10 Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes 

Clothes Packaging
Luxury clothing brands have high-quality packaging. The packaging of authentic items is a very important branding element that ought to be of sturdy material and therefore the item should fit perfectly inside the casing. Companies spend millions on their packaging to confirm that the merchandise is safe and secure. Explore for branded cloth drawstring bags and branded paper counterfeit items that may not have these details included.

Check the Designer Logo
Probably the best way to spot fake designer clothes is by means of looking at the logo design. The emblem on fashion designer manufacturers have to seem perfect, there be no small print lacking from the enterprise name or logo icon.
Fake designer clothes may additionally no longer even have a logo and will rather strive to trick shoppers primarily based on the color and shape of the logo. Make sure to look carefully at the logo and spot any unusual on it.
Check for the Clothes Stitches
When a product is authentic, the stitching will show up a good deal cleaner than its duped counterparts. The stitching on genuine fashion designer clothes will be straight and comprise greater stitches per rectangular inch. When a product is authentic, the seams appear much cleaner than its counterfeit counterparts.

Check the Zipper
Be careful about zippers and pulls on fake designer clothes. The fastenings on fake branded clothes will in general be polished, lightweight, and will frequently chip or strip after over-the-top use. Authentic brands will utilize a matte finish to their zippers and pulls. At the point when appropriate, the fastenings need to detect weight and zippers must be not difficult to use.

Check the Buttons
Authentic designer clothes buttons will have the company name engraved, while the fake ones will utilize a modest and light plastic that is unlabeled. The buttons ought to likewise be sewn on safely when it's a real thing.

Check for the Authentic Leather
If you are buying designer leather clothes they must be created using genuine leather. When getting the piece, run your hand over the surface. Assuming the outer layer of the thing feels smooth and even, odds are the item is phony. Genuine leather will have a somewhat lopsided surface.
The smell of genuine leather is likely to be conspicuous if the thing is new. At last, check out the material, real leather does not have a glossy finish.

Check the Brand Name Spelling
There are always spelling mistakes on phony items. When taking a gander at the logo, be certain that the brand name is spelled accurately. Remember to actually look at labels to see whether the spelling is right there.
Check the Fabric Used
When the clothes that you are buying are not made in leather (which you cant apply the tips on how to spot authentic leather clothes), make sure to evaluate the sort of fabric used. The fabrics of designer clothes should feel weighted and of better quality. The fabric ought not to have pulls or tears in it, nor should the shading blur or drain.
Commonly fashion designer brands incorporate their logo plan on the fabric, so make certain to check for this little detail too.

Designer Clothes have a Reasonable Price for its Items
It is normal for designer clothes to be expensive determining they’re high-quality, so if the price of the designer clothes is too good to be true then, at that point chances are it is a fake one.
You might have to do some extra research here and go online to see whether the organization is having a deal on that specific design. Follow the social media accounts of big design clothes in the fashion industry for you to have an idea of what events like sale season they really have, with this you are not going to easily get scammed by the fake seller.

Check the Place or Website you Buy The Piece
Most fake designer clothes are made in Asia, commonly tag as "Made in China". Make sure the tag in the piece you are buying is made in its original origin (you need to research for this part).
Also, don’t buy to wherever site or store, make sure to go to the legit physical store or the online site of that specific designer brand you are aiming for.
With these tips on the best ways to spot fake designer clothes, you don't need to stress over that your hard-earned money will go to the fake piece and be wasted. Before they even offer the fake things to you, you'd remember them and escape. Be a smart buyer!