way of assessing your performance. The way you dress can impact the way you think and perform, too. It is essential in boosting your self-confidence and feeling of self-empowerment. It is more than just dressing up and looking fancy. Most of the time, even the color of your clothes can reflect the way you are feeling (or how you want to feel) during the day.

Are you feeling all-powerful and energetic? Wear red. Are you feeling all sophisticated and elegant? Wear black. Are you feeling all creative and spontaneous? Wear bright colors.

Made To Measure Clothing


Clothes can help you feel motivated. Let’s say that you have been trying your best to contact motivated to work out, but you can’t seem to get yourself on that treadmill. One solution is for you to buy sportswear that fits you perfectly so that you feel motivated to work up that first drop of sweat finally.

Clothes can help us feel good. Who doesn’t like a compliment or two? People know when we are making an effort to dress up, and some are likely to acknowledge that. Compliments can make us feel good because we know that we look good. Whether we would like to admit it or not, looks do matter, and our appearance can make a significant impact on how we feel towards ourselves.

Disadvantages of ready-to-wear clothing

Ready-to-wear clothing or store-bought items are highly available, and it is probably your most comfortable option when you’re in a rush to buy new clothes. However, it also has its disadvantages.

First and foremost, these types of clothing are mass-produced, and they don’t offer uniqueness in style. Because of that, you’re bound to see someone wearing the same dress as you while you’re walking down the street or even in the workplace—your ability to stand out on a particular occasion I if you end up with a doppelganger.

Everyone’s bodies are unique, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to clothing. It is either there are size limitations, or that the clothes are ill-fitting.  Most ready-to-wear brands have size guidelines, and even if you’re trying to buy something that’s supposed to fit your 32 inches waistline, it can sometimes be too small or too big. It can cause your overall look to be unattractive or even shabby.

If you want to maximize how flattering the designs and the outfit can be, it is merely best to opt for made to measure outfits.

Benefits of choosing made to measure clothing

Custom-fit. This is the main reason why we opt for custom-tailored clothing. When off-the-rack dress doesn’t fit you perfectly. Either because you have a unique body shape, you’re taller than the average, shorter than the rest, or you’re just gifted in certain areas of your body—clothes that are made to measure will ease your worries in finding the right fit that flatters you.

No man or woman can function well when their pant leg is fitting too tightly on their thighs. No one also enjoys clothing that is too constricting on their shoulders to the point that they feel like the fabric is about to tear off. The design may be flattering or something that you want—but if the fit is off, then it’s not something that you’ll enjoy wearing.

Here in Just 4 Unique, we proudly bring you the ultimate experience in confidence, comfort, and peace of mind once you receive your garment.

Made To Measure Clothing STRIPE SWEATER


Limited edition. Mass-produced clothing that you can see on-the-racks are designed to fit the size and tastes of the general public. Most brands don’t care if it doesn’t fit your body’s uniqueness, or if the style isn’t flattering to different body types. All they care about is the sales they get from the general masses. They also don’t care if they sell millions of clothing with the same style.

In Just 4 Unique, all of the collections are limited edition to make sure that the clothes you see are fresh and unique. Close to luxury, isn’t it? Except that the price tag isn’t exactly luxurious! We always make sure that our bespoke clothes are high in quality, but not heavy on your pockets.

Quality materials. This is another reason why made to measure clothes are an investment. It is not produced by cost-effective mass productions using industrial machines. Instead, they are made through the hands of professionals that make sure that every hem, every detail is sewn perfectly and durably.

Well-made clothes are meant to make you feel better and more confident. Many tend to shop for clothes simply because of the brand name, so a lot of people ignore the quality. While high-quality clothes usually mean that it’s of higher cost, you also have to consider that despite the cost being higher, it can be an investment because these are the clothes that last a lifetime.

Made To Measure Clothing STRAP BRACES SKIRT


Made to measure clothes last long. Because bespoke garments are made with quality materials, you’re bound to make the most out of these outfits for a long time.

Made to measure clothes have elements that are optimum for daily wear and tear, even the stitch lengths are calculated to make sure that the garment looks its best despite certain size adjustments.

Have you heard of sustainable fashion? If your clothes last longer, you don’t need to keep repurchasing them. Did you know that the fashion industry takes 3,000 liters of water to make a single cotton t-shirt? If you want to support sustainable fashion, opt for garments that last a lifetime to reduce the amount of clothing disposal. Made to measure clothing usually encourages re-use and repair because it is made with materials that are of high quality.

Polished wardrobe. Maybe it’s time that you remove those clothing items that don’t fit you right. Instead of going for the same old pants, skirts, and tops—why not invest in clothing that fits you perfectly so that you can enjoy your outfits and make the most out of it? It is not very easy to look sharp, all thanks to bespoke outfits. You no longer have to bear the weight of having clothes in your closet that are ill-fitting despite its attractive design!

Made To Measure Clothing ROUND NECK SWEATER


Efficient. It’s always fun to shop, but there are times wherein we spend hours and hours of shopping only to find clothes we wanted to buy, but they don’t fit right. Even though made to measure clothing takes time before it arrives on your doorstep, wouldn’t it be better that you’re guaranteed a perfect fit despite the long wait? After all, good things always take time.

Here in Just 4 Unique, shipping globally usually takes 1-3 days for processing, and 6-17 business days before the order is delivered to you. Shipping is estimated and will commence from the actual date of shipping rather than the date of the order. Take note that sometimes, the shipping may also take time due to customs clearance procedures or any other causes. But other than that, we always make sure that the clothes you ordered are worth waiting for.

Made to measure clothing and its fundamental beauty

Each bespoke garment is a combination of craftsmanship and art. An outfit that is made to fit your body correctly will make you realize that this isn’t something that you can just pull out of the racks. It is something that is genuinely yours, made to fit all your angles and curves for it to look flattering on you.

It is dressing for success. It is an outfit that drapes perfectly behind your back, shoulders, hips, and so on. It is the outfit that will shape your future, as perfectly as it fits your unique body shape.