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During the wedding preparations, the bride's items (such as the bridal gown, wedding shoes, bride's make-up, and so on) are frequently discussed. However, the bride is not the only one who will walk down the aisle; the groom's presence is equally significant on this special occasion. While we love it when guys wear a bright color or a bold design on their wedding day, most grooms prefer to wear something classic. That's why we've compiled a list of the most tried-and-true color schemes for grooms and groomsmen.

Each of these color lists is always fashionable. Let's take a deeper look at the best groom suit colorsfor grooms without further hesitation!

The Best Bespoke Groom Suit Colors

The Classic Black Bespoke Suit

Without discussing the iconic black suit or tuxedo, we couldn't talk about the greatest suit colors for grooms! Short of a tux, black suits are the most formal groom suit choice of all time. This bespoke clothes design is universally attractive and gives a wedding a great feeling of refinement and grandeur. However, we only recommend them for twilight or winter weddings because they're a tad harsh for a wedding. If you opt to wear a black suit, attempt to incorporate a little more color than just black and white.

The Classic White Bespoke Suit

While your guests should not wear anything that looks like white to your wedding, there is no law that states the groom cannot wear white as well. White is a typical wedding color for women, but grooms seldom select this color to contrast with the bride and make her stand out. Nonetheless, white is a terrific choice for the groom, and it’s not just about white ties and shirts or pants but about a whole suit.

Elegant Blue Series: (Blue, Navy Blue) Bespoke Suit

For a vibrant style, blue or navy suitsare the ideal option for the most modern grooms. Blues tend to bring out the best in the colors you combine them with, bringing out the finest in every detail your suit has.

The suit is the sophisticated modern and striking color of the suit, making it an excellent choice for an evening wedding in the spring or summer. You can get away with wearing a blue suit throughout the day in the autumn season, but you should definitely avoid the vest.

Classic blue suits that are in a dark fabric works nicely for evening weddings in the summer and fall season. In the winter, you may also wear a navy suit for a daytime wedding because the darker hue is more comfortable on a cool day than on a hot one. In comparison to other dark-colored suits, navy's rich blue tones will soften your appearance the most of every wearer.

Smart Gray Bespoke Suit

For a casual wedding, a traditional grey suit is usually a safe yet stylish option, and it can be personalized with the correct accessories depending on the season. A classic blue suit with a fresh white button-down is also a good option. Since there are so many ways to wear a grey groom’s suit, it looks great no matter what season or time of day your wedding is. If you're having a formal wedding, though, light grey is one of the most informal colors for groom attire, so choose a darker shade.

Casual Tan Bespoke Suit

Because the tan or beige suit is so casual, it's an excellent choice for daytime. Although a tan suit may not be appropriate for a traditional wedding, it would be ideal for nuptials on a tropical beach theme wedding.

Marsala Bespoke Suit

Regardless of the shade of red you choose, the dramatic choice of color will create an indelible impact. When you wear a suit in the shade of marsala, maroon, or burgundy, romanticism will fill the air and the photograph.

Blush Bespoke Suit

Pink wedding suits are equally as suitable for formal occasions as blue, black, tan, and gray suits. What may be stated about guys who wear blush if genuine men wear pink? It takes courage to wear a gentle hue like this, but when worn with the confidence and charm of a leading man, it will leave your future bride speechless.

Lively Orange Bespoke Suit

Clean lines and a traditional vibrant burst color characterize the orange suit. Bright orange was a great choice to complement the fresh energy and brilliant blooms of weddings, however, make sure to complement your bride’s theme. The groomsmen and reception style were all in neutral colors, which helped the newlyweds stand out in the images.

Mauve Bespoke Suit

Groom looks good in this color, especially if he's accompanied by his wife. Don't be scared to take a risk, you could find yourself asking why more grooms haven't discovered this delicate but debonair look of this color.

Nature Inspired Olive Green Bespoke Suit
An attractive olive green suit would go well with the fresh vegetation and the wonderful outdoors. Your finest accessory for pulling off this look and enjoying the day in style will be confidence. This hue looks especially good when it's coupled with classic neutrals for the groom's tie and waistcoat.

Bonus Groom Bespoke Suit Idea:

Navy and Blue Check

Pair a blue check with a dark navy for a stylish yet understated check grooms wear style. This is a simple one to dress your wedding party in - if you go with a check jacket and a blue waistcoat, they'll look wonderful on the other side!

Black and Grey Combination Bespoke Suit

The combination of traditional black and soft grey gives a classy style that complements most wedding color palettes, making it a more casual way to wear black on the big day.

Beige and Blue Combination Bespoke Suit

A beige and blue suit, which is especially well-suited to spring and summer weddings, gives a light, breezy style that pairs nicely with pastel flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and/or décor.

Navy and Blue Combination Bespoke Suit

That's easy to understand why blues are such a popular choice for grooms; it's nearly difficult to go wrong with this style! Using two or more complementary colors of blue to create a crisp yet relaxed groom’s wear style is a definite method to do it.

Black and Burgundy Combination Bespoke Suit

We adore wine and burgundy colors mixed with basic black for a unique black-tie style. If there are rich, fall oranges or wintery reds elsewhere in the event, like as in the bridal party, florals, or decor, this one works really nicely.