Denim Care Guide How to Take Care of Jeans

Is denim jeans an important part of your wardrobe collection? Most men and women always have a one, two, or more piece of this in their closet not only because it is easy to wear but also very versatile. Because the best denim is an investment, it makes sense to take care of it.
Here are some of our best suggestions for extending the life of your denim and keeping it looking new:

Wear Your Jeans Properly
They should fit exactly around your waist without the need for a belt, just like the rest of your jeans. Jeans have a lower waist than suit pants, therefore the waist of the jeans should be somewhere between mid and upper hips absolutely nothing below that.
Grasp the waistline and pull up. Never pull up or tighten your jeans by yanking on the

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