Stylish Plus-Size Clothing Designs That Will Flatter Your Voluptuous Figure

Just 4 Unique values the uniqueness of people. We know that each of our dear customers is unique, and their tastes differ from one another. We are also a firm believer that everyone is beautiful in their way, no matter what their body type is. It is our wish to help others in finding clothes that can further bring out and highlight one’s beauty. Whether you are short, tall, plus-size, or slim fit, Just 4 Unique promises to provide you clothes that have a unique fit that is flattering to all figures.

To help you find plus-size outfits clothes that look better on your unique size and shape, here are a couple of tips and tricks that you can use for your reference. Below, we will also debunk myths that could be hindering you from finding the perfect plus-size outfits:

Myths About Finding The Flattering Outfit For A Plus-Size Body Type

Myth 1: Don’t wear white or light-colored clothing.

The truth: In wearing plus-size outfits, wearing white or any light-colored clothing is alright. A flattering garment isn’t about the color because it all comes down to fit. Wearing white and light-colored outfits don’t create the illusion of making you look bigger. Poor-fitting garments that are either too loose or too fitted is what creates that illusion. Don’t limit yourself to specific colors! plus-size outfits

plus-size outfits


Myth 2: Wearing prints that have bright colors can call attention to your body shape.

The truth: You can wear any color that you like. plus-size outfits There are no rules in choosing the right shade of your outfit, aside from the fact that specific colors can complement your complexion and make you look more radiant and appealing. Even the color red looks good in plus-size body shapes! Even if you choose to wear neons, it’s the fit that matters and not the color.

As for the prints, some designs can create the illusion of the color melting into the other, and it can be flattering on all body types.

Myth 3: Black is the only color that looks good in plus-size body type.

The truth: You have probably heard this myth so many times. Black can create the illusion of a slimmer figure, but that doesn’t mean that you should limit your clothing colors to monochromatic all the time. Wearing black all the time isn’t all that bad, it’s a classic color that exudes class and sophistication, but if the color itself is hindering you from trying out new clothes that are on the brighter spectrum, then you might want to switch your mindset.



Myth 4: Following trends won’t be flattering, stick to essential clothing.

The Truth: Wear any plus-size outfits in whatever style or trend that you like. Your choices should not be limited. Instead, adapt to a pattern that works for your shape–and there are a lot of those available here in Just 4 Unique. You can even wear crop tops, all you have to do is find a more extended cut and pair it with a cute high-waisted pant or skirt that fits like a dream.

Myth 5: All horizontal stripes are right.

The truth: While the logic of going for horizontal stripe designs can create the illusion of a more elongated figure, it doesn’t do you favors, especially if it’s chunky, straight horizontal ones. Designers have been opting for designs that have asymmetrical stripes to enhance the optical illusion further. Find prints that help elongate your torso. When you look tall, you can instantly look lean.



Myth 6: The more prominent and baggier the clothes, the better.

The truth: Just because you’re wearing something bigger and baggier, it doesn’t mean that you’re hiding all the bulks and curves in your body. It’s making you appear larger, and it’s not very flattering. It’s not a sin to show your shape. Instead, appreciate your curves and flaunt them as much as you can. You’re beautiful, after all!

Myth 7: Avoid fuzzy details in your clothing, like ruffles or fur.

The truth: It’s good to use these details to create shape without actually adding unnecessary volume. A strategic placing of these fuzzy details can make your outfit twice as stunning, like having ruffles or fur on the sides of your jackets and other tops to accentuate the curves of your waist.



Myth 8: Your underwear isn’t essential, just the clothes you wear.

The truth: As much as you are investing in the clothes that you’re wearing, it’s also vital that you spend in the right underwear for every occasion. Some outfits can look flattering if the underwear that you’re wearing is a perfect fit and doesn’t accentuate bulges. You may also want to invest in spandex underwear that can seamlessly shape your body just right.

Myth 9: Find ready-to-wear brands that cater to plus-size clothing

The truth: While ready-to-wear brands that are off the rack aren’t always a bad option to choose, especially if you are lucky to find a clothing brand that has designs and styles that are flattering to your unique body type, then, by all means, feel free to buy them. However, made to measure clothing such as what Just 4 Unique is offering has its perks too. You can never go wrong with bespoke clothing because it will 100% be the right size and will always be flattering against your figure.



Myth 10: Being plus-sized means you can’t be a fashion icon.

The truth: There are a lot of plus-sized women that are dominating the fashion scene. There are also celebrities that you can look up to when it comes to loving their body. They feel confident and beautiful in their bodies and no one can tell them otherwise. Being a fashion icon isn’t about size, but one’s talent in mixing and matching clothes that make them look good and feel good.

Always remember: Your body is beautiful no matter what size and shape it is!

