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What is a polka dot?

Polka dots in fashion have captivated the imagination of all women. The classic style is here to stay, and it's never going out of fashion. It's the most popular pattern in the world of womenswear. You're going to look like a veritable queen when you wear one of these a bespoke polka dot outfit.

The history of polka dot pattern dates back to the 1800s when Mary Ann, Countess of Castlemaine, was in France. She wore a dress with polka dots during an evening party at Versailles. Her dress was very much admired by other women who were also at court, and so it became the rage of the season. The polka dot pattern is a popular design that can be found in nearly every industry. Polka dots are used by designers to add texture, color and visual interest to an otherwise dull surface. They are also used as an effective camouflage.

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