Summer Style for Men and Women

Just4Unique Bespoke Clothing Guide to Summer Style for Men & Women
Getting ready for the summer season? You are on the right page because we will talk about some very useful tips to be stylish. Get your hopes up because after you read this article your summer style will look unique and very stunning.

How to Dress-Up for Summer Season? Check below our top 5 tips to stay cool and high-fashion during this hot summer season.

1. Look for the Best Fabrics for Summer Clothes
There are many styles to choose from when it comes to summer trends bespoke clothes, but to ensure that it is the best for summer, you must choose summer style clothes that are manufactured with fabric that is ideal for the hot summer season.

How do you tell if a cloth is ideal for summer? Summer fabrics will be lighter and have looser weaves to allow heat to escape and keep you cool. Although there are undoubtedly hundreds of different fabrics, blends, and weaves to choose from, here are some of the more typical summer materials to keep an eye out for.

Linen Fabric
Linen is a fabric created from extremely fine fibers obtained from the flax plant and is best characterized as a fabric made from very fine fibers derived from the flax plant. These fibers are removed with care, spun into yarn, and woven into long sheets of soft, long-lasting linen cloth.
Linen is firm as a fabric, which is why it does not cling to your skin. The fabric dries fast thanks to the wind. Not only is linen a superb heat conductor, but it is also quite absorbent. It absorbs and dries all moisture faster than other textiles.

Cotton Fabric
Cotton fabric is one of the most popular types of textile around the world. It's made from the fibers that enclose the seeds of cotton plants, which emerge in a round, fluffy shape once they've matured. Cotton is a breathable and adaptable staple fiber with a soft, fluffy texture.
Cotton is an excellent fabric for summer and hot weather. It's not only cheap and easy to find, but it also works well in hot temperatures. Cotton is a breathable, soft fabric that absorbs perspiration and enables heat to exit the body, helping you to stay cool.

Lightweight Wool
Summer weight wool, often known as tropical wool, is a lightweight wool. Because it has greater gaps in the weave than other wools, it may be classed as lightweight. This makes the cloth airier and more breathable.
The lightweight wool is knitted loosely but securely, and it hangs wonderfully. Wool keeps a layer of dry air near to the skin by absorbing sweat into the center of its fiber. This implies that wool helps to keep your body warm in the winter and cools you down in the summer.
Synthetic Fiber
Synthetic fiber is a type of man-made textile fiber that is formed completely of chemical compounds, as opposed to natural fibers like cellulose or protein. Another great fabric for staying cool in the summer is rayon. It's a synthetic fabric created from wood pulp, cellulose, cotton, and other natural fibers.

Blended fabric
Blended textiles are woven or knitted from yarns that are created by combining two or more fibers before spinning them into yarn.
Tencel blended with cotton or Tencel blended with linen are some best blended fabrics to wear during summer.

2. Choose to Wear Light-Colored Bespoke Clothes
Colors are the key to summer style (black is a no-no), and colorful bespoke clothes will not only keep you cool but also makes you look more fashionable. Light color clothes also provide a sense of enthusiasm and vibrancy to your mood, which is ideal for the summer season.
The best color for summer outfits for women are the following:
● White
● Turquoise
● Khaki
● Fuchsia
● Yellow
● Red
● Blush Pink
● Burnt Orange
● Blue
● Beige

3. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes (Flowy Tops, Dresses, Shorts, Skirts, and etc.)
Flowy clothing is ideal for summer not only because it is fashionable but also because it is really comfy. Summer is hot, and wearing tight-fitting clothing will make both you and your clothes sweat.
Summer necessitates light, airy textiles that float in the breeze. Instead of skin-tight clothes, wear flowing pieces to give off a comfortable summer feel. Summer trends bespoke clothes are commonly made of light cotton, silk, chiffon, lace, and crochet.
Denim is one of the heaviest materials, therefore avoid it. If you're wearing stretch or slim jeans, they could be a little too toasty for your summer look.
Dresses should be worn more often since they are a comfortable and easy alternative for days when you don't know what to wear. Summer is the ideal season to wear a mini dress, and midi dress, and a maxi dress for parties and even beaches.

4. Add Summer Accessories
Accessories will serve to boost your basic look during the summer and other seasons. The flexible accessory that you should have in your outfit is the hat and scarf (For Scarf choose made in silk scarves).

Not only will a hat and scarf look great this summer, but they will help shield your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun's damaging rays.

Trendy Hats in Summer:
Baseball Hat
Straw Hat
Bucket Hats

Avoid wearing a lot of hanging necklaces or bangles since they might adhere to your skin in the heat. However, if you absolutely want to wear one, make sure it's clean and not over. Also, choose earth tones jewelry. Look for blues, gold, turquoise, pink, brown, green, or even vividly patterned cotton bangles in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

5. Tie Your Hair
If you have long and un behaves hair during your beach outing you can choose to tie it throughout the summer. Wear your hair in a braid, ponytail, or bun that will complement your outfit and the summer ensemble you have will look extra chic.