Bespoke Coats for Women

Ladies, we all need a coat or a few layers in any season to protect ourselves from the sun, stay warm in the cold, and look good. Just4unique is thrilled to offer some guidance on a variety of coats for you to wear in the autumn, winter, and spring seasons for any occasion, event, travel, employment, and everyday use in a variety of settings.

For you to choose from, we've hand-picked some of the most comfortable, functional, stylish, trendy, and chic coats, blazers, and jackets, all of which are bespoke to your body type, needs, and tastes.

Because each type of coat has its way of making a difference to our attire and silhouette, these have become very essential to every women's wardrobe.

Check our list of Types Of Coats Women Must Have in Their Wardrobe now to be fashionable whatever season it is.

Quilted Jacket

A woman wearing a brown hoodie.

Quilted jackets provide the perfect balance between keeping you warm, stylish, and edgy. These are particularly useful in the autumn those first few weeks of winter. Because the spring and autumn seasons are all about being stylish, you should acquire one or two of these quilted jackets and keep them in your wardrobe.


A woman wearing a brown turtleneck and puffer coat.

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Keep warm in a Yan Yee bespoke long brown jacket from Just4unique. A brown winter coat with a broad collar, long sleeves, snap buttons, and a zipper-up front made of 100% nylon is now just a click away from being added to your collection. This bespoke midi-length padded coat will never go out of style because it's so adaptable that you can pair it with any of your winter outfits.


A woman wearing pink mock neck dress top with white puffer coat.

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Yan Yee's women's midi-length packable puffer coat will make you desire colder weather this winter. This hooded, long sleeve, long down, zip-up snap button full-length puffer coat for ladies is constructed of 100 percent polyester fiber and comes in black and apricot colors. This coat can go with any of your winter outfits and keep you warm while looking stylish.

Denim Trench Coat

A woman long at the side wearing a blue trench coat.

Almost everyone owns a piece of the denim jacket in their closet, how about a denim trench coat? A denim trench coat looks great with dresses, pants, trousers, tee, and shirts. When it comes to denim trench coats, knee-length, midi length, collared, and long sleeves are really fashionable.

Leather Coat

A woman wearing dark make-up and a black leather jacket with a chain necklace.

Leather coats are ideal for those occasions when you want to seem edgy while being casual. Or when you don't want to put in too much work but still want to look stylish. Alternatively, if you just need a layer, the leather coat is the way to go.

It comes in more styles than we could ever want, and they're all equally sultry, whether buttoned, zipped, open, or belted. Although black is nearly synonymous with leather jackets, other equally fashionable options include brown, red, and gray.

Trench Coats

A woman wearing a black cap, white shirt top with a grey trench coat while holding a laptop.

The trench, like the peacoat, has a military history: officers wore them in the trenches. The style has evolved throughout time, with different colors and designs, but the double-breasted, buckle waist silhouette has remained mostly unchanged. Try pulling this off with your simple plain tee or shirt, plus size trousers and you will look like a true fashionista in the cold weather.


A short hair woman wearing a beige double-breasted trench coat with a waist tie.

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With a delightful light apricot color, this double-breasted notch lapel collar long sleeve trench coat classic with a belt by Yan Yee will exude your charm. This open trench coat is made of 94 percent polyester fiber and 6% spandex and looks like it came straight out of a classic romance film. Get one now and be your own leading woman!


A woman wearing a navy blue dress top with a plaid double-breasted tench coat.

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With just one click, you can add a timeless 90's inspired glen plaid coat to your closet. This double-breasted collared long sleeve belted plaid coat long midi is made from 97.9% polyester fiber and 2.1 percent spandex and will take you back in time with a modern twist. Now is the moment to get your hands on one and show the world your eternal beauty!

Wrap Coat

A curly long hair woman wearing a brown trench coat.

The wrap coat is for you ladies if you've been in a hurry in leaving the home you almost always wear a robe. There's no need to fiddle with zippers or buttons when you tie the belt around your waist and walk out the door. Just put the wrap coat on top of your fave dress, shirts and trousers or skirts, tie that waist tie, and you are set for cold weather. Don't worry dear because you will still look so chic and fashionable.


A woman wearing a brown double-breasted topcoat with a waist tie.

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Are you looking for a topcoat that will go with your present wardrobe? Just4unique has got you covered! A faux leather double-breasted topcoat that looks well with any bottoms and shoes. This smart-looking flexible dark blue coat, which is also available in brown, is perfect for this cold season and will make your style wonderful while remaining stress-free. Place your order right now!


A short hair woman wearing a light blue wrap coat.

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This light blue wool coat features a wing collar, shoulder and wrist straps, and a removable waist belt that may be tied.

It's a woolen long-sleeved jacket that's ideal for conveying a professional image, especially in the winter. For a winter coat dress, this looks wonderful with your wellington boots on. This winter coat's fabric is very lovely.

Cape Coat

A long hair woman wearing a purple collared cape coat.

The cape coat is one of the most stylish and simple coat in the fashion industry, mostly royal family member has one, two, and more of its in their royal clothes collection. This sleeveless cape coat is not only a visual variation from your ordinary jacket, but it is also really stylish to pull on in this cold weather.

Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge of the United Kingdom seen wearing a full-on formal attire, such as the chic Mulberry cape coat on her recent trip to Northern Ireland. Princess Charlene of Monaco also wore a cape coat in her sleek outfit. She paired her waist-length cream, zip-up cape with over-the-knee boots.