Denim Care Guide How to Take Care of Jeans

Is denim jeans an important part of your wardrobe collection? Most men and women always have a one, two, or more piece of this in their closet not only because it is easy to wear but also very versatile. Because the best denim is an investment, it makes sense to take care of it.
Here are some of our best suggestions for extending the life of your denim and keeping it looking new:

Wear Your Jeans Properly
They should fit exactly around your waist without the need for a belt, just like the rest of your jeans. Jeans have a lower waist than suit pants, therefore the waist of the jeans should be somewhere between mid and upper hips absolutely nothing below that.
Grasp the waistline and pull up. Never pull up or tighten your jeans by yanking on the belt loops unless you're willing to sew them back together if they tear. Rather, use the waistline to pull up, which is considerably more powerful.

Do Spot Cleaning
When you can remove minor stains with a wet cloth or even an old toothbrush and mild soap, don’t include your jeans in a load of laundry. Spot cleaning is quick and easy, and it maintains your jeans in fantastic shape. By avoiding washing, you'll be able to retain the fit you love.
Wash Your Jeans Correctly

Wash Your Jeans Correctly

Pre-washing tip - You may really adjust the dye to reduce the risks of fading, whether you want slim-fit or straight-leg jeans. Give them a long soak (anything from an hour to overnight) in cold water combined with a cup of vinegar and a couple of tablespoons of salt before you wash them for the first time. Make sure you flip them inside out first, as you'll need to wash them afterward.

Wash them less - The majority of us wash our clothing far more frequently than is required. Allow your jeans to air out before re-hanging them, mist them with a fabric refresher every now and again, and only wash them when they're truly dirty.

Wash your jeans from the inside out - It's an abrasion issue once more. Nothing should be rubbing the dark color off. Also, make sure to wash all of your dark jeans together to preserve their color. Use the vinegar to keep the color from fading, add some to the rinse every time. Don’t worry your jeans won’t smell like a pickle.

Wash them using the washing machine - Choose the coldest water option and set your washing machine to the mild or delicate cycle, depending on your machine. Allow the cycle to run after adding a tiny amount of detergent.

Wash them through hand wash - Hand-washing your jeans is a preferable alternative since it reduces the harm that a washing machine may do while also eliminating dirt, grease, and odor.

Wash them in cold water - Make sure you're not washing your jeans at too high a temperature; the optimal temperature is 30°C. Heat can cause fading or damage to your jeans over time. The color you like will last longer if you use cold water. Washing in cold water helps to prevent fading and shrinkage. To keep the indigo color, turn your jeans inside out and avoid stronger soaps. Coldwater also saves electricity, which is beneficial to your jeans, wallet, and the environment.

Use Mild Soap - With the correct detergent, you can keep the color of your beloved jeans. Because many detergents are concentrated, you only need a small amount. Some are even smarter, having a pump to ensure that you don't use too much. And the majority of them are designed to clean and preserve the color of your garments in cold water. An extra minute in the laundry aisle will be well worth it if it means preserving the genuine blue of your pants for as long as possible.

Specially designed denim washes that aid keeps the color in are available in Japan. Closer to home, The Worker's Club has developed its own Sea Salt Denim Wash. It's soft and keeps the color in place.

Dry Them in the Natural Way (With Nature)
Have you ever wondered where your jean’s lint comes from? It's the result of your clothing deteriorating in the dryer. Because dryers are the natural enemy of jeans, choosing a breezier alternative makes sense. To assist retain the fit and minimizing any shrinking or fabric warping, hang them to dry. A foldable clothing rack is ideal if you live in an apartment. To avoid fading and guarantee that the inner pockets dry, turn them inside out and out of the sun. Hang drying is also a cost-effective option.

Proper Storing Your Jeans
By file folding your jeans make sure that the pocket side is creased up so that you can tell which pair is whose without having to pull them out.
Fold your jeans in half lengthwise to do this. Grab the hem at the bottom and fold it up to the waistline. Fold up from the bottom and repeat the operation twice more. File folders can be stored vertically in drawers.

Store your jeans in a method that you know you'll be able to keep up with. That is not the best answer if you are not adept at placing jeans back on hangers! Instead, keep them in your drawers. Before putting your pairs away, spray them with Fabric Fresh Classic to get rid of smells.

To make it easier to choose, sort jeans by style and then by color within each style. It's far too simple to accumulate a huge denim collection in a variety of styles and sizes that you may no longer like or require. Purge mercilessly to ensure that you only maintain the pairings that you adore and that make you happy!