8 Tips on How to Wear a Basic Bespoke

Many people used to criticize the tees and shirts for being sloppy and not so highly stylish.

The beauty of these basic and plain tailored shirts is that they don't just really make a statement but you can also play along and transformed them into whatever you desire.

There are a plethora of ways to make a super basic shirt into a stunning modern tailor ensemble that would get you noticed by the crowd. The truth is that plain shirts can easily make people look out of place, but they can also be transformed into great-looking pieces that can be worn.

Basic bespoke shirts are an essential piece of clothing that strikes the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. This is your go-to attire if you want to be comfy while still looking nice. It will offer you a low-key vibe, but you can turn it into a fashionable look by mixing and matching it with other outfits.

The Basic Tee

A woman wearing an all-white shirt and jeans outfit holding her backpack.

When it comes to basic tees, everybody is familiar with the designs that have been made in the past. Black, gray, and white tees are some of the most popular ones, and some of them, while they may not make a statement, is quite elegant. Especially if it comes to navy and black, they usually come in a great combination with some sort of dark jeans or fitted pants or some kind of shirt that is different from the main color. If the other colors of the shirt are not taken care of, it can get messy quite fast. Stripes are a great addition to these basic tees and they help them in a variety of ways. From a personal standpoint, I enjoy some stripes bespoke shirts on a plain white or black shirt because it helps them appear different than the rest.

How to Wear Your T-Shirt

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When we talk about proper cloth T-shirts, we usually think of something basic. We often choose this garment as an outfit to wear on an ordinary day. We pick it as our least choice to wear on our special occasions however there is a misconception regarding this timeless classic basic tee. You can absolutely slay this outfit with the right ensemble and knowing how to wear the T-shirt right!

Basic Stripe Shirt and Coat

A woman in her phone wearing camel coat and a black and white stripe t-shirt.

This basic tee design is a timeless classic and one of the most popular in the fashion market. It stands out from the rest of the tees since it can be worn with a variety of colors and prints. If you like stripes, complement your pattern shirt with an oversized business coat to complete the look. Substitute a striped T-shirt for a shirt and tie, and top it with an ultra-formal linen blazer. With those tips in mind, you can easily transform your bespoke garments and t-shirts for men into a really stylish look.

The Basic Tee and Jeans

Wearing a basic black tee and trousers is one of the most common methods to get this style. Putting on a tight tee is another way to dress it up, and you'll be pleased with how many different looks you can create with just a basic tee and your denim. You can combine it with a good pair of white sneakers or Converse shoes. Wear it with a flannel and a T-shirt, or layer it with a blazer or denim jacket. Any combination will do, but the rule is that you must wear a t-shirt. Tailored shirts online with a retro vibe feel which you can simply go with the mismatched combo if you want to go for a less traditional look or make a full outfit out of your shirt. This outfit is a modern take on grunge with a laid-back vibe.

The Basic Tee and Denim Skirt

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Simple tees, even the most basic, are nearly always a good choice for sprucing up your skirts. A simple striped tee paired with a pleated denim skirt and wedge sneakers will be a hit with practically everyone who sees you. Even if you're wearing a basic skirt, you may take advantage of the shirt's casual nature by adding a bright t-shirt to bring some life to your ensemble. If you're lucky, a classic striped tee paired with a classic pair of knee-length skirts can look terrific, because it's all about how well you dress it up. Adding a flowy denim skirt to the mix creates another incredibly lovely look.

The Basic Tee and A High-Waisted Jean Shorts

A woman back wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

A basic printed shirt can be transformed into a grunge style by wearing it with a pair of high-waisted summer flared denim shorts. It's got the full punk vibe going on and goes great with this laid-back appearance. The basic tees offer an athletic appeal, while the flatform sole of the shorts adds a contrast to the low-cut shirts. This is a set of shirts that will do wonders for your figure and are so adaptable that you may wear them every day. A boxy leather jacket with a basic te A simple pairing of a striped shirt and a boxy leather jacket might create another trendy look. The contrasting leather jacket is exactly what you need to finish off your outfit combo.

The Basic Tee as Crop Top

A curly woman wearing a white t-shirt and ripped jeans.

The basic shirt that will never have any problems, they are the kind that all people can wear and keep forever. A basic tee crop top does not exactly need a fashion makeover as it can transform the look to be a different one. Opt for this trend if you want to have abra top look that makes you feel comfortable to wear no matter how you choose to wear it. This is actually a look that makes you feel feminine and classy at the same time. Another great idea that you can apply to the shirt is the striped shirt look. Try wearing it with a white skirt or pants as you will have a great look that is not too casual but still somehow cool. Lastly, if you are trying to start off your summer look, wear it with a tube top and flip-flops. This is a very casual look but still suitable for an occasion.

The Basic Tee as a Shirt Dress

A woman wearing sunglass and a pink slim-fit shirt dress.

This is the look that many will follow, from simple T-shirts to bespoke dress shirts that cover the entire chest and arms with the utmost attractive appeal. For this lovely style, a patterned or plain T-shirt, a silk negligee, and a sexy bra would be ideal. You might use a different T-shirt for a completely another set of images that emerge from the layered effect if you chose to venture out of your comfort zone with an all-black appearance. The Vintage Look People will go to great lengths to ensure that they don't look completely out of place when wearing classic looks. This style is great in person so you would probably think to pick it up for your next weekend party activity. A high-cut hidden wedge shoe is a perfect match with a custom dress shirt.

The Basic Slim Shirt and Ball Gown Skirt

A long hair wearing summer dress while enjoying the summer breeze.

Can you picture yourself in a ball gown skirt on a hot summer afternoon? Yes, you certainly can! Choose a bodycon thin-fit shirt with a round neckline that is likely made of cotton and polyester to complete this look. Now that you've chosen the two outfits to perfection, have fun blending them together and begin photographing your spectacular image. If you're wearing a printed skirt, choose a basic top that complements the color of the skirt so you can feel secure in slaying this trend. You may choose to wear a shawl, but that is your option.

A Basic Shirt and Pencil Skirt

A woman holding a hanger with a white tee while standing and wearing a white t-shirt and plaid mini skirt.

This is definitely a winning office style that you must never want to miss. Do you often shop or plan your outfit every weekday? Do you like matching a lot of garments and experiment with matching the tone and print of the colors? This is a fun blending outfit for you. You may choose a bodycon plain slim shirt top, either a v neck or a round collar neckline will do. Choose your favorite sexy bodycon pencil skirt and tuck it in. You can choose to add accessories to add more style but a mid-length wool coat will definitely complete the overall look.


A white hair woman wearing a white t-shirt and black pants.

These are the 10 ways to wear your basic tee shirt this summer and beyond. What other things can you do to make your simple tee shirt a key part of your look and look stylish as well? You can be subtle with a black shirt or find out some alternative ways to make your basic cotton tee shirt stand out from the rest in a sea of garb. You can do a lot of mix and match styles to finally achieve your stunning look just by wearing a plain and basic shirt. Don't let anyone ever tell you that basic is boring instead let them know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.