How to Boost Your Confidence Through Your Wardrobe

For the majority, dressing well or smartly gives you the courage to face any situation and participate in any event or group. It will also encourage you in being more positive in your outlook on important matters.

Your mood is influenced by how you dress, and clothes can even increase your confidence! Now the important question is how to boost your confidence through your wardrobe?

To help you find your own style that will make leave a positive impression on others and on your self here are some tips on how clothes can help boost your confidence:

1. Look for inspiration and check if it looks best for you

Celebrity idols, fashion blogs, magazines, and even youtube sensations can inspire you what type of fashion statement you will go to however, not everything you see is also best for you and can boost your confidence (if you make the wrong decision it can cause you to lose your confidence).

It is easy to look for inspiration but it is not in looking for the perfect clothes that will make your confidence boost. Pick the outfits, fabrics, and styles that make you feel the most confident and wear them. Wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself can help you feel better about your confidence.

2. Dress in clothes that are appropriate for your body type

People have different body shapes and sizes, which makes every individual unique from each other. Wearing clothes that fit perfectly for your body shape and size will help hide some flaws while highlighting your assets. To know what is the perfect clothes for you you must learn first what is your body shape

Here are the different body types and what you should dress for each one to look the best version of yourself:

Pear Body Shape

Pear body shapes are defined by hips and bottoms that are wider than shoulders and bust. You're definitely a pear shape if you have a thinner upper body but carry your weight around your hips and lower half.

Because they skim beyond your hips and don't cling to the biggest section of your body, A-line or fit-and-flare skirts are the most flattering pear-shaped dresses. Wrap dresses, which cinch you in at the waist and create a sleek silhouette, are also wonderful for pear shapes.

Basic Tips:

1. On your upper torso, wear bold colors and designs.

2. On your lower part, wear deeper colors.

3. Choose tops with ruffles or frills for added interest.

4. Choose tops and outfits with bold sleeves.

5. Off-the-shoulder dresses and Bardot necklines are popular choices.

Apple Body Shape

Long, slender arms and legs are typical of people with an apple body shape. They usually do not gain weight in their legs when they gain weight. The majority of their weight is concentrated in their middle and upper bodies, particularly their backs, breasts, and stomachs.

Concentrate on tops while dressing for an apple body type. Anything that accentuates the shoulders, bust, and neckline is a good option. Shirts with boat necks, square necks, and other collarbone-drawing necklines are also flattering.

Basic Tips:

1. Wear a supportive push-up bra.

2. Clothing that cinches at the waist but has more flexibility in other areas is a good choice.

3. Experiment with a cropped or cut top.

4. Choose dark colors around the waist

5. Wear clothes that highlight your legs.

Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass figure is defined by a well-defined waist that is narrower than both hips and bust and a well-defined waist that is narrower than both. Your legs and upper body are most likely in proportion. Your buttocks are definitely rounded, and your shoulders are slightly rounded.

For the hourglass figure, simple and clean styles like the traditional bootcut or straight leg are preferable. Wide-leg, loose-fitting, and slightly tapered jeans are also suitable. Jeans with a mid or high rise should be worn to lengthen the legs. Waistbands with a lot of room are ideal.

Basic Tips:

1. Make an investment in a nice bra.

2. Choose attire that accentuates your curvaceous figure.

3. Simple, clean clothing that doesn’t clog up the silhouette is best.

4. To retain the natural equilibrium of your body's profile, avoid bringing attention to the hips and shoulders.

5. Avoid clothing that is too shapeless or too loose, as well as embellishments that are too distracting.

Rectangle Body Shape

A straight form with little curves, shoulders and hips of equal width, little to no waist definition, and very long legs describe the rectangular body type. The shoulders, chest, and hips are all about the same size.

The majority of the jumpsuit and playsuit styles are flattering on the rectangle body as long as the waist is defined. To visually pull it in, wear a narrow or medium-sized belt around your waist or under your bust. Alternatively, a drawstring jumpsuit can be worn. Legs should be wide-leg or straight-leg.

Triangle Body Shape

The shoulders of women with an inverted triangle figure are wider than the hips, and there is little to no waist definition. Their body is in the shape of a "V," with straight, squared, or athletic-looking shoulders.

For the inverted triangle, any style that emphasizes and adds volume to the bottom and leg line is ideal. To draw emphasis to your legs, choose bright or light-colored trousers.

Basic Tips:

1. Wear dark-colored, plain-colored shirts

2. Wear jackets that are longer than your hips

3. Wear patterned or brightly colored pants

4. You'll look great in boyfriend jeans with or without ripped designs and pocket embellishments

5. For a dress, choose one that flares from the waist to the hips

3. Choose a color that is best for your skin tone and makes you happy

Learn which colors complement your skin tone the best. Choosing the correct colors may make your skin sparkle, making you feel beautiful no matter what you're wearing!

You will feel joyful if you wear colors that make you happy. Choose colors that make you feel good about yourself and make you joyful.

4. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the season

Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. This keeps you comfy while also demonstrating your sense of style. Wearing appropriate clothes for the season will boost your confidence because you are not late for the trends.

5. Choose the right underwear for your clothes

Wearing the right underwear is very important to never destroy your fashion statement, you don’t want to see those panty lines right? Not only can wearing the right underwear make you feel better about yourself, but it can also improve the appearance of your clothes.

6. Wear appropriate clothes for the occasion

You don’t want to wear a costume at a wedding party right? Wear whatever makes you feel the best but make sure that it is appropriate to the event you are going to, in that way you will not look funny and lose your confidence. Also always think about the qualities you give your clothes before you put them on and then go to the parties.

7. Accessorize your clothes with the right one

Hats make excellent accessories for whatever season. You can accessorize your clothes no matter what environment you reside in. These items might make you feel more confident. Some items might help you show off your individuality, while others can help you hide or blend in more.

8. Act properly appropriate to your clothes

Selecting pieces that are well-fitting and highlight your goals and personality can help you feel more confident. If you're wearing formal attire, make sure you're not moving around carelessly because it will look cheap and unprofessional.