How to Wear Bespoke Flare Jeans for Modern and Fresh Style

Skinny jeans versus wide-leg jeans? When it comes to denim, the selection may be well-rounded, with a variety of silhouettes and fit alternatives to meet your preferences and demands. Flared jeans are a worthwhile style that sits halfway between slim and wide-leg jeans.

Flare jeans were a big fad in the 1970s, but have recently been reintroduced into the current world of fashion by trend-setters. Because they are well-fitting around the hips yet flare out towards the bottom, they are the most generally flattering of all the styles of jeans.

Flare jeans can be styled in a variety of ways. Check out these Ways on How to Wear Flare Jeans for Modern and Fresh Style that is definitely fashionable right now!

Blouse and Flare Jeans

A blonde-haired woman wearing a black v-neck long sleeve blouse and high-waist jeans

If you enjoy appearing casual chic, a blouse and flared jeans will get you set for a lovely breakfast, a casual Friday, or even an event. It's a terrific style that can be dressed up with a pair of heels. Just make sure the blouse is tucked into the jeans for a cleaner look.

Crop Top and Flare Jeans

A curly-haired woman wearing a black bralette, pink faux fur coat, and denim jeans.

The ultimate cool-girl outfit this hot summer season is your fitting crop top paired with high-waisted flare jeans. Can be pair with pointed boots (knee-length boots or ankle boots) or pointed high heels for extra chicness.

Bodysuit and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing an orange bodysuit and jeans.

A pair of cropped flare jeans and bodysuit is a sexy and chic casual wear for the hot summer season, finish the look with your fave footwear such as plush slides, pointed heels, or sneakers. If the weather is chilly, you can add some layers to the pair like a cardigan to make it cozy yet stylish.

Sweatshirt and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing a white headset, red long sleeve pullover, and jeans.

Sweatshirts have evolved from being merely for lounging home wear to being things that can be worn outside. They are comfortable to wear great when paired with various types of jeans, such as flare jeans. A cropped sweatshirt is one of the trendiest pairs of flare jeans for millennials and gen Z. They pair it with comfy sneakers for a stylish street outfit.

Printed Shirt and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing a printed hat, red printed oversized t-shirt, and jeans.

Like any other bottom wear, flare jeans are also the best pair of your fave feminine or funky printed short sleeve or long sleeve shirt. A unique print will give you a unique fashion statement for the day!

Turtleneck Top and Flare Jeans

A woman sitting wearing a sleeveless turtleneck top and ripped jeans.

With flare jeans, a turtleneck is a fantastic top to wear. Simple ones are ideal since they enable your jeans to stand out.

A slim-fit turtleneck or loose-fitting knitted turtleneck is both a great pair of flare jeans, just make sure to style it off right so you won’t look old fashion.

Knitted Pullover and Flare Jeans

A curly-haired woman wearing a white knitted pullover and jeans.

Pullovers will keep you stylish and warm during cold seasons. They are also great pairs to your existing flare jeans, it may be tucked into flared jeans or layered beneath a button-down for a more preppy look.

Just choose a pattern that flatters your body type, since they come in a variety of designs. Finish your look with comfortable ankle boots for a unique and very stylish fashion statement.

Collared Button-Up Shirt and Flare Jeans

A curly-haired woman wearing a collared button-up shirt and jeans.

Every closet must have are a comfy and chic collared button-up shirt, aside from that it is chic to wear perfect for office and casual wear it is also easy to pair with any bottom wear like flare jeans.

Just tuck it in and it will give you a casual chic look automatically. You may also go for a more casual look by leaving it undone and layering a tank or cami underneath.

Graphic T-Shirt and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing a graphic white t-shirt and jeans.

For most snappy dressers out there a graphics t-shirt or a printed tee is their way of showing their self-expression, it is also great to wear to stand out to the crowd. Graphic tees are easy to pull on and can be paired off with any of your bottom wear like flared jeans.

Even though graphic t-shirts are normally casual, a pair of sleek shoes can elevate a casual look to something more professional.

Cami or Tank Tops and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing a black lace top and jeans.

For feminine vibes, a cami is for you, for sophisticated on-the-go one tank top is for you! A tank is one of the most basic pieces you can pair with any denim. You may pair it with flared pants because of the simple design. Plain tanks, in particular, make your flare jeans the focal point of your ensemble. Camis, like tank tops, are simple to put on. They're more feminine and can spruce up any flare leg denim ensemble.

Camis are available in a number of prints and are very suitable for wear during hot summer days. You can wear them in the winter as well, but be sure to put something some layer on top like coats. Tank tops are available in a wide variety of colors and like camis, they are perfect wear during the summer season.

Aside from the example tops above, you can also add some extra uniqueness to your flare jeans by layering them with outerwear. See below some best outerwear that you can pull on with your flared jeans:

Denim Jacket and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing a white tee, denim jacket, and jeans.

One of the easiest outerwear pieces to style is a denim jacket. It goes with everything and can be worn by most people of all ages and sizes. They are very adaptable and can be worn throughout the year.

Trench Coat and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing a double-breasted trench coat and jeans.

One of the most items in every fashionista’s closet is the trench coat. This stylish outerwear provides excellent functionality throughout the colder months. Even better, they're quite sophisticated and will instantly dress up your flare jeans.

Trench coats can be longer or shorter depending on your height and body shape, they also have a wide variety of colors and styles.

Leather Jacket and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing a striped t-shirt, leather jacket, and jeans.

The leather jacket may be dressed up with dresses and skirts, but a fantastic pair of jeans including flare jeans. It is the perfect outerwear to look smart and sophisticated.

Cardigan and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing a white top, a yellow cardigan, and jeans.

For a simple and comfortable outfit, a cardigan is the best outerwear for you to pair up with your fave comfy tops and flare jeans.

Blazer and Flare Jeans

A woman wearing a black oversized blazer and jeans.

Snappy dressers, a blazer is the best piece to play up with your flare jeans. Get the best complement blazer to your jeans and you will look extra stylish.