Spring Is Coming! Is Your Suit Ready?

Spring is the first season. All plants come to life. The weather in spring is neither too cold nor too hot. The apparent soft temperature makes us feel comfortable. The best season to wear a suit all year is undoubtedly spring! So, our question is:


Every office worker has at least one suit in their closet. Especially industries such as finance and lawyers, which are full of business elites, have to wear uniforms all year round. So how many suits should we prepare to keep ourselves from drop the ball at the critical moment? If you have these four types of outfits in your closet, you can easily handle almost any occasion.

Want to change, it’s the first choice

Dark blue suit not so dull monotonous in solemn occasion as a black suit. While highlighting the mature and steady temperament of men, it is also more stylish and decent. At the same time, it’s suitable for every business person who has an all-match characteristic.

Is Your Suit Ready

casual trouser suit

Tips: Be careful about the texture of the color when you choose. You can select a blend of wool and polyester fabric because it contains a part of the polyester component. So the elasticity should be better, not natural to crease. In addition to the single piece, consider a three-piece suit. One of the most popular ways to wear a navy blue blazer is with a casual trouser suit.

Fashion trendy-gray suit

Gray suits are the sexiest. It’s not as arresting as a white suit, but it’s bright enough. Suitable for warmer seasons. So spring and summer can consider the gray suit.

white suit

navy blue blazer

Tips: Light gray outfits are more stylish and elegant, preferring younger.

Vintage double-breasted suit

Describe a double-breasted suit in one sentence must be retro but not old. It has always been a favorite of gentlemen, and it’s simple and dignified. The double-breasted suit can quickly reveal a man’s good taste.

Tips: Be suitable to the crowd: double-breasted costumes are the perfect choice for men who want to show off their waistline. An extra row of buttons on the chest can increase the width of the body and beautify the proportion of a man.

Black tie suit does not go wrong

Dinner suits are usually plain black, which makes them more dangerous and formal. If you’re afraid of the dinner suits too monotonous, you can choose a bright bow tie for embellishment.

wear a bow tie

dinner suits

Tips: Be sure to wear a bow tie in your dinner suits. What’s more, the dinner suits are usually less practical and only available for important occasions.

The knowledge of suits is so in-depth that I said so much. I almost forgot the most crucial point. Choosing an outfit is to remember the fit. Customization is always your best choice. I will wait for you at the JUST4UNIQUE website!

So, I hope that this article will make the answer to the question “Is your suit ready” a positive one:)