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Updating or refashioning old jeans is not only cheap but also an excellent method to integrate your own distinctive style into your jean collection. Instead of buying distressed jeans or ripped jeans that are sometimes costly why not create on your own using your old jeans.

To make your own distressed or ripped jeans you need the following craft tools:

Use scissors, a razor, and a sharp knife for ribbing your jeans if you want to create a hole. It works also with X-ACTO knives or box cutters. Use sandpaper, a cheese scraper, steel wool, or a pumice stone to achieve a frayed effect.

How to Create Fray on Old Bespoke Jeans
You just need a razor/blade to create frayed denim jeans. With the blade, the area you want to spritz can be quickly scrapped.

If you do this, your denim jeans will surely look coarser. Freezingraying is also said to be the simplest and quickest technique to rip your jeans. Just grab a tape blade

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