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  1. What is Suede Jacket? - Where It’s Made and How Its Proper Care

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    Despite being a quite versatile material, suede is often overlooked. However, this is a mistake. Suede jackets are a great choice for contemporary, casual, and luxury wardrobes.

    Want to learn more about this versatile fashion piece? Just4unique created this blog to give you an ultimate guide on what is suede jacket is, where it's made and how to care for it so keep reading!

    What is Suede Jacket?

    Suede is a type of leather with a fuzzy, napped texture manufactured from the underside of an animal's skin (typically lambskin, although it may also be made from goats, pigs, calves, and deer) and is often used for jackets, shoes, textiles, wallets, furniture, and other products.

    Suede jackets are lighter and more stretchy than full-grain leather jackets because they lack a thick outer skin layer. Suede jackets, due to their porous nature, are cooler and breathe. It may

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  2. Different Types of Women's Favorite Top Neckline

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    There are different types of women who like to wear different type of neckline. For example, there are women who wear a top neckline to show off the beauty of their collarbone, like celebrities Emma Watson, Dakota Johnson, and Taylor Swift. Women who wear top necklines that end just above the collarbone are showing off some skin, but not too much. Certain tops that have a deep V-neckline or open back also make the most of this type of neckline.

    For other women, top necklines can be an opportunity to show off their décolletage. The décolletage is the area between your breasts and your shoulders. Women with deep décolletage can show it off in a variety of ways with a high collar, like celebrities Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Lawrence. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence's fashion is defined by her wardrobe choices that highlight her deep décolletage in a way that is flattering and natural-looking.

    Women who want to enhance their chest with a top neckline can go for styles that have str

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  3. Just4unique Clothes Steaming 101: The Best Guide On How to Use a Clothes Steamer

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    There is no doubt that steamers are a great tool to have in your home. They are available in all shapes and sizes, they are cheap and they do a good job. For those who don’t know yet this amazing tool, A clothes steamer is an appliance that uses steam to remove wrinkles from fabrics. These steamers work by circulating hot water through a metal plate inside the steamer.

    Freshly steamed clothes are soft, fluffy, and smell so nice! Steaming can help you remove wrinkles from your bespoke clothes (shirt, skirt, etc.), remove stains from your clothes, and restore the smell of your clothing. How to Use a Clothes Steamer is better than using classic iron, find out!

    Different Types of Clothes Steamers

    If you are looking to buy a steam iron, then you might be wondering what the best steamers to choose are. Check the following t

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  4. Just4unique Fabric 101: What Is Canvas Fabric? (Where It Made, How It Use, and History)

    Canvas fabric

    Canvas fabric may be found in a variety of areas in the modern world. There are several types of canvas, yet they all have basic characteristics. So, what exactly is canvas fabric and how does it work in the fashion industry?

    Canvas fabric is a terrific option if you're searching for the appropriate material for a new project, whether it's for a purse, shoes, or you’re own bespoke clothes. It has many different types, ranging from industrial to commercial you can opt for your own design. So, what are you waiting for? This article will tell you all you need to know about finding the best canvas fabric for your project. Keep moving that mouse!

    What Is Canvas Fabric?

    Canvas is formed by weaving threads tightly together i

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  5. The Most Iconic Dresses for Women that Creates An Impact on the Fashion Industry

    Iconic Dresses for Women

    The fashion industry is one of the most unique and fastest-growing industries today. It’s a billion-dollar industry that impacts our daily lives in ways we can’t even imagine. Although it seems like a world apart, fashion is deeply connected to the rest of the world.

    Fashion trends are influenced by everything from political events, to current events, so many different factors contribute to making a perfect fit fashion style so interesting that it often overshadows other more “important” topics.

    The fashion industry is a highly competitive business, but it’s also full of brilliant people who have managed to make a mark in this industry.

    Once you enter the fashion world, you will notice that there are three things that make this industry stand out: its fierce competition, the necessity to think outside the box, and the never

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  6. What Is The Difference Between Classic Fit and Regular Fit Shirts

    Are you debating whether slim-fit shirts or classic fit shirts are better? This article is for you if you answer yes! Keep reading to learn about the differences between the classic fit and regular fit shirts, as well as which of the two is best for your body size and shape.

    Because it is frequently worn tucked in, the fit of your professional bespoke shirt is important. The most flattering fit of these bespoke clothes is determined by your body size, not by what the majority of people are wearing these days. When you buy a fitted shirt, it doesn't imply you choose a slim fit one, this might be a classic fit shirt that is a smaller size for your body. The distinctions between slim and classic fit shirts are shown here to assist you to determine which fit

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  7. The Different Types Of Bras And What Bespoke Tops To Wear With Them

     women's knit tops and bra

    Part of nailing your ensembles, ladies, is knowing what undergarments to wear with them. Don't allow a bad bra decision to keep you from wearing a stunning fashion statement. Given that it is a pandemic, you may not even be wearing bras anymore given that most of us are spending a lot more time indoors this year, but some individuals out there are still wearing them.

    Whatever the situation may be, it's preferable if you know which style of underwear to wear with each perfect fit online. You've come to the right place if you're looking for a breakdown of all the different types of bras and their ideal bespoke top pair. Below, we've put together a lecture on the different types of bras and the best bespoke blouses women to match them with so keep scrolling!

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  8. Tips For Mixing Prints To Have A Unique and Very Stylish Fashion Statement

    Fashion style

    How to Wear Prints

    Before attempting to combine two or more prints and patterns in your statement piece, learn how to include only one pattern at a time.

    This will allow you to get more comfortable wearing many prints at once in your fashion statement.

    · Choose one of your favorite color tones, one of the top tips for wearing prints and patterns is to concentrate on the color palette.

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  9. What Makes A Bespoke Clothes Good Investment

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    Bespoke is a word that is overused in the marketing, design, and product sectors.

    The term bespoke is derived from the word "sew", it refers to a high-quality, custom-made garment tailored to fit the body of the wearer. The reason why it’s so popular is that it’s a really fancy way of saying ‘custom’.

    People now use bespoke to describe everything from a tailored suit to a custom-built house. However, when it comes to business, there are better words to describe customization than bespoke. Custom-made or handcrafted are the exact definitions of what bespoke means. When you craft something by hand, you create something unique and individual to that product.

    Bespoke services are tailor-made for your business. They are generally more expensive than off-the-shelf solutions.

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  10. Fashionable Bespoke Clothes and Custom Summer Style For Men & Women

    Fashionable Bespoke Clothes and Custom Summer Style For Men and Women

    The beautiful weather has finally arrived. I feel that it is now appropriate to celebrate and wear our most enticing summer custom-made dress. You just want to have a good time and catch up on what everyone else is wearing, so there aren't any additional suggestions from our favorite influencers. For summer clothes, we're bringing in inspiration in the form of bright and bold colors, printed floral dresses, and some summer fabric that will definitely give you the most casual beautiful clothes.

    When it comes to having a seasonal dress made to order, bespoke is the finest option. Along with the personalized design, having a dress made to measure is also a benefit that you can take advantage of. For this reason, we've compiled a list of the greatest bespoke dresses that will help you improve your summer season experience.

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