Best bespoke outfits for rainy season

Is the rainy season coming? You're probably thinking about what to wear on a rainy day to stay fashionable. Don’t worry Just4unique got you covered! Rainy days aren't just awful for your hair they may also ruin your ensemble so whether you are traveling or going to the office, date, family gathering, friends meet up, and etc. being prepared to get wet but stay fashionable for the expected or unexpected rain is a smart idea.

There's no need to limit yourself to leggings and rain boots as your rainy day outfits because there are so many attractive options that you might not yet discover.

Below are some rainy day outfit ideas we gather for you to get inspiration. We are sure after you read this fashion tips article you will anticipate the next storm to wear a show-stopping unique fashion statement.

What to Wear On a Rainy Day?

Ladies, in addition to the more usual leggings and rain boots, you may dress up your rainy day attire with a bright, mood-boosting rain jacket or another gorgeous and cute rainy day outfit for a unique and high-fashion style.

The following are the MUST items you must have in your rainy day’s wardrobe:


A man sitting wearing a beige t-shirt and jeans and a woman at his back wearing a white t-shirt and beige pants
Slim-fit or oversized, plain or printed, round neck or v-neck t-shirt is the best and most comfortable tops during rainy days, it is also very easy to pair up with any of your rainy day bottom wear.

Denim Jeans

A woman wearing a black long sleeve top and trendy jeans with belt.
Whether it's raining or not, this piece of apparel is unquestionably a good buy. However, it is only advisable to wear it when it's just a little rain because denim jeans get wet rapidly and then take a long time to dry.

Leather Pants

A long hair woman sitting on the side with a background of trees is wearing a black long trench coat, black leather pants, and high-heels ankle boots.
Leather trousers are the most popular during the rainy season. It is very sophisticated and comfortable to wear, just pair it with the best and chic tops to create a jaw-dropping ensemble.


A woman laying down on the file of clothes-wearing white bra and white leggings.
During any season, leggings are the most lightweight and comfortable bottom wear. It can easily get wet, but it won't harm your clothes. However, wearing it wet for an extended amount of time is uncomfortable and can make you sick.


A woman posing in the center of the street with a background of a large vintage building while wearing a bishop sleeve blouse, a brown mini skirt, and a white sneaker holding a tote bag.
You read it right, skirt! If it isn't raining heavily outdoors, you can wear skirts like pencils skirts however avoid maxi and midi flowy skirts, since they will become soaked quickly.

Rainy Day Outfits for Traveling

A woman standing beside the upside-down umbrella wearing a black double-breasted blazer, pants, and knee-length boots.

Traveling is often the ideal stress reliever for hectic city life, but when you choose to visit somewhere around the world and it is rainy season in that nation, your outfit to wear during those days might be an issue you must be even more prepared for the weather when selecting your vacation new wardrobe.

The type of clothing you'll need for your trip will be determined by the activities planned for the day and the amount of rain expected. Here are some rainy day outfit ideas that are suitable for vacation.

You should bring or wear the following when you travel to the mountain or any rocky or unpaved road that is expected for heavy rain and you need to walk for a long time:

  • Bra or Bralette (made of synthetic material)
  • Printed or Plain T-shirt (oversized is advisable)
  • High-Quality Rain Jacket
  • Socks (made of a wool blend)
  • Hiking boots
  • Moisture-wicking Pants
  • Waterproof bag

If you are planning to have a walk around from one destination to the other but you are expecting light rain the following is the best to bring or wear:

  • Mini or Midi Dress (Maxi is not the best option when raining)
  • T-shirt (Plain or Printed)
  • Tights pants
  • Denim Jeans(not recommended if you stay outside for a long period of time)
  • Trench coat
  • Light hooded jacket
  • Socks (made of a wool blend)
  • Leather boots (designed to keep your feet dry just apply a water-resistant spray to keep water out of your shoes and protect them)
  • Umbrella

Traveling or walking for a long period of time in the rain must be planned carefully, choose carefully your rainy day outfits for comfortable walks. Try to choose the following clothing ideas below for the perfect long walk in the rain outfit:

  • Raincoats (advisable length is the one that falls below the hips)
  • Poncho
  • Mini Dress or Midi Dress
  • T-shirt
  • Tights pants (made of wool-blend)
  • Umbrella
  • Waterproof bag (Leather is the best option, it is stylish and waterproof)

Rainy Day Outfits for Office

A woman wearing an oversized button-up collared white shirt

Going to the office in the rainy season is so irritating especially if you are commuting and the rain ruins your fashion statement. Make yourself ready to have a show-stopping ensemble that is the rainy season perfect. Get inspired by the rainy day outfit ideas perfect for the office we listed below:

  • Long-sleeve button-down shirt top with puffer coat pair with denim jeans finish with ankle boots.
  • Quilted Midi Coat with underneath knitted slim-fit long sleeve turtleneck top pair with wide-leg denim jeans and combat boots
  • Jumpsuit top on with Puffer midi coat pair with leather boots
  • Printed raincoat (for a unique and chic look) underneath with comfy t-shirt pair with skinny jeans and rain boots
  • Oversized blazer underneath with slim-fit t-shirt pair with loose trousers and sneaker

Rainy Day Outfits for Semi-Formal to Formal Event

A black and white shot of a woman wearing a checkered oversized blazer and mock neck top.

Who says you can't look lovely and very chic during a date, a semi-formal event, or a formal event like a party during the rainy season? You can put together a show-stopping attire for this event with just a little creativity.

  • Mini dress top with leather jacket finish by ankle boots
  • Trench coat with a midi dress underneath pair with open sandals

Rainy Day Outfits for Lounging

A woman laying down in a hammock wearing a grey knitted blouse and black trousers.

Staying at home drinking your hot coffee or choco beside the fireplace while watching your favorite series on Netflix on rainy days is one of the most relaxing weekends for everyone. Make this day extra comfy by wearing a cozy rainy day outfit perfect for lounging.

  • Tie your long hair with scrunchies and wear an oversized sweatsuit
  • Tie-dye loose pajama set for an extra cute rainy day outfit