Bespoke apparel and fashion trends

Ladies, wearing a stylish and very comfortable set of bespoke apparel will be a great help to reduce the heat this hot summer season. Stay fashionable whatever occasion or event you have, get inspired, and check The Top 14 Bespoke Apparel & Fashion Trends of Summer 2021 now:

Classic to modern time, spaghetti strap tops, loose and comfy short sleeves shirts, shorts, and skirts are very common fashion statements in the summer season. Florals, cute and bold prints, and nude and vibrant colors are also in the season at this time of the year. Whatever you are looking forward to this summer go for it, we are here to help you choose the best style you need this season!

Take a closer look and get inspired at this Top 14 Fashion Trends of Summer 2021 that will blow your old and boring style.

Sexy and Chic

A woman wearing white bralette and mini shorts.


Want a relaxed and trendy top? Experience the comfy feeling bralettes can give to you. It is a trendy underthing that can be worn on top and look so stylish.

Bralette is a lightweight support for women who don't want to feel constricted, it has so many styles that you can choose from to make underneath or make as a top that you can style up to be fashionable this season.

For women who don't want to show so much skin, you can wear a bralette with your fave loose or slim-fit shirts or with some mesh tops. To make it more stylish you can also partner up the bralette with your bespoke oversize blazer for a more casual and chic appearance. Like any other clothes, the only limit bralette can be styled up is your imagination.

Halter Tops

To be extra stylish and sexy these summer season halter tops are the best tops for you. Unlike a usual crop top, halter tops are much sexier and more elegant.

There are many halter tops you can choose from, from relaxed and low-hanging cowl necks, high halter vests, and more simple versions of back-tie closures. For summer wear you can pair it with denim shorts, jeans, and mini to maxi skirts.

Choose what you want! A top style that is coming back from the '90s. Shows that skin girl!

Cut-outs Tops and Dresses

On these hot summer days, nothing can beat a little show of skin wear, whether it is a top, dress, skirt, or jeans a strategically-placed cut-outs will make your style so chic yet sexy.

A little cuts outs in the torso of tops or dresses is a trendy and very stylish and sexy piece for every woman. Just pair it up with your fave bottom wear (if tops) and heels or strappy sandals for a summer-perfect attire.

Feel a cool breeze against your skin on these hot summer days.

Mesh Fishnet Tops
Getting ready for a beach-perfect vacation outfit? Add something spice to your regular bikini. A mesh fishnet top or mesh maxi dress will make your look extra unique and stylish.

Romantic and Elegant

A woman laying down on the floor wearing a black lace dress.

Midi Dress
Midi-length dresses are a must-have for every women's wardrobe. From strappy to a formal long sleeve midi dress will always be perfect for any season, especially this summer.

Summer's best midi-length dress is lighter in fabric and has a nude to vibrant color. Some are plain and some have cute prints. Most summer midi-dress is flirty and showy (of skin) that is perfect for casual events to beach outfits. You can style your summer midi dress with sunglasses and sandals for a beach-ready outfit. For formal attire pair it with high heels and a sling bag.

To casual and formal show that unique vibe ladies!

Puff Sleeves
From tops to dresses puff sleeves are a trend right now and will last for so long time. Show that romantic and stylish look this summer with this versatile piece. Whether you are in for a sweet and romantic vibe or a go-to street casual look puff sleeve tops or dresses will give you something extra unique.

Printed Tops and Dresses

A woman wearing a long floral pink dress with flowers head accessories.

Floral prints will never go outdated, whether it is bold floral or ditsy floral these prints will always go perfect in any season especially in summer.

Floral dresses are a trendy beach and party outfit in summer. Just team it up with sandals and sunglasses and you have a unique yet trendy style. A floral top whether it's a shirt or crop top always makes your day bloom for office and street look.

Add a full bloom bespoke apparel collection in your closet now!

