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It's not about comfort. Or hygiene. Or even about your size. It's about your health. And the confidence you will feel about yourself.

Most of us are not aware but wearing underwear is one of the most important things we do in a day. Whether it is for comfort, hygiene or to keep our waistline, we all wear underwear. Are you looking for the perfect pair of underwear? Should you wait until all of your current pairs are full-on soiled before you get a new one?

Knowing the importance of underwear and wearing a new set of it is very important, if you don’t know when and how to get a new set then this blog is for you!

Why New and Fresh Underwear Is A Must?

It is important that everyone whether male or female knows the importance of wearing clean and fresh underwear every day. It is not only for hygiene but also for a healthy life. Check below the reason why you should wear new undies every day.

Underwear that is dirty or used provides breeding habitat for germs, yeast, and fungus, and is frequently contaminated with feces. The most obvious issue with sitting in your own feces is the stink that may accumulate over time, and you may not even know it because many individuals acquire the so-called nose blindness to their own bodily scents.
When you wear your underwear for long periods of time, you put yourself at risk for genital discomfort and infections.
Wearing old and dirty underwear can cause acne, not only to your face but also to your private part. Sweat, filth, and germs are trapped and held near to your skin when you wear soiled underwear. When sweat or oil lingers on the skin for an extended period of time, it can cause odor or blocked pores, which can lead to breakouts.
Wearing new and fresh underwear gives comfort and confidence. You will not feel confident sitting or talking with someone if you feel wet or you smell something right?

How Often Should You Get New Underwear

The general rule is you must replace your underwear every 6 to 12 months, it is also the duration that most experts advise but there is no clear answer because there are several aspects to consider when estimating the lifespan of your present underwear.

The only person that can tell if you need now to get new underwear is no other than yourself. The following are the things you need to check to determine if it is the right time to get a new set of underwear on the market:

The underwear is totally stretched-out
The underwear has a holes
The underwear has a tears
The underwear has a stains

Check the Signs When Should You Throw Out Underwear:

Wearing underwear is an important part of your daily routine, but it is also prone to getting very old and worn out. Balancing the needs of your body and your wallet is a hard thing to do. That's why Just4unique decided to come up with a few ideas that will help you decide when to throw out your old underwear.

It is time for you to throw out your underwear if you see the following to it:

Stretched-out Underwear

If your pants are falling down, it's likely that they're too big or that they've stretched due to excessive wear and insufficient care. If your underwear begins to stretch, you may find it uncomfortable to wear unless you are comfortable walking while feeling your underwear gradually drop down (imagine if you are wearing a skirt).

Holes In The Underwear

It's time to throw out your underwear when you see holes in it. Holes in the underwear can be a result of different factors like heavy use, wrong cleaning, or low-quality fabric. Sweat and other natural fluids that spill onto your underwear may degrade the cotton or fabric of your underwear and cause holes over time. Wearing underwear that is too small puts additional strain on the elastic, which can lead to a hole so it is important to get a perfect fit size underwear.

Tears In The Underwear

No matter how many years you've worn your underwear, once in a while, it does get a little tear, it might be due to different reasons like holes such as small size, low-quality fabric, and more. If your underwear got torn it's a sign that you should get a new one now!

Stains In The Underwear

When your underwear got stained (most commonly because of your period) it really doesn't mean you need to throw it away immediately. You can first start rescuing it by getting rid of the stain with a proper way on how to get rid of a stain in the underwear however if the stain did not get rid its a time to go and shop for a new set of underwear

What Is The Best Fabric for Underwear?

Underwear of good quality should last a long time. Ideally, it should be constructed of machine-washable antibacterial, quick-drying fabric with 360-degree stretch for 100 percent comfort.

To make sure that your new underwear is comfortable check if it is made with a fabric that is soft and breathable best for underwear such as 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural fabric with qualities such as softness, breathability, and hypoallergenic. Nylon and modal are two more fabrics that give softness and breathability that are also best for underwear.

How to Properly Wash Your Underwear

Properly washing your underwear is essential for its longevity and for your own freshness, and health. To properly wash your underwear, soak the underwear in water for 30 minutes before gently swishing it around to remove any dirt. Rinse the underwear well until all of the detergents have been washed away. Before hanging the underwear to air dry, gently squeeze it out without wringing it.