Summer Transition Pieces For Your Made To Measure Options

Transitional dressing is always spoken about when it comes to fashion, but a lot of people don’t fully decode it. How do you accurately define “transitional outfits”?

It feels as if it was just yesterday that is was only spring. But soon enough, the summer heat would be lurking around, and we want to invest in clothes that would help us keep cool as much as possible. It’s not exactly the end of spring just yet, but summer is nearing, and the weather is starting to get warmer in some parts of the world. It is probably that time of the month wherein wearing blazers can make us feel a little stuffy already, so we want to show a little more skin now or opt for fabrics that can help us enjoy the warm summer breeze.

While there are no definite rules when it comes to transitional dressing and most of the time, it all comes down to your preference and where you live, you do you! However, if you are one of those ladies that are a tad clueless about transitional dressing, then here are a few pointers on how you can nail that spring to summer transition.

Welcoming Summer

We’re not going to ask you to throw away those old spring clothes, but there are a couple of pieces in your wardrobe that should move at the back of your closet during this time. You may want to do a little bit of spring cleaning, too, just to make sure that your wardrobe isn’t too cluttered with clothes that you don’t even wear anymore.

Make an effort to get ready for summer, because this spring-to-summer style transition could quickly transform your wardrobe into a getaway ready to paradise.

Colorful Blazers

Keep your leather jackets tucked away at the back of your closet because your made to measure colorful blazers should take center stage during this transition. Leather jackets are just too warm for this season, so you should swap them for your thinner fabric colorful blazers instead. You can easily style colorful blazers by wearing them on top of summer dresses, which offers a breezy feel that won’t make you feel warm and stuffy.

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Bright Florals

You have probably been wearing them during springtime already. It is best to keep them within reach as the season transitions. However, if you still have dark-colored florals lingering in front of your closet, you might as well push them a little to the back since summer is all about the fun and bright colors. Dark colors can weigh you down during such a festive season like summer. It is highly recommended that you go for outfit staples that can put a smile on your face during this fun time of the year.


Flowy Skirts

Skirts are taking center stage during this transition time. May it be bright blue denim or any other bright color in the spectrum, it would be perfect for that spring to summer transition. You can even go for neon hues and soft pastels if you want a calming and happy vibe to your outfit.


Tank Tops

Your made to measure sweaters have been your safest option for the past few months. Now is the time to give them a rest and toss it at the back of your closet. Avoid those chunky laters and bring in the lightweight tank tops that are trendy and fashionable to have. This will remind you of the classic ’90s style were cropped, and ribbed tank tops are the perfect pair to any skirt, blazer, and even your favorite jeans.


Best Fabrics For Summer

In considering your summer made to measure transition outfits, you should reevaluate your wardrobe by taking note of the fabrics that are best for summer. Fabrics can create a significant impact when it comes to how you look and feel because of comfort. Not only will you want to stay cool in different ways possible, but you also don’t want to look sweaty in your OOTD.


We all know how cotton is famous for being a breathable choice of fabric. It can be great for your blouses, shirts, tanks, and even summer dresses. It is very versatile that it can be worn for daytime and nighttime looks without looking tacky.


Nope, they’re not just for your beddings. Linen can be one of the best summer fabrics there is, and it can easily complement your wardrobe in an instant. Linen pants, along with a cropped top or tank top, can be a great transition style for spring to summer.


Denim as a top or a dress can be a little too heavy for a summer transition outfit. But if you have a soft spot for denim and you want a lightweight alternative, chambray is an excellent material that you can substitute thick denim with.


This type of fabric is from the cotton family, but it is a thinner and lightly puckered fabric. Most of the time, it is a mainstay of garden parties and is a perfect choice for a summer dress.


If you want a made to measure lightweight cover-up or a beach-ready dress, then this drapey and flexible fabric should be your best choice for your summer outfits. These are very breezy and lightweight and are best as dresses and tunics.

Worst Summer Fabrics

While there are best fabrics that you can go for when it comes to made to measure summer clothing, there will always be fabrics that are the worst for summer. Here are some of the fabrics that you should avoid during this transition time:


This fully synthetic material repels water and has a low level of absorption. It is the complete opposite of cotton and can even trap heat and sweat against the skin–which is what you are avoiding during these warmer months.


Vinyl is another waterproof material that is best for upholstery, but it is not your best choice for summer transition clothing. If you still want vinyl in your made to measure outfits, you might as well just opt for vinyl shoes, accessories, and even bags.


Since this fabric is meant to keep you warm during colder months, it is the worst choice of material during warm months. While there are variations of wool that are good for summer, it still has issues for trapping moisture and simply reduces the natural ventilation of your body.

Made To Measure Summer Outfits

Just 4 Unique offers a lot of made to measure spring to summer transition outfits. They are available in different colors, designs, and even fabrics. Since they are bespoke, you are sure that these garments will fit you perfectly and are comfortable for summer wear.