Tips On How You Can Look Better In Your Plus-size Outfits

Other than the myths we have debunked for your plus-size fashion blues, there are more tips on how you can make the most out of your stylish clothes if you are plus-size.

Love your belly.

A lot of plus-size women follow the hide the belly rule. However, this results in wearing unflattering and baggy clothes. Often, when you are obsessed about hiding your belly too much, you are probably making the mistake of creating lumps when there aren’t any. Instead, find clothes that make you comfortable and happy without worrying about unnecessary things.



Opt for clothes that flatter your unique body shape.

Not all plus-size ladies have the same body shape. You can have an hourglass shape, pear shape, apple shape, inverted pyramid shape, and diamond body shape. Even though there aren’t exactly any rules when it comes to style and fashion, there’s a better way to make your clothes look flattering on you, such as knowing your body shape. Let’s say that empire dresses look great on pear-shaped ladies because of their smaller waists and bigger thighs. But if you are apple-shaped, it’s best to avoid empire designs.

Don’t let cropped tops scare you.

Cropped tops are on-trend, and don’t let it scare you! They look amazing on full-figured girls because it shows their curves more. Not only are you not limited to wearing just basic clothes–but you will also feel empowered and amazing if you are confident in wearing ALL kinds of clothes.

Knee-highs and thigh-highs are your best friends, too!

These types of garments can help elongate the legs if you want to style your shorts or skirts from Just 4 Unique. You can even combine mesh and other textures when it comes to wearing your knee-highs and thigh-highs. Mixing and matching are easy; just love the body you’re in!



Don’t over-accessorize.

You might be over-accessorizing just because you want to feel bold and beautiful in an outfit. Some times going for simple accessories but choosing printed tops or bottoms is enough to keep you looking confidently beautiful.

However, there’s still power in accessorizing strategically. Statement belts can hide bulges and can even create an illusion of a smaller waist. If you also feel better wearing basic shirts, there’s o harm in jazzing up your clothes for that added wow factor.

Start adoring prints.

If you want to make a statement, don’t let prints scare you. Wear polka-dots, animal prints, or whatever floats your boat. Large patterns and prints are flattering for plus-size ladies.



Know what type of fabric works for you.

Some fabrics cling unnecessarily to your skin, and some don’t drape well. Some would prefer to stay away from polyester tops and bottoms because it sticks to your surface, and it’s not as flattering as a cotton-elastane mix, which is a stretchier material. Cotton is usually the best option if you’re not too knowledgeable when it comes to the fabric. It is also the best choice when it comes to all kinds of plus-sized clothing.

Don’t skimp on bespoke clothes.

Bespoke outfits are the best option, and it can create a significant impact on the way your clothes fit and look on you. Made to measure dresses are made to fit your unique body like a dream. When your clothes fit you well, it can become effortlessly flattering than a poor-fitting one. It also saves you the time to look for clothes right off the rack that doesn’t always fit well. Instead, invest in bespoke or made to measure clothes because they’re worth it.

Look for bloggers and influencers with the same body shape as you.

Not everyone is born with the talent to come up with outfit pairings that are Instagram worthy. The best way to remedy this is to check other people on their Instagram, blogs, and YouTube to find inspiration. There are tons of women out there that wear stylish plus-size outfits that you can instantly copy and just tweak for a more personalized style.



Bottom line, wear outfits that make you feel fantastic.

Regardless of trends and what others may say, wear clothes that make you feel good!

An easy way to determine your body type

Apple Body Shape

If you have an apple body shape, you are generally fuller in the middle part of your body. You have full breasts, and your waist area isn’t defined. Even though your hips are slender, your waist is a little thicker.

Hourglass Body Shape

Do you have a slimmer waist, a fuller chest area, and bigger hips and thick thighs? Then you probably have an hourglass body shape. This is a very classic shape among women, and it is well-known because starlets like Marilyn Monroe have this body shape.

Pear Body Shape

If you have narrow shoulders, curvy and sexy hips, and tighs, then you probably have a pear body shape. Your upper body’s proportions are similar to your lower body, just like a pear.

Inverted Pyramid Shape

If you have this body shape, then, in general, you have broad shoulders and a fuller chest area. It appears that you are top-heavy, but you have slender hips, back area, and legs.

Diamond Body Shape

Just like the shape of a diamond, you probably have slender arms and shoulders with a broader midriff. While your hips and thighs are voluptuous. You may also have an undefined waist area.

Just 4 Unique’s Wide Variety of Plus-size Outfits

Since we are an expert on made to measure clothing, we make sure that we can deliver you high-quality plus-size outfits that will fit your unique figure perfectly. We guarantee that your clothes are of a perfect fit; otherwise, if you are unsatisfied with the fit of your garment, we will adjust and replace it for free with no returns needed.

It is our dream to provide unique sales to unique people. We also want to work hand in hand with you in filling your closet with fresh finds that fit you just right.