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Denim jeans are one thing that is always part of every women’s and men’s wardrobes, they are comfortable and very stylish to wear that is easy to pull on with almost any of your bespoke top. Bespoke jeans are always the go-to wear of everyone, whether it is skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, or flare jeans everyone has their own way to style themself throughout the day and night for whatever occasion or event.

Because jeans are easy and go-to wear for everyone it is normal to wear out the new jeans faster than the other bottom wear you have. Ladies, don’t worry that you can never wear again your fave old jeans because there are ways to make them a new look again.

Here below we have collected some DIY ideas to refashion old jeans and make them modern and new for a show-stopping season fashion statement. Continue reading and discover how to refresh your jeans in such a way that no buddy knows how to make them and let them be jealous of your unique and very stylish fashion statement.

Take out your craft tools now and start creating your old and dull jeans into whimsical ones!

Create Your Own Distressed or Ripped Jeans

A woman standing holding a newspaper wearing a black blazer and ripped wide-leg jeans.

Updating or refashioning old jeans is not only cheap but also an excellent method to integrate your own distinctive style into your jean collection. Instead of buying distressed jeans or ripped jeans that are sometimes costly why not create on your own using your old jeans.

To make your own distressed or ripped jeans you need the following craft tools:

  1. Use scissors, a razor, and a sharp knife for ribbing your jeans if you want to create a hole. It works also with X-ACTO knives or box cutters.
  2. Use sandpaper, a cheese scraper, steel wool, or a pumice stone to achieve a frayed effect.

How to Create Fray on Old Bespoke Jeans

A woman wearing a slim-fit white long sleeve top, straight-leg denim pants, and black sneakers with a white socks.

You just need a razor/blade to create frayed denim jeans. With the blade, the area you want to spritz can be quickly scrapped. If you do this, your denim jeans will surely look coarser. Freezingraying is also said to be the simplest and quickest technique to rip your jeans. Just grab a tape blade and start scrapping the jeans that you'd like to rip. Then little gaps and the proper base for completing the last phase are created. Take a pin and try to make your denim larger and organized holes. This will undoubtedly assist to make the jeans look dysfunctional and artistic.

How to Create Small Holes on Old Bespoke Jeans

A woman holding a tea cup wearing a sleeveless brown top and dark-washed denim ripped jeans.

Adding some texture to your old jeans through small holes is easy and most common old jeans decoration, this is one of the greatest ways to rip your jeans. The smaller holes seem to have gone organically into the pants with time. This could even bring you perfectly ragged and natural jeans. You have to mark a couple of patches on your jeans to achieve this. In order that the material layer may be diluted, you must rub these locations with sandpaper. It also makes the fabrics softer than it is. It makes denim holes.

How to Create Large Threaded Holes on Old Bespoke Jeans

A woman wearing an army green hoodie with drawstring and ripped jeans.

You only need a pair of scissors and tweezers to cut your jeans to create your created thread holes in your old jeans. Start by cutting horizontal streaks on your jeans to produce the pattern. At least a half-inch apart from each other should be used for each cut. Then use the tweezers to remove all the blue threads from your cuts. Ensure that vertical and not horizontal threads are removed. This keeps the white threads intact on the jeans. You may also repurpose the jeans, or even cut them off, to make things a bit messier and edgier for a unique and stylish statement.

Add Cute Patches Designs

Ripped denim with wild heart red patched.

This really is the easiest way to decorate your denim jeans especially if it has a hole because of being so worn out. If you are using a sticky clothes patch, you merely need to apply it using the proper technique to your jeans, and you have different jeans completely. You can even make the patches yourself if you have time and willingness.

Tie-Dye Your Old Jeans

A rolled tie of fabric with tie-dye.

One of the best and most common ways to refashion old jeans is to do some tie-dye. Tie-dying jeans is will create a unique pattern of color combination you may combine unbounded. One, two, or even three colors can literally be used to make your chosen design.

Embroider Your Old Jeans

Jeans back with embroidered letters.

The decoration of her ancient jeans is for you artistic and want unique jeans! You need a pretty thick needle with a big eye to stick your old denim jeans. For some impact, the complete strands of the sticking thread must be employed. You have complete authorship as to what embroidery designs you want to stick to jeans to make them more personal and unique.

Decorate with Colorful Beads

A dark washed jeans with colorful beads.

Turn your old jeans from drab to fab. Create a new vibe in your dull and worn-out jeans by adding or placing some colorful beads. Some common areas to put the beads are the pockets, sides, and the cuff of the jeans.

Hand Paint Your Old Jeans

A pair of jeans with the hand-painted sun.

Add uniqueness and a very personal touch to your refashion old jeans by hand-painting them with your own choice of color and designs. Clothes or fabric paint are used for basic effects with brushes or as a template or block paint.

Make your bespoke old jeans as a canvas and create a masterpiece that everyone would want to own.

Add A Printed Fabric to the Cuffs

An upside-down woman wearing a white sleeveless top and floral jeans.

Add a floral or any printed fabrics to the inside of the cuffs of your old jeans so when it is folded the fabrics will add some unique look to the piece that is very eye-catching and make your statement very attractive.