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If you're color-shy, yellow can seem like a tough color to work with. It's vibrant and bold, and it's the color of the sun, so it doesn't exactly scream "subtle." But while it can be a bit overwhelming if you wear too much at once, yellow is actually an incredibly versatile color.

In fact, wearing yellow can be one of the best ways to bring out your inner sun goddess! But with so many shades of yellow at your fingertips, how do you decide which ones to buy? And how do you wear them well?

To help you make the most of this sunny color in your wardrobe, here are five suggestions for how to wear yellow in the best possible way:

1. Yellow is a great color for spring and summer—why not mix it with a blue tank top and some light orange sandals?

2. Wearing yellow can make you feel more confident on your first day at a new job, which is why so many people choose it as the color of their work wardrobe. Why not get ahead of the curve and wear a yellow tank top matching a dark blazer and a high-waisted pencil skirt?

3. You may be worried that wearing a

will make you look fat, or that wearing yellow shoes will make your feet look weird. But trust us: it'll all look great in yellow! It is not just about the color, it is more about how you wear it with confidence.

4. Wearing yellow can make those around you feel happier, which is great if you're trying to start a new relationship (or even just rekindle an old one). And we all know that happiness is the key to a cheerful life. It is true that yellow can uplift a mood as if it is radiating its bright color to make everyone's mood light.

5. Yellow lets everyone around you know that you're excited and enthusiastic about life, which is why so many people love seeing other people wear it! Try to pick a yellow romper in a floral print. Walk down the street and share the good vibe and confidence.

6. A yellow top with blue jeans looks fresh and bright for fall. Yellow looks great with denim and can make your legs look longer.

7. Yellow heels are a great alternative to red ones. Just go with a more muted yellow than you would for your top. Pair them with black or tan pants for the ultimate fall outfit.

8. Yellow and grey are complementary colors, so you can mix them together in any number of ways to create bolder outfits. Try a yellow top with a grey skirt! or rather you can pick a yellow knitted dress and pick your favorite half sleeve grey blazer. Complete your look with your favorite boots.

9. If you're looking for something a little less bold but still eye-catching, try pairing yellow shoes with darker neutrals—like brown or gray—instead of pairing them with brighter colors like purple or orange.

10. Brighten up your everyday look by wearing an accessory in a bright shade of yellow! You can enjoy this bright color by wearing it as your accessories instead. Pick a suit that will compliment the look that you are trying to achieve.

Why do we love to wear Yellow?

Wearing yellow makes us happy. It brightens up a winter day and makes us feel like it's summertime. It brings out the warmth in our cheeks and the brightness in our eyes

Yellow is flattering. Yellow is a great color to wear. Not only does it go well with black, brown, and other colors of your closet, but it's also flattering! The reason that yellow is flattering is that yellow makes you look skinnier. It's true: Yellow can slim down your appearance, making it seem like you have a smaller waist than you actually do.

Yellow improves our mood. The hue of the season comes from the fact that the sun is close to the horizon, so its light is less intense. When you see a yellow light, your brain interprets it as being closer than other colors' light. You feel comforted by a color that's physically closer than others, and your mood improves.

Yellow exudes elegance. If you're trying to put together an elegant outfit, yellow is the color for you. It's not the most popular shade in the world of clothes and accessories, but it does reflect elegance in a sense of fashion that's different from what you'd expect.

What color do you associate with elegance? Probably black, right? Black is a great color that can be paired with just about any other shade, so it's widely used in formal settings. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, yellow might be the way to go.

Yellow is effortlessly fancy. While yellow is heavy on the eyes, it's a color that has a lot of versatility and impact. In terms of clothing, yellow reflects elegance in the sense of fashion. It is considered to be a fancy color when it comes to dressing up.

Yellow accessories can provide you with a bright pop of color, especially if you're into wearing darker colors. It makes for a great accent piece since it will really stand out against your other outfits.

If you wear yellow regularly, keep in mind that there are some shades that work better than others. Bright, neon shades tend to look tacky and too bold for most people. If you're looking to incorporate this color into your wardrobe without going overboard, stick to more subdued shades such as buttery yellows or pale lemon-yellows.

Color is a powerful thing. It can make us happy and sad, energetic or calm. When we love color, it becomes tied to our mood and personality.

The truth is, there is no right or wrong when selecting a color to wear. It's all about how YOU want to feel while wearing it. And in the end, you'll always look fabulous and awesome.