How to Style an Oversized T-Shirt

Every snappy dresser has a piece, two, or more of an oversized t-shirt on their closet. It is a very common and versatile piece of every women's closet that is easy and very comfy to wear. This simple wardrobe essential can appear laid-back and casually stylish when worn appropriately.
How to style an oversized t-shirt? Continue reading to learn how to dress your oversized t-shirts in a variety of ways!

Oversized T-shirt Wear as a Tucked in T-shirt

It's amazing how much difference tucked-in clothes can make to your entire style. This look is best worn with high-waisted jeans, shorts, or a skirt since tucking the t-shirt in draws attention to the waist. It offers the appearance of a smaller waist and thinner figure without sacrificing comfort. Tucking in an oversized shirt lengthens your legs and gives you an hourglass figure.
Some basic styles for these tips are the following:
1. Oversized T-shirt tucked in with high waist jeans
2. Oversized T-shirt tucked in with denim mini skirts
3. Oversized T-shirt tucked in with high-waist denim shorts
4. Oversized T-shirt tucked in with leggings
5. Oversized T-shirt tucked in with trouser

Wear Oversized T-shirt as a Dress

One best thing about oversized t-shirts is that if they're long enough, they can even be worn as a dress, it is called an oversized t-shirt dress that you can wear as a casual street look.
Knee-high boots and leather jackets are two of the most popular styles for autumn and winter 2021, and these pieces may be worn with oversized t-shirts to create a stylish combination.

Oversized T-shirt Wear as a Cropped Tee

A simple knot may transform an oversized shirt into a cropped top. You surely have seen this style worn by many K-pop female stars in Korea, and it is garnering more attention throughout the world when Jennie, a member of the world's most famous female k-pop group BlackPink, wore one at an event.
This is a wonderful technique to turn an oversized t-shirt into a top that highlights your waist, especially for women. You may tie the t-shirt in the back, making it appear even more like a standard cropped top, in addition to knotting it at the front.

Oversized T-shirt Wear as Half Tucked T-shirt or French Tuck
Are you undecided about whether or not to tuck your oversized t-shirt in? There's no need to be concerned because there's a half-tuck!
A half-tucked shirt is referred to as a French tuck. The half-tuck entails tucking in only half of your oversized t-shirt to your bottom wear. It's generally the front part, with the rear left open. It's simpler to get this look by first putting on your pants and then tucking the front portion of your shirt over the zipper on your bottom wear. Two palm widths across the front of the jeans, shorts, or skirts are generally the ideal amount to tuck in. It is not necessary to make it flawless because it is a casual style.
This half-tucked ensemble is more casual elegant, blending the ease of an untucked look with the chicness of a tucked fashion style.

Classic Wear of Oversized T-Shirt

When oversized t-shirts are discussed, this is the first thing that springs to mind on how to wear them, tucked out!
The appeal of large shirts is due in part to their comfort, so it's no wonder that they're frequently worn as is. The oversized t-shirt may be worn with loose jeans or wide-leg shorts for a more city yet comfy look.

Oversized T-shirt Wear with Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are also particularly attractive when worn with oversized t-shirts. Tuck your oversized t-shirt into a charming mini skirt for a simple summer style. Finish with white sneakers, sunglasses, and a sling bag. When wearing A-line skirts, you may keep the flattering silhouette by tucking the loose t-shirt in or untucking it.

Layer Oversized T-shirt in a slim-fit Top or Tulle Dress

While it comes to layering, don't overlook the stunning look the oversized t-shirt can create for your ensemble. This piece, when worn over a fitted top, may add a unique twist to your layering.
To make your outfit seem more unified, select items that are similar in color. You can wear a slim-fit turtleneck under your oversized t-shirt paired with comfy trousers and ankle boots.
By layering your oversized t-shirt over a cotton candy-colored transparent tulle dress, you can give this closet classic a dainty and feminine touch.

Oversized T-shirt Wear with Bike Shorts

Are you a fan of Kim Kardashian? If you answered yes, you've undoubtedly seen this large t-shirt paired with cycling shorts for quite some time. Simply wear a pair of black cycling shorts and an oversized t-shirt with chain necklaces and a slicked-back hairdo to complete the look.
If you want to test out the new athleisure style but aren't sure what to wear with it, the ever-reliable oversized T-shirt is the answer. You won't have to hide your stomach or feel self-conscious about having a camel toe. You'll be able to cover up them behind your oversized tee.

Oversized T-Shirt Under Oversized Suit

Want to wear your comfy oversized t-shirt to the office? Problem solve! Add a blazer to your oversized t-shirt to make it work-appropriate. It is a very smart and professional ensemble for most city girls. You can finish your ensemble with pointed high-heels for a fashionable fashion statement. Make your statement extra stylish by adding accessories like a bracelet, watch, or earrings to look chic.