Stylish Ways To Wear Your Bespoke Shorts This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and most of us are about to ditch the long pants for a pair of shorts. A couple of days ago, we released an article that talked about the freshest bespoke shorts that are available here in Just 4 Unique. While there are many more designs available than what we have featured in that article, we want to help the ladies out there on how they can easily style their bespoke shorts this summer.

Bespoke Shorts Aren’t Just For Tees.

Shorts are very versatile pieces of clothing. While some of us would just easily style them with different tees and sneakers, there’s more to shorts than being sporty and casual. Depending on the fabric and the design, you can dress up shorts in countless ways possible!

Stylish Ways To Wear

While trends always come and go, shorts will always be a forever staple for spring and summer. We’ve seen celebrities rocking different types of shorts from 2019 to 2020. Runways were inspired by tropical board shorts, tiny denim shorts by Saint Laurent, and celebrities rocking street fashion with their stretchy biker shorts can never be a thing of the past.

If your office has a relaxed dress code, you can even pair your shorts with a suit. There are honestly countless ways that you can wear your shorts, and if you want to find out how you can style them in different ways, read on.

How To Stylishly Dress Up Your Bespoke Shorts

Button Down Blouse

Wearing button-down blouses with denim shorts are a great Stylish Ways To Wear to make you jean shorts more than just casual. It can make your outfit look effortlessly cool without too much work. You can even tuck your blouse into your denim shorts for a chic look, or also knot them in front for a sexier yet classic vibe. In addition to that, this ensemble is perfect with sneakers, ballet flats, and even a cute pair of strappy sandals.



If you are feeling the summer vibe and you want to showcase your curves by wearing something close to swimsuits, then bodysuits are your next option. They’re great for casual dates and even pool parties. These bodysuits look fabulous with high waisted denim shorts and long necklaces. You can also rock this with slide sandals that are colorful if you want an outfit that looks twice as bold.

Colorful Printed Sweatshirts

If you live somewhere that has summers that aren’t warm but rather a little cold, you probably still have the option of wearing colorful sweatshirts. If you still want to channel summer vibes without your teeth rattling because of the still-chilly air, this printed sweatshirt with fun and colorful prints could do the trick. You can wear this with different types of shorts, whether its denim or in bold colors, you name it! You can wear it! Again, this will look great with sneakers, boots, or even ballet flats in bold colors such as red, blue, and even yellow.



If it’s too hot to layer on different garments, a vest is a more lightweight option. They can quickly transform and add a nice touch to your outfit without putting on too many layers that can make you feel too warm for summer. You can wear vests on top of casual white tees or any top that’s plain for a more polished look. Don’t be afraid to go for bold prints in your vest, like large floral patterns in tons of colors for a fun street style look.

Stylish Ways To Wear

Blazers and Coats

If you’re that type of lady who wants to look like a professional all day long for that “working-lady” vibe, then you have the option of wearing blazers and coats on top of your shorts. To keep it casual, you can still wear a fitted shirt underneath. If you want to take it up a notch, opt for blouses or sleeveless blouses for your top option. This type of outfit can look great with heels and pumps if you want to fully make it smart casual to a more relaxed business wear attire.

Stylish Ways To Wear


Uniquely Designed Shirts

While shirts are the first thing to come to mind for pairing with shorts, you can opt for shirts with unique designs to create a more sophisticated look. Just like this shirt with big ruffles as sleeves, it is almost blousy in design, but the comfort is tee-levels. Because of its plain neckline, you can easily accessorize this top for a simple yet very stylish look. This outfit ensemble will look great with ballet flats, strappy sandals, and your mainstream white sneakers.

Stylish Ways To Wear


Sleeveless or Camis

Summers aren’t complete without sleeveless and camis that create an entire look with just a simple top. Camis with unique detailing such as this strappy top from Just 4 Unique is a great option if you want to keep it cool this summer without looking like you’re too lazy even to pull an outfit together. This strappy cami looks good in any type of shorts that you have in your wardrobe. Because of its soft and simple look, this can be paired with sneakers, flats, and even any sandals of your choice. Feel free to accessorize with earrings and bangles for a more fashionable and stylish look.

Stylish Ways To Wear



Fashion icon Victoria Beckham once said that sometimes, the most important thing about an outfit is the accessories you add to it. No matter how simple your outfit is, you can easily dress it up with the right accessories. Don’t limit your accessories too! Go all out with that wide-brim hat, or that stylish animal print purse, or those strappy sandals with laces that you can knot in a cute bow.

Stylish Ways To Wear Summertime Fashion

Summertime fashion is all about boldness, colors, and the fun festive vibe. This means that there’s no need to be scared when it comes to putting together your summertime wardrobe. Just think about all the colors that exude fun vibes, and you’re good to go!

Shop in Just 4 Unique for the freshest and coolest summertime outfits that are a must-have in your wardrobe.


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