Halloween is just around the corner, and it's a day when kids and adults alike dress up and gorge themselves on candy and goodies. Because of the epidemic, most people are celebrating this special occasion at home this time of year, however, this should not be an excuse to not dress up and enjoy the occasion.
Just4unique has put up a list of Halloween saving ideas to help you get a unique and terrifying stylish Halloween costume at a minimal cost. Check it out right now and you'll be one of the top spooky fashionistas around!

1. Create a list of costumes that you want to wear and make a budget
Make a list of possible costumes for Halloween and then create a budget for Halloween, just as you would for Easter, Christmas, birthday party, anniversary, and more.
As much as possible it is recommended to include your entire family in creating and the list up to buying the costumes. Instead of choosing costumes for your children, set a budget for them. Then let them go find and buy the costume they dream and want to wear. Instead of being dissatisfied by the choices you make for them, they will have the freedom to select their own Halloween costume, in that way you can make them create a special occasion while teaching them to become more independent.

2. Create your own Halloween costume from what clothes you already have in your closet

Be resourceful and you'll save a lot of money! Most fashionistas, and even ordinary people, have items in their closets that may easily be changed into Halloween costumes, all you have to do is learn how to assemble them. You will no longer need to go to a costume shop or visit an online store to get one using this.
The following are some Halloween costume ideas that you can make with your current collection:

● To look like a ghost, wear a white and incredibly long flowy maxi dress.
● To look like a 90s rock band, wear tattered jeans and warm flannel.
● To look like a cowboy or country singer, wear a red bandana with a chambray or denim shirt.
● To look like a doll, put on all-pink clothing.
● To look like one of the athletes, Kids' sports outfits or equipment may simply be transformed into one.

3. Swap your old Halloween costume with your friends old one
It is not common to wear the same Halloween costume in the consecutive year you celebrated it, so it is given that after you have worn your Halloween custom last year it is most likely to end up in the closet for a long period of time and never be worn again unless your younger sibling borrows it.
With this, it is better and very recommended to just swap with your friends or family member old Halloween customs than buying a new one (unless if your dream Halloween costume is a new style)

4. Sell your last year Halloween costume and buy a new one
If you don't want to keep your last year's costume, sell it to raise funds for this year's new Halloween costume. You can't charge the whole purchase amount, but depending on the state of the costume, you can get anywhere from 20% to 50% back (not bad right!). Many other thrifty shoppers would jump at the chance to get a bargain on something you or your child only worn once.
You may sell your old Halloween costume to friends and family members or at a consignment store online or a local consignment shop.

5. Buy at the nearest consignment store or local consignment sale

Consignment stores generally offer a wide selection of gently worn costumes, but they also frequently have costumes with the original tags still attached but sell them at the lowest price.
If you already have a piece of a costume, this is an excellent place to look for accessories to add to your existing Halloween costume to make it more unique and trendy. Consignment shops are an excellent source for different products, so what are you waiting for, shop now!

6. When shopping for a Halloween costume look also in the other aisle

Costumes are the most expensive piece that you are buying during of the Halloween celebrations aside from decorations since they appeal to both children and adults. Unfortunately, retailers are aware of this, so when a special event approaches, prices rise. However, if you leave the Halloween aisle, you may frequently find bargains on costumes in other sections of the shop.
It's also a good idea to shop for your next Halloween costume 4 to 5 months before the holiday; this way, the cost of the costume will be considerably lower than it would be around Halloween.

7. Borrow or reuse the Halloween costumes of friends or sibling

Borrowing or repurposing an old Halloween costume from a friend or older sibling is the most cost-effective way to have a fresh yet attractive Halloween outfit. If you don't want to sell the old outfit, your younger siblings or friends can still make it their own. To make an old outfit feel new, replace the wig or get a different pair of shoes.

8. Shop on store or online store shop that offers a discount for Halloween

After Halloween, costumes and other Halloween products are heavily discounted to make room for seasonal merchandise. If you buy now and put it save for next year, you may save up to 50%. Also, while you're out shopping, pick yourself some inexpensive packages of wrapped Halloween sweets to freeze for later use.

9. Do your own Halloween make-up

Make your own face paint for Halloween night if you're thinking about it. Many store-bought face paints include poisonous compounds that, once rinsed off, are detrimental to both you and the environment. If you don't know-how, go to YouTube and look for any Halloween make-up tutorials, you can do it for yourself as well as your family and friends.

10. Use reusable profs from your own home

Plastic pumpkins are typically inexpensive, which means they won't survive long. Alternatively, pick for something from your homes, such as tote bags or pillows, to transport your gifts. A pillowcase is larger, and there is no waste of plastic.