man wearing custom suit

We are sure as a snappy dresser you've seen different types of suit styles, but what is it that characterizes them? A suit typically consists of a jacket and trousers, although it can now include comprising a coat and a pair of suit pants. A vest worn below the jacket and over top of a formal shirt completes the look of a three-piece suit.

A man's suit is without a doubt the most adaptable and generally appreciated piece of bespoke clothing of each men’s wardrobe. There aren't many situations when a well-made bespoke suit is inappropriate. The suit may quickly become the foundation of any man's style when worn with confidence and a little fashion expertise. However, not many guys understand how to select a bespoke suit that will flatter their form and make them feel more comfortable, which is why Just4unique prepared this guide to help men find a better bespoke suit for themselves.

Below we elaborate on every type of suit and where it is best to wear so keep your mouse scrolling and show the world how your style will elevate!

Bespoke Slim Fit Suit

The slim fit suit has a narrow cut with little surplus fabric, resulting in a tighter fit that is both more contemporary and flattering to the wearer's figure than conventional fit suits. Thin fit suits are best for individuals with slim bodies, but any guy may look fine in one if he chooses the proper size. Whether this is your first suit or you just want to get the greatest slim fit suit available, following a few easy guidelines will make your buying experience much smoother. Younger men favor the bespoke slim-fit suit because of its figure-hugging shape, which might look a little casual at times.

Bespoke Classic Fit Suit

The conventional or American cut is another name for a classic fit suit. It is distinguished by the comfort it provides and the ease with which it may be worn.

These types of bespoke suits have a roomy cut at the waist and chest region. In general, this cutting method is responsible for the ability to move freely and with minimal restriction of bodily mobility. Classic fit suits are generally favored by men who work in a fast-paced, corporate atmosphere due to their ease of movement and comfort.

Bespoke Shawl Lapel Suit

A shawl lapel is precisely that - a shawl. It is one of the most elegant lapel patterns for a jacket. That is, there is no notch or peak in the lapel; instead, it is a continuous strip of cloth that runs from lapel to collar to a lapel, tapering off just as it reaches the button closure.

The bespoke shawl lapel suit collar is often made of satin or grosgrain, which contrasts somewhat with the jacket fabric. The lapel is often black, however, this is not always the case.

Bespoke Notch Lapel Suit

The notched is made by stitching a jacket's or coat’s lapel at an angle to the garment's collar, making a triangle between the two. It can be any size; when it's very small, it's called a fishmouth. On most single-breasted suits and blazers, this is the standard lapel. This lapel shape is timeless and can be worn with anything from a smart-casual look to a formal tailored business suit.

Bespoke Peak Lapel Suit

The tip of the lapel points upwards, standing proud from the collar, in a peak lapel suit. It's more formal, and it's most often seen on double-breasted and dinner coats. On a double-breasted custom suit, the peak lapel is most prevalent.

When you're looking for something a little more formal and edgy It's a more flamboyant appearance that exudes a bit more swagger. Wear it when you're in charge of a meeting at work or when you're getting married.

Bespoke Modern Fit Suit

The term "contemporary fit" refers to a suit cut that has been precisely trimmed. It's distinguished by a body-hugging fit and higher armholes than a regular suit. This design allows for full-body movement and comfort. The contemporary fit suit, like the slimmer suits, has a tidy silhouette, a powerful body form, and a crisp overall look. As a result, it's made to accommodate a larger range of body shapes than the slim and classic fits.

Bespoke Single Breasted Suit

A coat, jacket, vest, or other similar items with one column of buttons and a tiny overlap of cloth is known as a single-breasted garment. Among men's bespoke suit styles, the single-breasted suit is the most common. One of the easiest ways to detect one is to search for one, two, or three buttons along the seam, or simply watch what 99 percent of professional guys wear to work every day. A single-breasted suit gives the impression of being slimmer and tighter due to the single row of buttons.

When wearing a one-button suit, button it when standing and unbutton it when sitting. You should button the top button when standing, unbutton it when sitting, and never fasten the lowest button on a two-button suit. The top button is optional while wearing a rare three-button suit, but the middle button is always secured, and the lower button is never fastened. Single-breasted suits may look terrific on a variety of men's body shapes.

Bespoke Double-breasted Suit

For aesthetic purposes, the double-breasted suit has extra buttons on either side of the jacket. The number of buttons of bespoke double-breasted suits ranges from four and eight, with six being the most frequent. The emphasis point shifts away from the seam and toward the sides as a result of the extra buttons, giving the impression of a broader frame. Whether such visual illusions are advantageous depends on body shape; stockier guys are probably better off sticking to a single-breasted suit.

When you wear a custom-tailored double-breasted suit, your waist seems to be narrower. The wide peak lapels expand the chest and attract the eye upward, giving you the appearance of being taller than you are. The double-breasted suit's structure provides a formal touch, making it ideal for formal situations.