A man wearing a printed oversized t-shirt.

One of the best on-the-go OOTD this summer, spring, autumn, and the winter season, the oversize t-shirts are exactly what you need to stay comfortable yet stylish. For millennials and gen-z this is a staple fashion statement piece in their closet.

Oversized t-shirts are a great way for fashionistas or someone that wants to look good but are not into fashion to express themselves while staying comfortable. Oversized t-shirts can be dressed in a variety of ways so you can have a wide option for your look day and night. Loose and breezy pieces and oversized t-shirts are now considered a fashion standard for every fashionista in this modern day.

Below we've compiled a lengthy list of oversized t-shirts statements styles for you. Continue scrolling down to discover some fashion tips on how to wear and style an oversized t-shirt to help you build a show-stopping fashion statement.

Printed Oversized T-Shirts

A man wearing a black cap and shades over his head, a white smile face oversized t-shirt, and black pants with side chain accesories.

Oversized printed t-shirts are a popular trend on social media nowadays from youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Every influencer has this staple piece in their closet now. They look fantastic with other casualwear staples like light blue jeans and shorts. To seal in that artful appeal, tuck them in and belt it all up for good effect.

Oversized Shirts in a Minimalist Style

An oversize t-shirt with a simple one-liner reflecting that minimalist spirit, a pair of vintage-wash types of denim, conventional yet durable sneakers, and an eco-friendly shopping bag are all acceptable materials for integrating a minimalist subculture into the oversized t-shirt trend.

Matching Oversized T-Shirt and Bottom Wear (Pants or Trousers, Shorts, & Skirts)

A short hair woman stretching her legs up wearing a black oversized printed t-shirt and shorts.

Who doesn’t have a matching set on their collection of clothes in their own closet? No one right? Whether you like sneakers or slip-on loafers, a breezy loose oversized shirt paired with matching pants or trousers, shorts, or sneaker is a staple on-the-go chic piece for every fashionista out there.

Classic Button-Down Collared Oversized Shirt and Jeans

A woman wearing a headscarf, shades, a white button-up long sleeve shirt, and jeans sitting at the sportscar.

When it comes to varied combos, nothing beats a traditional, oversized button-down shirt and jeans. Leave some part of your shirt buttons undone, especially on your cuffs to look like you are not prepared to style up even though you are. Whether you go for boots, sneakers, or heels to finish the outfit, they're all appropriate choices for a brunch meeting, date night, or workwear ladies.

Oversized T-Shirt and Short

A man sitting on a white background wearing an orange oversized plain t-shirt and shorts.

Oversized t-shirts and shorts, like Batman and Robin or Hello Kitty and Mimmy White, are a timeless match. It's as though they were made for each other. This one is a casual classic that is cozy, effortless, and ideal for relaxing on a hot summer day. Denim and cargo shorts are the most ageless kind of shorts that you can pair with your fave comfy oversized t-shirt. They're a powerful combination when matched with printed or plain tees.

For this new generation, the best and trendiest piece to pair with your oversized t-shirt is the biker shorts, it is started to become trendy because of the Kardashian mega-influence. What are you waiting for? try it now!

Layering with Oversized T-Shirt

A long hair blonde woman wearing a black slim-fit long sleeve top with oversized printed t-shirt.

Layering is one of the smartest ways to style up your oversized t-shirts for a unique and magnificent casual to a smart look. You may create a stunning combination style with the strong attractiveness of a fashion statement with your imagination or by simply following the below inspiration ideas.

  • Layering an oversize tee over a shirt and pulling everything together with a pair of statement trousers.
  • For a unique chic style, layer your oversized t-shirt under a loose, silky slip dress with spaghetti straps. Combine this look with a pair of sneakers for a casually attractive look or pointed heels for an elegant one.
  • Pair an oversize tee with denim jeans, a skirt, or shorts, you can take your layered style to the next level. Whether you choose pant-style overalls or a patterned skirt, this is really the essence of casual-chic urban style.

Pattern Mix and Match (Play it, Ladies)

A man wearing colored shades, a striped red and white oversized t-shirt, and blue pants.

Who says stripes and floral can’t be partners together? Breaking the rules with confidence is part of having a great fashion sense. Try to play up your fashion statement with a unique but so stunning mix and match of patterns and colors now ladies!

Tuck in Oversized T-Shirts and Add Some Accessories

A woman wearing a printed shirt tucks in jeans with belt.

For some person tucking in your tee or shirts look so old and out of fashion but for snappy dressers like you and some other high fashionmongers this is one of the smartest ways to add some spice to your style.

Tuck in your printed or plain oversized t-shirt in your comfortable bottom wear (jeans, skirts, and shorts) and add some accessories such as oversized jackets and coats. Finish the style with your fave pointed heels, boots, or sneakers for a seamless fashion statement.

Oversized T-Shirt as a Workwear

A blonde woman looking up holding her shade wearing a white jacket.

For officewear, this is a new casual-chic style to try on. The oversized t-shirt has finally made its way onto this list of fashionable items perfect as casual business wear. Yes, you read it right, your comfortable breezy loose oversized t-shirt can now be worn as office wear. Just tuck in and pair it with trousers finish with your fave pointed-toe heels and your set for a casual business look. Add an oversized trouser if you want for a more unique and chic fashion statement ladies!

Cropped that Oversized T-shirt

A woman looking at the side wearing shades, a white letter printed oversized crop t-shirt, and checkboard bottom wear.

Cropping your overly loose oversized t-shirts is a terrific method to wear them if you find them too overwhelming. Make a cropped statement with this outfit concept that is simple, casual, and elegant! Wear it with simple jewelry, jeans, high-waisted pants, or even calf-length skirts. These oversized t-shirts pair well with a variety of bottom wear.

Start your own fashion statement trend ladies, play up and mix and match your oversized t-shirt to your fave bottom wear to make it a unique and so stunning fashion statement for the season.