sport shirt mens

Sportswear is a type of bespoke clothing that is designed to be worn by people who participate in sports. It includes both uniforms, such as those worn by referees and athletic teams, as well as clothing made for exercises, such as running shoes and leggings.

Sportswear may also refer to the typical clothing worn while doing sport, such as football kits. Sportswear companies produce sportswear to cater to all types of physical activity. Some health clubs have also adopted the idea of making their own sportswear brand and selling it to their customers.

Typically, sportswear is also made from performance fibers and other technical fabrics which allow for high endurance and comfort during physical activity. Sportswear can be worn as casual wear as well, although generally it will not be designed with this kind of non-athletic use in mind.

As the use of fabrics has increased in sportswear,

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