Must-have Fitted Sports Coats

Fitted sports coats give you a more masculine and fitter silhouette regardless of your body shape and size – one of the many benefits of wearing fitted sports coats. These types of coats offer plenty of pockets for your stuff, and sometimes can give you a removable layer to help you adjust in changing temperatures – very functional isn’t it? Overall, this versatile piece of the garment allows you to achieve a sharper look in a variety of situations without looking too formal nor overdressed – just the balanced smart look. 

You may have been thinking already of adding fitted sports coats to your wardrobe staples but do not know where to start, what to buy, or even how to expand your collection of coats. You may have also asked yourself these questions – “what kind of jacket should I buy?” and “how many sports jackets do I need?”. The answer to these questions will depend on your lifestyle and work-life; how often you desire to look snazzier in various settings; the culture and climate of your geographical area, and your personal style. 

With that in mind, listed below are the must-have fitted sports coats that are good for men to nail in various situations that will make their wardrobe well-rounded, but not bloated. Moreover, changing seasons demand different colors, materials, and styles in fitted sports coats and these sports coats below can help you in every season. 

Hopsack Fitted Sports Coats 

If you are left with one sport coat, what kind should you pick? Style experts recommend navy blazer as the core piece inside your wardrobe. But I disagree with it. Though navy blazers are very versatile and can make you look sharp, there are times that these types of coats seem not quite right in some professional or social settings, or can even make you feel not as good as you can by wearing other types of jackets – the hopsack fitted sports coats. 

When you are in a more casual setting, the hopsack sports coats are perfect because this wool coat keeps the feeling of breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and light experience. Due to its basket weave, it gives a coarser texture which is perfect for pairing with jeans for a sporty look. Moreover, the weave drapes your body well and will feel substantial so you can pair this with trousers or khakis if you want, or if it is your style preference. Furthermore, hopsack fitted sports coats is a 3-season piece, at the very least, and these can go all year round in various places. If you are up for a summer smart-casual getaway, the airy yet substantial weave will surely help you to dissipate heat; if you are at home during fall and spring, it’s still passable as well. 

When picking the color of this coat, brown is the best choice because it is neutral, versatile, and pairs well with various denim types. Another good option is gray which is very sleek and versatile as well. If you plan to wear khakis or trousers, you should opt for green hopsack fitted sports coats. Because of its functionality and style, you can find yourself wearing these types of coats from your travels or trips, conferences, company dinner, or date at night. 

Thick and Textured Fitted Sports Coats for Cold Weather 

Wearing hopsack fitted sports coats during winter is okay, but not ideal. The fabric is too light to keep you warm in long seasons and these will not complement the other heavyweight garments that you will be wearing during cold weather. Thus, a thin sport coat is not recommendable when pairing with thicker trousers, scarves, or sweaters. However, you can skip this if you live in a warmer climate where cold weather is not staying for too long. On the other hand, if you live in a cooler climate, you must invest in a thicker, textured, and climate-appropriate sport coat. Choose coats or jackets made from tweed or corduroy fabrics. These can give you the warmth during long cold seasons. 

Thin and Lightweight Fitted Sports Coats for Warm Weather 

This is the flip side of the above suggestion. You can wear hopsack fitted sports coats during summer but it is not also ideal because it is not widely considered as a summertime garment and your warm-weather coat could be even colder. It is better to have fitted sports coats that are made from lightweight materials, cotton blends, or open-weave cotton such as linen. If you want a looser, laid-back look in the summertime season, you must opt for softer, less structured, brighter colors and bolder patterns. Though you can opt for neutral colored sports coats, but during this hot season, you may want to explore something fun and out-of-the-box style. 

Navy Blazers 

Navy blazers are a good staple in your wardrobe. This type of coat is very versatile as well because you can wear this in more casual situations, semi-formal, and even in business professional settings for as long as you dress well from top to bottom. Blazer is technically not a sport coat after all but this is differentiated due to its sleeker, smoother, simpler, and more structured fit due to its wool fabric. Formality wise, blazer sits below the suit jacket level but above the sports jacket level. You can dress it up or dress it down as it encompasses a wide variety of dress codes and fashion styles. Blazers can come in many colors but the most traditional and most preferred one is the navy blue. You can wear your navy blazer all year round because it goes along with almost every outfit that you have in your wardrobe giving you a sharp and masculine look. 


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