Bold Prints
Ladies the most trendy and fun way to style up in summer is to wear bold and playful cute prints bespoke clothes. From tops, dresses, to shorts and skirts it's your choice to be stylish.

Smock Dress and Tops
Smock dresses and tops are a trendy summer fashion statement for every feminine woman in the city and the town. A must piece in your wardrobe and clothes collection every summer. Smock dresses and tops offer you a comfortable and so much stretch perfect for hot temperatures. Smock dresses and tops from tiered to terrifically loose these bespoke summer clothes are always in the collection of every women's beach outfit.

Undertone to Vibrant Color

A woman wearing shades and a two-tone pink and white long sleeve oversized shirt.

Undertone Color Clothes
Show your simplicity with feminine and lovely undertone color clothes this summer season. From loose tops, dresses, skirts, shorts to trouser undertone color clothes is always smart and chic to look at. Easy to pair up with any of your upper and bottom wear with any color of your fave footwear.

Vibrant Color Clothes
Summer is a season of parties and fun, show your happiness through your outfit with vibrant color. Some trendy summer vibrant colors clothes this year are red, orange, pink, bright green, blue, and purple.

You will surely feel instantly joyful by splashing yourself in a cute and sassy piece. Whether you team it up with punchy pastels or opt for a single saturated piece this fashion statement will be your next fave piece this hot summer season.


A woman with her backpack at her back wearing a pink slim-fit tank top and shorts.

Long Shorts
A perfect lounge and casual wear, long shorts or jean shorts is a must-piece for every woman this summer season. Made with breathable and lightweight materials this piece will make you feel super comfy on these hot summer days.

Just pull on with your fave loose-fitting or smock short sleeve shirt, spaghetti cami tops, or a comfy wide strap blouse and you have a simple and very comfortable summer statement.

Skirts (Mini-Midi)

A woman laying down while wearing knitted tops and a velvet skirt.

It is a time of the year to stored your cozy fuzzy fleece jogger and show the flawless milky skin legs you have through your chic and sassy skirts.

Now that it's summer feel free to wear your bespoke staple skirt piece to complete your fabulous look. From mini skirt, above the knee skirt, knee-length skirt, below the knee skirt, midi-length skirt, to a maxi skirt you all have a choice of what to wear.

Depending on their length and style skirts are very versatile pieces for every woman. You can wear it as casual, loungewear, and formal wear. For a street vibe, a mini to the midi-length skirt is always easy to wear and makes for an ultimate summer skirt staple. For the office, look choose a knee-length skirt to below the knee skirt for an easy move.

Skirts can be pulled on with any of your tops, as long as it suits to the occasion where you wear it. For an office to fancy wear, you can pull on your knee-length skirt to below the knee skirt with a loose short sleeve collared shirt or a with an off-the-shoulder top. For casual comfy wear, you can pair it with cami tops or a loose cotton shirt.

Maxi skirt whether plain or printed is perfect for summer parties or beachwear pair with your comfy tops.

Terry Cloth Clothing Set

A woman wearing terry cloth snap button-up clothes.

Terry Cloth Clothing Top and Short Set
The most trendy and comfy set of the summer season is the terry cloth clothing or the towel clothes. Towel clothes? Yes, it is! The plushy fabric is very comfortable and easy to wear perfect for the hot summer season.

Unlike the lightweight of the comfy linen and cotton, terry cloth is a little bit heavier but its fluffy, quick-drying texture is perfect for keeping you stay cool on sweltering-hot summer days.

Lots of clothing lines made their own terry clothes piece or set to offer to their loyal customer because this is what trendy fashion loungewear style is now offering. From cute styles such as zipper-up collared shirt and wide-leg to sexy mini shorts and vibrant color terry tops and shorts is very trendy to keep you fresh and comfy this summer.

Get inspired by this Top 14 Fashion Trends of Summer 2021 ladies and style your own trend by combining or mixing each fashion statement to create your own trending style. Be fashionable ladies, It’s your choice, Be You!