Elegant Jacket for Men

A lot of women have a problem with men wearing shirts that are too "fancy" or "dressy." It's not just that it's difficult to go out on the town with a guy who has on a tuxedo—it's that it can be hard to feel comfortable and like yourself around someone with too much going on in the way of clothes.

When you're with someone who's wearing more formal clothing, it can take the focus off of you when you're trying to express your own personal style. And if your partner is wearing something that's too much for you, it can be a total mood-killer, because now all you can think about is how uncomfortable this person is making you feel.

When we set out to make our Ultimate Elegant Jacket for Men, we made sure that it would give men a chance to talk about their own style, and show themselves off in a way where they could look comfortable and confident. By bringing attention to what t

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