The Art of Layering For Springtime Outfits

Depending on where you live, springtime isn’t the same for everybody. It can be quite balmy and warm on the East Coast, but on the other side of the world, it’s still not the time for shorts and miniskirts to be worn solo. One trick that you can do so that you can keep wearing those shorts and miniskirts is to layer made to measure outfits. However, it can be quite a fashion dilemma on how you can effectively do this without looking like you got thrown into a pile of laundry and decided to walk around with that mess.

Layering can either make or break your entire outfit. For some, it is effortlessly genius when done correctly. For others, it can be awkward and uncomfortably bulky. It’s usually not because only some people are born with that talent in layering, but it’s more about your styling skills and creating foolproof outfit formulas.

The Art Of Layering For Springtime Outfits

We all live in a time that when it comes to fashion and style, more is more. If you look into big brands such as Balenciaga–a brand that has proceeded to decide that when you’re layering as many clothes as possible, you look better and cooler. If you also check out Fashion Week styles, it’s like everyone in the fashion industry has decided that hey, we have to pile on the fabric. While it’s never really a must to keep up with trends and styles, it would never hurt to check what’s hot and what’s not. So this spring, you may want to opt for putting a little twist in your bespoke springtime outfits mix in order to look hip and chic.

Layering for springtime isn’t the same as layering for wintertime though. Mainly because winters are made to be bulky so that you can be warm and fashionable at the same time.

For springtime, outfits that show a little skin is encouraged, so you have to be strategic about how you are layering your garments. A touch of warmth in your outfit is also encouraged, so jackets, cardigans, and coats are mainstays.

When you are layering, it gives you the opportunity to play with the depth and dimension of your clothes. So all you have to do is be creative on your approach.

Here are some of the styling tips that you can do to layer your springtime outfits:

Tees + Dresses

Dresses and t-shirts are a great combo if you simply feel that a dress shows too much skin and is too cold to be worn for springtime outfits. Do bot that layering this way is perfect for any time of the year, not just for springtime outfits. It is a great way to add depth and dimension to your look that lets you achieve a chic, yet daring look. Opt for a fitted tee underneath, preferably plain, then match it with a printed dress for a harmonious springtime outfit combination.

Cropped Top + Blouse

Layering is all about experimenting on the different lengths of each clothing material and creating a harmonious balance from all of it. So, pairing a cropped top with a longer blouse can create a really nice layer that looks fashionably effortless.

Long Sleeves + Tees

If you love experimenting, this type of layering is highly recommended for you. A graphic tee underneath different colored long sleeves can easily transform a conventional outfit to an unconventional one. This is great if you are running out of options of what to wear, and you just want to slap on layers that still look good together despite its odd mix.

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Cami + Tees

Even a sheer, lacy camisole can be transformed into a pretty fashion statement if done the right way. You can also opt for a tank + tee combination if you’re not comfortable with the idea of wearing undergarments in public spaces. While it’s not really a fashion no-no and you can actually see a lot of celebrities strutting this look.

Jumpsuits + Tees

Jumpsuits are already a statement in style. It’s an all-in-one garment that creates a striking look on its own. They’re comfortable and really chic, too, Wearing jumpsuits with tees are similar to the dress combo. It’s simply creating depth by mixing two textures and colors to create a perfect balance of layers.

Sweater + Dresses

Tees aren’t the only garments that you can wear with dresses. You can also layer sweaters on top of dresses for that extra fabulous look. It’s perfect for ladies who always feel cold! You can even leave your dress unbuttoned upfront for that classy yet preppy look. If you have a sweater that has a collar, this can also be perfect for that smart casual unique vibe. Love being bold? Go for a color blocking combo and go crazy with colors and patterns! Do you enjoy turtleneck sweaters? They’re also perfect for springtime outfits!


Dresses + Pants

Some would argue that there isn’t a great balance between these two long garments. But when we’re talking about made to measure springtime outfits, this can be easier to achieve since you can decide how long or how short you want your dress to be. This combination isn’t for the weak of heart though, since it is quite bold and not a lot of people want that.

Coat + Everything

When in doubt, just put a coat over any garment that you’re wearing. Not only will you feel warmer and a little covered, but it also adds a nice touch of class and personality to any outfit.

Jackets + Everything

Just like coats, you can always rely on thin jackets for a nice layered outfit. A foolproof fashion tip is to use a denim jacket on top of any clothes–and you have effortlessly created a fashionable look that’s no doubt chic and in-style.


Other Tips On How To Make Springtime Layering Successful

Just because you followed the outfit formula, it doesn’t mean that you’re 100% good to go. There are still other factors that you need to consider when it comes to comfortable layering.

