Fashion Tips: 15 Ways To Wear A Scarf

How to wear a scarf? That's a hard question but don't worry, ladies, since we've compiled a list of ways to wear a scarf. You can now experiment with numerous scarf tying styles to elevate your present look.
The scarf is a fashionable accessory that everyone enjoys wearing, if you are looking to level up your style and be like a fashionmonger you are on the right page. Check below the list of fashion tips to wear a scarf on a different level.

1. The Drape Scarf
The Drape scarf is more about fashion than practicality. You don't tie the scarf, but it's a terrific way to give a splash of color to your boring outerwear while drawing attention to your fashion statement.
When the weather is cool but not cold, a scarf drape is ideal. Like the name says, simply wrap the scarf around your neck, equal lengths on each side, and don't tie it, and you're ready to go. The scarf draping works best with a scarf that is short to medium length.

2. The Loof Scarf
It's a favorite because it's simple to make and looks great! Twist the scarf in half. Bring both ends to the front and place them behind your neck. Pass the stray ends through the loop.
A simple round neck or v-neck short sleeve tee and skinny jeans will make this loof scarf look extra stylish perfect for a casual look.

3. The Braid Scarf
Place the scarf over your neck, folded in half. Pull the scarf's loose ends through the loop, being careful not to tighten it too much. Twist the loop and bring the loose ends through the loop one more. Keep bringing the ends through while twisting the loop with one hand until you get out of a scarf.
This will look great if you do it with bold printed colored scarf pair with simple white short sleeve tee pair with ripped skinny jeans or cropped jeans.

4. The Cowl Scarf
Wrap your scarf around your neck in such a way that one end is significantly shorter than the other. Wrap the long end twice around your neck and tuck the loose ends in. If you're wearing a fringed scarf, make sure some of the fringes hang down in front. Adjust the loops till you're happy with the loudness.

5. The Celeb Knot Scarf
Wrap the scarf around your neck and wrap one end around your back. Make a loose half knot with the two scarf corners.

6. The Preppy Neck Tie
Wrap one end of the scarf around your neck longer than the other. Twice around your neck, loop the long end. With the ends, tie an off-center half knot.

7. The Infinity Scarf
Tie two corners of the scarf together and drape it around your neck. To make the look of an infinity scarf, make a loop with the knot and wrap it around your neck.
8. The Side Knot Scarf
Wrap the scarf around your neck by crossing one side over the other. Gather a piece of the scarf into a loop with your right hand. Wrap the left side around the loop and down through the hole, somewhat like tying your shoelaces. Fasten the knot and rotate the scarf to center the bow on your shoulder.

9. The Classy Knot Scarf
To make a long, skinny rectangle, fold the scarf into a triangle, then fold the middle portion two more times over itself. Tie a knot in the scarf and wrap it over your neck. Adjust the knot to the desired height.
With your favorite scarf knotted in a stylish knot, your simple office or leisure clothing will be simple but unique to everyone.

10. The Kimono Scarf
This is a wrap in a little more evolved form, it is also called a knotted shawl. Wrap the scarf around your shoulders like a shawl and tie the ends in a half knot at the back. Pull the ends up high on your back and tighten them. To hide the ends of the scarf, pull the fabric down.
A chic dress will make this kimono scarf tie extra unique and stylish, it will add some aesthetic to the statement and will be the best pair of your fave doll shoes.

11. Twisted Turtleneck Scarf
Wrap it firmly for a turtleneck effect, or loosely for a more casual style. It looks extra unique unlike the other tying style but it will make your statement attention focus.

12. Slouchy Turtleneck Scarf
Wrap the scarf around your neck evenly. Wrap one end of the scarf over your neck, then the other ends of the scarf around your neck. Tuck the loose ends of the scarf inside the scarf

13. Twice Around Scarf
The Twice Around scarf knot is the greatest choice for cold weather, but it is much easier to tie. It will work best if you use a longer scarf this time.
Drape the scarf over your neck, one end being significantly longer than the other. Wrap the long end of the scarf over your neck, then repeat the process, this time bringing it around your neck twice. This is another knot in which the scarf is not actually tied. If required, adjust the scarf to completely cover your neck.

14. Fake Knot Scarf
Wrap the scarf around your neck, one end slightly longer than the other. Pull the long end of the scarf behind and around itself to make a loop, then draw the other end down and through the loop. To tie the knot, bring the opposite end of the scarf down and into the loop as well. By carefully pulling on each end of the scarf while sliding the knot up your neck, you can bring it up to your neck.

15. The Head Wrap Scarf
Begin by folding the oblong scarf in half to make a headscarf. Place it over your head, centering it on your brow. To secure the knot, tie a half knot in the rear.