by Winona Lois P. Thomas

Women aren’t the only ones who need to look sharp and clean on an everyday basis. Men are also as selective when it comes to looking good in their outfit.

Take, for example, when men are picking the right tie to pair with the tuxedo or the right shoes to complement the color palette of the shirt. They’re just as meticulous as to women.

Picking the right outfit for a formal event or business meeting can be a bit daunting, but on most days, men just wear comfortable casual clothing. Right? If you’re an adult male, you’re probably nodding your head.

So, its important to look sharp even without any occasion.

It’s a good thing we have picked out:


1. Men’s Crew Neck Basic T-Shirt

Price: $39.00


Wouldn’t it be a steal to wear a shirt that is versatile but also comfortable? Fortunately, our Men’s Crew Neck Basic T-Shirt is a perfect shirt that you can wear every day on a variety of occasions.

It’s lightweight and stretchable, which helps you stay fresh despite the humid weather.  The fabric is made of cotton, which makes it look good as a t-shirt and an undershirt.

Talk about functional and versatile!

The circle details at the sleeves add on to the fresh next boy look. You can pair it with a denim or leather jacket or a scarf on your neck. Add sunglasses, jeans, or shorts in your ensemble, and you’ll look like a dream.


2.   Patch Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

Price: $42.90

CASUAL MEN’S SHIRTS: Patch Pocket Short Sleeve T shirt

If you think Patch Pocket tees are out, you’re wrong! This Patch Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt is another fave for your casual look.

You can wear it when you go to class, visit a friend, or during a holiday. The simplicity of this shirt makes it perfect when partnering with jeans, shorts, jackets, or coats.

You can also wear it as an undershirt, but we highly recommend wearing it as a t-shirt since it’s too beautiful not to be seen.

Now go ahead and flaunt your handsome casual look with this Patch Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt.


3.   Printing T-Shirt Contrast Hem

Price: $42.90

Short Sleeves T-Shirt

A list of men’s shirts wouldn’t be complete without the nice striped pattern.

A breathable and versatile shirt, this Printing T-Shirt Contrast Hem is a must for every man.

The stripes design adds an illusion of a fit and toned body while its cotton fabric gives off a fresh vibe. Pair it with a cap and shorts. You can stroll out in the park with a confident stride. You can even wear these to a basketball game and still look sharp.

4.   Strip Dyed Short Sleeves T-Shirt

Price: $39.90

Weave Fleece T-Shirts

Can I just say this shirt is giving us nautical vibes? Yes! This is a perfect summer shirt or when you’re out sailing in the ocean with your friends and family.

You can also wear this at school or work, and you’ll surely stand-out from everyone else.

It’s made of lightweight cotton fabric to keep you fresh despite the heat of the sun, and handsome due to its light-blue color.

5.    Weave Fleece T-Shirts

Price: $69.90

fleece t-shirt

Casual clothing isn’t only limited to short sleeves shirt but also long-sleeves.

This fleece t-shirt is giving off a masculine and Korean actor vibe that will surely make heads turn. It’s also a perfect outfit during cold weather or when you plan to protect your skin from the heat of the sun.

The masculine and straightforward design of the shirt will make you look sharp and clean.


Casual clothes are men’s chance to express their style. They have the freedom to choose to wear what they want and be comfortable in their skin. It’s all about choosing fashionable yet functional outfits. So, we hope that we’ve made the lookout for men’s shirts a little easier.