  • Go for thin layers. Since springtime isn’t really about going bulky and temperature moderating, you have to keep in mind that you need to balance your layers by using fabric that isn’t too thick to layer. Go for comfortable and light materials like cotton, linen or even viscose. If you already have a printed top, your next layer should be a lightweight blazer along with a scarf.
  • Layer from thinnest to thickest. While this rule can be broken if you’re only putting on two layers, such as wearing a sweater underneath a dress, it’s always best to layer from thinnest to thickest when you’re going for 3 layer combinations. Not only does this help in controlling the bulk, it simply just looks better not having a bulging fabric underneath a tight-fitting top.
  • Clothes that are made for layering. Not all clothes are meant to be layered. There are clothes that really work well for a layering look without putting too much effort into it. Oversized and flowy garments are best for layering since it leaves a lot of room for layers to stand out.
  • A combination of slim fit and flowy pieces. Outfits that are slimmer in fit are best worn underneath and on top of flowy pieces.
  • Have fun with textures. Don’t forget that textures need to blend well, too. You can go for ruffled or laced pieces and pair it with an untextured fabric.
  • Accessorize. Layering also includes accessories, but don’t go overboard too. It’s easy to look like an accessorize rack rather than an OOTD worthy look for your Instagram page. Layering and accessorizing usually look cohesive when you opt for accessories that aren’t too heavy. Go for simpler looking ones rather than an oversized piece that already looks too heavy on your already layered outfit.
  • Bring out your scarves. Whether it’s a fuzzy one or a knitted one, scarves are great for adding layers and textures to your outfit. There are numerous stylish ways that you can wear them, just do a little research.
  • Don’t forget your summer clothes. Since summer clothes are lightweight and they offer more skin to be shown, they can be layered nicely such as the tee + dress combination. Who said that summer clothes are only meant to be worn in the summertime? Most probably, your summer clothes also have nice floral patterns that work really well for springtime outfits, too!
  • It’s all about balance. As much as you’re tempted to wear anything that comes to mind to create your own fashion statement, don’t forget to strike the balance on everything. Length is also the key to creating the perfect balance in layering. Go for a variation of long, mid-length, and short clothes.
  • Keep in mind your color range. Sticking with one color in different shades can automatically make an outfit look harmonious, compared to going crazy with your color choices. While it’s okay to mix certain patterns together, it can be harder to make an effortlessly clean ensemble if the colors and patterns are clashing.
  • Be wary of proportions. Keep in mind that your body has natural proportions that you don’t want to mess up because of your layers. Don’t layer too much on your waist area, your legs, or wherever.

Additional Tips For Ladies Who Have A Unique Plus-Size Figure

Layering isn’t limited to one body type. It can actually look good on all body types as long as you make sure that you’re doing it the right way, such as following the tips stated above.

For ladies who have a curvier figure, you can follow these additional layering guides:

  • Limit your layers. It’s best to limit your layers to a maximum of three. Adding more could mean adding extra centimeters to your body shape. Aim to accessorize if you feel like you’re still lacking definition when it comes to style.
  • Structured fabrics. Do not opt for slouch tops. A better option would be a nice blouse instead of oversized tees or anything that does not add structure to your body.
  • Elongate your body. Creating an illusion of length is the key to making an outfit look good. Go for prints such as vertical stripes to create an elongated silhouette. You can also go for patterns that create an illusion of a more defined body proportion.
  • Skip the chunky. Go easy with fabrics that are fluffy, wooly, and thick. The logic behind this is simply to not add bulk on your bulk. For plus-size women, layering is all about adding depth of color and warmth and not bulk.
  • Play with light and dark colors. Dark colors can be slimming, so use this to your advantage. You can layer the dark-colored outfit in the areas that you don’t want to emphasize. However, this does not suggest that you go all out with the dark colors. Don’t forget to emphasize your best features with whites or other light colors. Mix and match to your advantage!

Above anything else, don’t forget to be confident and love the way your body looks. Everyone is unique and our sense of fashion depends on our own preference. There isn’t really a one-size-fits-all when it comes to fashion. You truly have to find the right formula in layering and experiment on what works and doesn’t work for you.

Go Creative With Your Springtime Outfits

While these tips and guides can only do so much, it’s still up to you to get creative and go crazy with styling your springtime outfits OOTD. Always remember that fashion is all about your preference and how you add personality into each of your outfit combinations. You don’t always have to stick with the hottest trends and styles in order to look and feel good.

Be bold when it comes to layering. Always bring out your best features and don’t be afraid to flaunt them. Everyone is unique and there’s nothing wrong about that!