Pastel Made To Measure Outfits For Spring

Pastels have been a massive fashion trend for the past few years. From blush pinks, petal blues, luscious lavender, and pale pineapples, pastels have created such a huge impact in the fashion industry because of their overall stylish feel. We’ve seen pastels dominating the industry and you probably think that all the rave will die soon and pastels will be forgotten. But whether we like it or not, pastels are here to stay and they’re as classic and trendy just like the color black.

Fashionistas, including influencers, have been mixing and matching these cool and muted shades with neutrals, and they have been creating completely well-rounded outfits that are perfect for everyday wear. Whether your sense of style is feminine, dainty, edgy, or preppy, pastels are a great option for your Springtime made to measure outfits.

Now that spring is in the air and we can feel the temperatures beginning to rise, we might as well opt for made to measure outfits that can make us feel refreshed, cool, and light–all because of its color palette.

Why Pastels Are Trendy made to measure outfits

Aside from pastels evoking youthfulness and springtime, these colors are defined by their low saturation and are often thought of as soothing and calming. Whenever we see these colors, we feel as if we’re floating in the clouds and everything just looks and feels vibrant. These shades are full of positive emotions and vibes, that everyone is falling in love with it.

Here are some of the reasons why pastels are trendy:

  • Pastels represent rejuvenation. Just like spring, pastels represent a renewed life and rejuvenation. When worn, it can easily give you a boost of energy and give you a sense of happiness towards the world. If you want colors that are happy but nothing too bold and too bright, pastels are definitely a good choice. They’re like the tiny flowers that bloom in the meadows or the clouds that hover by on a bright sunny day.
  • Pastels are on trend in any season. Whether you choose to wear pastels in summer, springtime, fall, or even winter, no one would judge you for it. These colors are irresistible and they can be showcased in different made to measure outfits that are fresh, trendy, and fun. What’s not to love about pastel colors? None!
  • If you love monochromatic, pastels are your besties. Imagine yourself wearing a full-on pastel in different shades mixed with some neutrals. It can be the most put-together made to measure outfits that you can ever pull off effortlessly.
  • Pastels can be flattering to all skin tones and hair colors. Compared to other color families, pastels can look great in a wide variety of skin tones and hair colors. It can easily make your skin look glowing and bring out your best features without looking washed out. It can even provide a nice backdrop for different hair highlights, whether they’re dark or light.
  • Pastels are sophisticated. Pastels aren’t just for kids and those who love unicorns. They can actually look sophisticated because of the quality of the color. These creamy ice cream colors are a perfect match for a lot of people especially if you need a stylish wardrobe in an instant.

How To Wear Pastels

Even though pastels can be very versatile, there are still foolproof options on how you can seamlessly wear pastels and incorporate them into your daily made to measure outfits. Here are some of the way that you can wear pastels:


Monochromatic looks with pastel can look very striking and elegant. While most would argue that it can get a little boring, it can actually be the other way around if you know how to mix and match your made to measure outfits. Take advantage of the full selection of these ice cream colors. Wear them in layers and different textures in order to sport an effortlessly elegant monochromatic ensemble.

Mixed Pastels

Don’t be afraid to mix pastels together if you want to create a soft yet bold look. Pastels will look coordinated together whatever pastel color you mix. As long as the colors you decide to wear looks pleasing to the eye, this can create a very unique and dated style. Limit your pastel mix to two at a time if you’re not feeling too adventurous.

Mix With Neutrals

Pastels will look amazing with neutrals. Not only does it balance the soft hues, but it can also create a nice contrast in your outfit. Add grays, whites, creams, or even light denim in order to create a striking made to measure outfits that isn’t full-on pastel.

Wear Your Pastels As Bottoms

If pastels scare you but you want to try it, you can always opt for pastel bottoms instead of tops. This way, you can still incorporate the trend onto your look without it being too overpowering. If you’re still afraid of adding pastels to your wardrobe, you can always start with a ratio of more neutrals and a few pastels in your accessories and garments.

Made To Measure Pastel Outfits

We know how great pastels are, so we made sure that Just 4 Unique has pastel options that can turn your wardrobe into this trendy ice cream palette trend.

String Hood Hoodies

Hoodies are nice and comfy. What makes them twice as amazing is that if you wear them as hoodies, they look laid back and very adorable, too! You can never go wrong when it comes to hoodies and sweaters. Go ahead and shop for your favorite pastel hoodie now!

made to measure outfits

Split Joint Mesh Pocket Shirts

Powder blues are very pleasing to the eye. The color easily reminds us of a clear sky during summer and spring. This color is perfect for any season and it is very timeless, too. No one is too old to wear powder blues! If you need long sleeves with adorable designs and details, this long-sleeved top is a great choice to add to your wishlist.


Pleated Tee Shirts

Muted greens look fresh especially when it is combined with white. The tone is very modern and soft, too. Mint green is also a versatile shade that can look great together with peach, baby blue, and a couple of neutral colors. Just like this mint green top, you can easily pair it with almost any neutral color in the spectrum. The mesh detailing is very dainty and it offers a very feminine touch to it.


Back Strap Tie One Piece Dress

Pineapple yellows remind us of sunflower fields and the summer sun. If anything, this is probably the happiest color that anyone could ever think of. It can even make you look youthful and blooming because the color shade can easily enhance your features effortlessly. This yellow dress has a really simple design that has a nice back detail. You can check it out on the link below. It is perfect for summer and spring, especially when you’re about to go on a vacation.


Basic Guide On How To Match Pastels With Your Skin Tone

Pastels will suit a lot of skin tones, but there are shades that can immediately help get your glow on. While this guide shouldn’t restrict you from wearing the pastel color that you like, you can use this as a cheat sheet if you want to make sure that you’re using these beautiful muted colors to its advantage.

Fair Skin

You probably think that you have hit jackpot because any pastel hue will look good on you. Whether its baby blues, cotton candy pinks, mint greens, and lilacs, you can actually rock these pastel shades with ease. All you have to do is balance out the muted look with slightly bolder makeup and accessories, there’s a slight chance that these colors will make you look washed out and pale if you don’t balance it out.

Medium Skin

Even if you have a cool tone or warm-toned skin, pastels will look good on you no matter what the shade is. You will look great in pinks, greens, and blues. You can even mix and match darker shades with pastels such as black and white if you feel like you need a solid color that can make the outfit look a little bolder.

Dark Skin

Pastels look amazing against dark skin. Especially buttery yellows, lavenders, creams, and aqua blues. Lighter hues can bring out the beauty of women who have darker skin effortlessly, which means that pastels are a great option if they want to look striking.

For The Love of Pastels

Some of you might think that investing on pastels isn’t a good thing since trends usually come and go. But for those who truly appreciate these colors in general, they would know that these are the colors that never get old. They’re as classic as the colors black and white and will forever be loved by the fashion world.

If you still don’t have any pastel made to measure clothes in your closet, then it is time to revamp your wardrobe and add a touch of soft colors to it.