bespoke jackets for women

Colder months are approaching and for this season leather is a must-have fashion piece for every wardrobe. There's something about the bespoke leather clothes that makes them seem both cool and laid-back while still being quite sophisticated and fashionable. With everything from classic leather pieces like blazers, trench coats, pants, and current must-haves like dresses, shorts, skirts, and two-piece sets.

Below are some of the hottest leather trends that you should add to your wardrobe, so what are you waiting for check it out now!

Bespoke Leather Trench Coat

A bespoke leather trench coat is a sort of leather outerwear in the long-coat style influenced by the military. They are normally mid-thigh to knee-length, fitted but not too tight, and have a collar, button closing, and belt for more security and a better fit. It is one of the best leather clothes on the market before and even today. Leather has been used for outerwear items for thousands of years because it is a sturdy and flexible material, and the trench coat is one of the most traditional outerwear styles. This classic piece is a wardrobe essential that will last a century and more.

Bespoke Leather Blazer

Leather is a material that seems to exist in its own category. It has the ability to transform normally ordinary, uninteresting clothing into something bold and exciting, even if they are typically conservative and formal. While leather clothes may appear out of place or too edgy in a business setting, a leather blazer may be quite effective. It's a piece of clothing that walks the line between daring and classic.

A blazer is a tailored garment that is generally based on a men's jacket and is designed to be worn on casual to semi-formal occasions. They give the body a conventional shape and are ideal for wearing throughout the cooler months. Make it simple, this is the basic recipe for making a casual leather blazer look professional. The simpler your blazer is, the more formal you will appear. Therefore, in terms of design and color, opt for the basics in your blazer.

Bespoke Leather Biker Jacket